Fan View: Just Sickening

Jeff Biletnikoff has seen enough of the Savage/Crennel era, and is ready to move on...

After 10 losses in a row to the Steelers, it's hard to gather my thoughts beyond......ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

But, I'll try......

*Can we ship Romeo Crennel off to Seattle?  I'll take their assistant hot dog vendor as payment.  I know, I know...that's a rip off for the Seahawks but they should take pity on Browns fans.

*Is Winslow the only one on the team who can catch?

*Does Romeo know how to tell time?

*Braylon Edwards won't ever be able to catch in traffic will he?

*Can we end the talk about the Browns being an elite team?

*What do you bet me that sometime over the next week someone from the Browns coaching staff will suggest that a few adjustments here or there would have made the difference and its something that they will endeavor to work on?

*What do you bet me that it's about the 1,000,000 time we've heard that after yet another heartbreaking Browns loss?

*Even though the score was 10-6 did you ever think the Browns were actually in the game?  Me neither.

*Can we admit that the Savage/Crennel experiment is over?  Can we offer Cowher half of Lerner's fortune to come out of CBS-TV and into CBS (Cleveland Browns Stadium).

*Don't believe that both Savage and Crennel are to blame?  Together they've accounted for no playoff appearances and no wins against the team they must beat.  I could have found players and then coached them to do that myself.

*The vaunted Cleveland offense has scored 16 points in 2 primetime games.  Think there are some network executives trying to figure out some way to leave Cleveland off of the rest of their schedule?  Personally, I wouldn't book a Cleveland game on the Food Network at 3a, much less give them another primetime slot.

*The saddest part of it all?  I've just spent 4 hours grinding my teeth and staying up late enough so I'll suffer at my day job tomorrow for a bunch of 20-30 something millionaires that will be golfing in a beautiful resort as I'm cleaning 4 layers of ice off my car after the season is over----win or lose.

Being a Cleveland Browns fan is not for wimps.

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