Fan View: A Sad State of Affairs

Jeff Biletnikoff surveys his life as a fan. It could be... better...

It's a sad state of affairs with your favorite football team (in my case, the Browns) when.......
  • Every offensive starter playing your team is a MUST START in Fantasy Football
  • You are expecting them to not only lose but lose big to their biggest division rival
  • You've mentally prepared yourself for the season to be in jeopardy after week 2
  • You're already starting to look ahead to the offseason 8 days before the official start of fall
  • You can't believe how bad they looked on national TV in week 1
  • You've started to put money aside for all the preseason bets you made on the 2008 season
  • You get way more geared up for your Fantasy teams than you are for the real deal
  • You aren't even 1/10 as fired up as you thought you'd be for this weekend back in May
  • You've received more invites from fans of your rival to "watch the game with us" than you've ever gotten before and you know its so they can have a party at your expense (By the way, I'm not going anywhere near Steeler fans for the next week if I can help it)
  • You're really disappointed that your team can never close the gap
I would love a Browns victory to wash away all the negativity above.  I'm really tired of dealing with all the Steeler fans circling around Erie, PA waiting with glee to celebrate ANOTHER victory. 
Just once I would like to see the Browns rise and wipe the smug grins off of their fair weather faces.
But first, I guess Cleveland has to be better than Pittsburgh to make that happen.
Maybe I'll call in sick for the rest of the year.............

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