Berea Report: Dawson Hopes for Deja Vu

Remember the "Dawson bar" kick that created an overtime in Baltimore last season? The kicker's bouncing field goal set the stage for a 5-2 finish by the Browns. Fred reports from Berea that Dawson would love to see history repeat itself...

Berea—Last year, Phil Dawson was able to make history by having a kick ricochet off a goal post and go over the cross bar before it bounced back in front of the bar resulting in a field goal that sent the game into overtime.

The kick was initially ruled no good, but then reversed. The Browns went on to win the game in overtime, 33-30.

"That was a long time ago," Dawson said. "That was special for me personally, but also because it served as a catapult for the team for the rest of the season."

Including that win, the Browns won five of their final seven games.

Dawson converted four-of-five field goal attempts, including the 51-yard field goal that sent the game into overtime. He went on to kick the game-winning 33-yarder in overtime.

"It would've been a shame not to capitalize on the opportunity to win that game."

Dawson missed just one field goal the rest of the 2007 season. He finished making 26-of-30 attempts for the season for a 86.7 percentage. He is currently the most accurate kicker in Browns' history with a 82.7 percentage. It also is currently the fourth best in NFL history.

He said he sometimes reflects on that play and game.

"I think about it when my son asks me why I didn't kick it down the middle," he said. "It was a shot in the arm for myself as I've been on a roll since."

Dawson is 3-of-3 thus far in the 2008 season on field goals.

Dawson sees a similarity to the Browns of 2007 in their situation going into Baltimore. They were 5-2 the rest of the season and were able to finish 10-6, despite not making the playoffs.

"We're obviously, not off to the start we had hoped for," he said. "But we have a chance to get back in the heat of things.

"Our utmost attention is going on the road and trying to get a win," he said. "We can't gain any momentum until we get a win. Hopefully, we can win the game this week and it will catapult us for the season."


Injury Update: LB Kris Griffin (calf), DB Sean Jones (knee), LB Willie McGinest (hamstring), TE Martin Rucker (knee), OL Eric Steinbach (shoulder) are going to stay inside with trainers according to Crennel.

Crennel said he is only ready to rule out are Jones and Rucker for this week's game.

"We'll see about everyone else," he said. "(The rest) might be game time decisions."

WR Joshua Cribbs was held out Wednesday, as was WR Donte Stallworth, but both are expected to practice in a limited role Thursday.

"Joshua was limited, but he'll be outside today."

Crennel mentioned that WR Braylon Edwards banged up his shoulder against the Steelers, but he has still practice.

"Edwards shoulder was banged up in the game and he was limited yesterday."

There is also a chance that OL Ryan Tucker will see his first action of the season this week.

"Tucker did more and we'll see as the week goes on," Crennel said. "He's doing everything he can to be ready."

Tucker was in the locker room and has said he wants to be cautious with his return.

Jerome's Time: RB Jerome Harrison was inserted in the fourth quarter and caught a short pass and zigged and zagged for 23 yards. Crennel said that Harrison might be able to get more chances in games to come.

"He might get more opportunities to see what he can do," Crennel said.

Other than the reception, Harrison didn't carry the ball any other time.

Obedience School: K Phil Dawson was asked about the decision to go for a field goal against the Cowboys with the team trailing 28-7 at the time and last week going for the field goal with 3:21 to play trailing 10-3.

"I'm a player," he said. "I don't think. I do what I'm told to do."

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