Third Quarter: Steelers 10, Browns 3

The low-scoring game continues to featured opportunities squandered by the Browns...

The Steelers started the second half with the momentum, the lead, and the ball, but some better offensive execution on the part of the Browns could quickly put them back in the game.

FIRST DRIVE (Steelers)

Pittsburgh got the ball at their own 23 and started strong, with an eleven yard run by Willie Parker. But then Shaun Rogers took over, trapping Parker two yards deep on the next play and sacking Ben Roethlisberger for a loss of six which forced a Steelers punt.


Three and Out. Lewis runs for four and then Anderson misses Kellen Winslow twice, forcing a punt. Zastudil blasts the ball 58 yards to the sixteen, where the Browns recover after the Steelers arguably touched the ball. The officials ruled that this was not the case, and the Steelers take over.

THIRD DRIVE (Steelers)

Roethlisberger burns the Browns big on the first play, hitting an open Santonio Holmes for 48 yards at the Browns 36. Mike Adams closed on the play, but didn't have the speed to make up lost ground, and the Browns paid by giving up the biggest play of the game. The Steelers were unable to sustain the drive, however, as two Parker runs and an incompletion got the Steelers only six yards. Jeff Reed came in and kicked the field goal to put the Steelers on the board again. STEELERS 10, BROWNS 0


Starting small, the Browns put together their second solid drive of the game.

Starting at their own 20 after a touchback, Jamal Lewis ran twice for ten yards and a first down. The short range passing attack continued, with Anderson hitting Winslow for seven, followed by runs of two yards by Jerome Harrison and Jamal Lewis for another first down. Anderson then hit Winslow again, this time for eight, but got fifteen more yards thanks to a roughing the passer call on Woodley.

The miscue put the Browns on the Steelers 34, where Anderson hit Edwards for thirteen and one play later the Steelers got penalized heavily once more, this time with Farrior being called for taunting. Thanks to that bit of stupidity, the Browns moved to the eleven with a first down.

With the team needing a touchdown, Anderson hit Jamal Lewis for five, and then tried to run him, which backfired with James Harrison belted him for a loss of three, creating a third-and-eight. The Browns continued to self-destruct, as Winslow was called for a false start which made it third and thirteen from the Steelers 14. Anderson's third-down pass bounced past Jason Wright and the Browns had to attempt a field goal.

Dawson's 34-yard field goal was good, closing the gap to STEELERS 10, BROWNS 3 with 1:25 left in the third quarter.

The Browns drive was 12 plays, 67 yards, with 6:33 burned off the clock. Two defensive penalties played a key role.

The Browns are still within range. They need a turnover and some sudden scoring effectiveness. Two red zone trips have gained them only three points, not sufficient against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

FIFTH DRIVE (Steelers)

The Browns got the chance they needed, as Rashard Mendenhall and Carey Davis bungled the kickoff, putting the ball in play. Despite several Browns jumping on the ball, it escaped their capture like a greased pig, and went out of bounds at the Steelers three. Pittsburgh started there with the crowd again loud and involved.

Backed up against the Dawg Pound, Willie Parker was stopped cold on first down. But on second down, Roethlisberger dropped, made a call to his Mom, pondered the meaning of string theory, leisurely examined the field, and hit Ward for a long gain to the Browns 43.

Opportunity again escaped the Browns as the third quarter ended. Too many opportunities left uncashed. You can't beat the Steelers if you don't take advantage of the gifts they provide you.


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