Adkins: The Player Chase

Does the coaching staff agree with Phil Savage's "stay the course" approach? In the latest edition of Lane's "Right to the Point", he addresses that subject, and the story that team owner Randy Lerner wasn't happy with the team's performance on Sunday...

- A report circulated that Browns team owner Randy Lerner was upset with the decision by head coach Romeo Crennel to kick a field goal with the team down by 21 points in the 4th quarter.  From what we've been told, this report is correct, and Lerner was visibly upset with the play of the team, saying at one point that the execution was inexcusable. He was highly irked with the field goal call. 

- Speculation has begun about the job status of Crennel following yet another season- opening egg-laying. Though those in power within the organization are disappointed in the season opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys, there has been no discussion regarding the immediate future of the head coach. The expectation is that the team will rebound from the loss and play at a high level against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a nationally televised battle this Sunday night.

- Talk has started again that Crennel and Savage are at odds due to the play of the team and the requests believed to have been made to add players to the roster. Savage has not been overly receptive to the suggestions of getting more roster help. Right now, the head coach and G.M. are on the same page and the expectation level is the same. Knowing the history of these two men together, neither will throw the other under the bus, but may have different opinsion about how this team travels down the road to success. If the team continues to struggle, this is one to keep an eye on and I do not expect the organization to sit on their hands too long.

- Over the past couple months, many have wondered when the Browns would add a few players of significance in areas where they appear to lack quality depth. The belief was the team did not have the cap space available for personnel moves, which was discounted by the Orange and Brown Report. What we do know is that the organization was looking to utilize the remaining salary cap space to solidify and extend contracts for a couple players already on the roster.

- Talking with those close to the team, one can sense a couple members of the coaching staff would like to see the personnel department provide additional talent on the defensive side of the ball. At this time, we have been told a coach or coaches would like to see help along the defensive line, linebacker and in the defensive backfield. While the available talent is not earth-shattering, there are players with experience available that could help this team...

- While some within the team would like to tinker with the roster, Savage does not appear poised to do much of anything at the present time. Savage is believed to feel that, in general, the team has collected quality players and depth. One notion we are hearing is that the team was out of gas against the Cowboys last Sunday and the conditioning of the team could be better. From watching the Dallas offensive and defensive lines control the point of attack, it certainly appeared to this set of eyes that the Browns did wear down quickly.

- Due to banking on a mix of youth and experience within the roster, the organization has tied their hands somewhat in making personnel moves. The two rookies at linebacker (Bell and Hall) prohibit the team from adding a situational piece to the puzzle without exposing one or the other to waivers or letting another useful component leave the team. Some of the same can be noted at cornerback, but for a team that basically dealt away the impact of the 2008 draft to secure players believed to take this team to the next level, not making the moves to secure the additional talent is confusing.

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