2nd Quarter Recap: Steelers 7, Browns 0

Two interceptions derail the Browns as the Steelers gain a one-touchdown lead...

The second quarter started like the first quarter was played, with a failed third down conversion and a punt. It ended with two drives, and an interception.



The Browns get the ball at their 32, and Anderson goes long. The ball is complete, unfortunately, is intercepted by CB Bryant McFadden at the Steelers 30.


Parker runs right for five, but is then slapped down two yards deep by Shaun Rogers, creating a third and seven. Roethlisberger then hits Holmes for ten and a first down. Roethlisberger is sacked on first down, but Shaun Smith is called for a face mask, which gives the Steelers a first and ten at the Browns 49, as Pittsburgh puts together the closest thing to a drive we've seen so farOn t.

Runs by Parker and Davis get four to the Browns 45, and an offsides by Shaun Rogers creates a third-and-one. Brodney Pool makes another stellar play to prevent the first and he brings down Parker for no gain, creating a fourth-and-one.

The Steelers go for it, and Willie Parker gets around the right tackle for thirteen and a first down at the Browns 27. A critical mistake by the Browns.

Roethlisberger than hits Holmes quickly at the 12 for another fifteen yards, and the momentum is now solidly with Pittsburgh.

A run by Parker up the middle goes nowhere, and Hines Ward gets smashed as he tries to grab the ball just over the goal line.

But on third down, after another Pittsburgh timeout, Roethlisberger gets forever to throw and Hines Ward gets wide open. The result? STEELERS 7, BROWNS 0

Drive recap: 12 plays, 70 yards (20 by penalty), 6:29 burned off the clock. The 15-yard penalty on Shaun Smith was painful.



Cribbs takes the ball five yards deep and gets out to the 19 anyway. A loss of two by Lewis and a short pass to Steptoe set up more Cribbs heroics as he gets five yards and a first down on the Browns 30.

DA passes short to Vickers for three and then Lewis runs right side for six, creating a third and one. Vickers then bangs for two and a first down, followed immediately by a short pass to Jamal Lewis which goes for thirteen yards on the right side. The play gives the Browns a first down in Pittsburgh territory for the first time of the night, at the 47.

A two-yard loss by Lewis is followed by a leaping catch by Kellen Winslow for nineteen which takes the ball to the thirty of the Steelers, as the Browns get a first down in their best drive of the night.

On first down, Anderson drops and has plenty of time, ultimately scrambling for short yardage, which results in a first after an illegal contact penalty is added to the play.

Anderson then hits Winslow for five to the Steelers 16, and momentum has shifted over to Cleveland with less than a minute to play.

An illegal shift call burns off ten seconds aon the clock and pushes the ball back to the 21, but Anderson hits Jason Wright quickly for nine yards to create a third-and-one. Anderson then keeps the ball and gets a first down as the clock is down to eight.

The Browns strategy appears to be to allow the team to try a quick strike to the end zone and still have a chance to kick the field goal if it doesn't succeed.

Anderson starts in the shotgun with three receivers wide and fires a STRIKE to Troy Polamalu, who ends the half with the ball.

At the half: Steelers 7, Browns 0

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