Gameballs & Goats: RACaphobia

Romeo Crennel set a high-water mark in goathorns this week. In fact, it might be better if he didn't read the post-game takes of fans included here. And his parents? Really? They get horns, too? Wow. Shaun Rogers gets props, though...

THE WEEK'S RESULTS: All I can say is... "Don't look, RAC!".

Player Gameballs
Shaun Rogers 357
Kellen Winslow 240
Dave Zastudil 142
Brodney Pool 103
Jerome Harrison 67
Phil Dawson 60
Fans 42

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  The weather (3), Terrelle Pryor (2), Mother Nature (2), Hurricane Ike (2), Brady Quinn (2), Al Michaels (2), Louis Lipps, "The Ohio guys we should have drafted - Ben and Santonio Holmes", "My T.V. for making it through the game without being damaged!", "BEER - Once again the MVP", "Sal Fasano's Handlebar Mustache", 2nd Half DA, "The playclock, for preventing the Browns from losing even more time due to poor coaching", Erin Andrews, "Willie's in Covington KY for having power", Art Modell, "Bill Cowher in '09", Bernie Kosar, "No individual Gameballs for a lame team effort.", Sunshine, "The whole team for getting Romeo closer to fired", "Field Goal Call Was CORRECT", "Fans watching it happen all over again", Randy Quaid, "John Taylor and his article", "Gameball? you've got to be fucking kidding.", Jim Donovan, "The Cast of "The Express" & Jim Brown", Avant, Grady Sizemore, Lebron James, Howie Feltersnatch, "My five year old for not crying while I was screaming at Romeo on the t.v.", "I like Ike!", Brodawg, Mario Williams, "The wind "


Player Goathorns
Romeo Crennel 537
Derek Anderson 288
Braylon Edwards 229
Rob Chudzinski 65
All Coaches 28
Entire Offense 22
Kamerion Wimbley 19

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: Todd Boeckman, Clock management, RAC's parents (2), "The lack of a pass rush" (2), Randy Lerner (3), John Madden (2), "The whole f---ing organization", Dwight Stone, "All Players from Michigan", "The Play-Calling by Romeo and Chud", Romeo's Chef, "0 for 10", Stooler fans, "Crennel's sex change operation", "Stupid, stupid penalties !!!! like dumb ass smith celebrating a play after he had just grabbed a fask mask !!! WTF is up with that !!!!", "The Art Shell School of Clock Management", Sal Fasanpo, Hurricane Ike, Playcalling, "Romeo's internal clock, no doubt damaged by all that Donoto's pizza he crammed down his cake hole", "Art Modell just for being alive still" (2), "Stallworth for being a totally useless FA pick up at boucoup bucks", "Remnants of Hurricane Ike", Run Defense, Browns Running game, "Braylon's Bentley", "Romeo Crennel's watch that obviously doesn't work", Bruce Arians, "People who pin the loss on DA", "Romeos mommy and daddy", "Ben's shoulder", Mike Hart, mikehey, The weather, "The team, frightened little cowards.", Braylons Teflon hands, "THE OVER-RATED OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL PROGRAM AND TRESSEL", Hines Ward, "Art Shell for eating RAC", Jay Knecht, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Carson Palmer, Ceara Barr, "Romeo's pizza delivery driver", "A##hole Season ticket holder in front of me who sold tix to Stoolers fans!", "Everyone that has Phil Dawson in fantasy football".




Fan Comments
smooth32 Shaun Rogers is one of the few dominant defensive players the Browns have had since they've returned. The defense also stepped up for this game, but not enough.
naxos K2 & Rogers. So why wasn't Winslow involved more?
shrooney The D did have a lot of penalties but held up for the most part. With the talent we have on offense I expect to win if we give up 10
griz13 Rogers was a beast. Zastudil did his job better than anyone. Dawson made a great kick into a crazy wind and a second with 50,000 people booing.
moony They didn't win, but at least they were competitive.
mespaw Harrison should be the starting running back.
iupuiguy82 Db's played well with no qb pressure...overall better than last time but still not good enough.
narpig Winslow and Lewis are the only ones with any intestinal fortitude. Everyone else (especially the coaches)looked content to not get blown out. Looked like they were playing in a scrimmage game.
czarayn Nothing about this team deserves a game ball.
idahobrownie D line pulled it's weight, still didn't hear about any LBs making plays. It was either the safeties or line men
silly5 Team just isn't prepared. Coaching can't manage the game. Marty Shottenheimer is still available.
mdoogal Winslow, Rogers, and Jamal Lewis are studs and gave it everything they had. Too bad the Browns don't have more guys like them. Zastudil way to punt man!
direwolfpdx Rogers had a nice game, Zastudil had some nice punts into the wind, and Harrison for making the most of his limited time in the game.
brownsfanmn13 I thought the defense played MUCH better today. We saw pressure on the QB, the DBs coverage was good. Winslow still shows he is the best TE in the league. He never stops working. Can ANYONE tell me why Jerome Harrison doesn't get in there more??
cantondawg D, with the exception of secondary (Eric Wright is clueless!) was playing well. Rogers is a machine!
phelix17 No one deserves a game ball in this lay down for the Squeelers.
predator94warrior Props to Chud for sticking with Lewis thats the only thing that kept game close, he would have broke out in OT if Romeo had the Huevos to get us there. Rogers is officially my new Superhero. I wanted this win so bad I could taste it. Our defense might not be that far off afterall.
manoafats Fans 2 home loses! Thanks for doing your part!
hpschlos Winslow is the main. The fans were there for the team. Joe Thomas provides excellent protection.
lenke08 I feel dawson should get it because he is the only consistant one on the team. Rogers was a beast tonight and he deserves it. Harrison did u see that play he made he deserves ten game balls.
schehlk For as disfunctional as the team played Steptoe and Harrison showed sparks of excitement and proved their worth. Shaun Roger husseled all over the field and is a good addition to the team.
spicydeigo Another Steeler loss, but I did see a few positives. We did go toe to toe with the Steelers, and played a physical game. Defense played well, But Tucker needs to keep the blitzs coming, when we had just a 3 or 4 man rush Ben had all day to pick us apart.
The Oline, Vickers and Winslow had pretty good games.
willy15 Kellen Winslow always plays like a Pro. Phil Dawson gets a Gameball for kicking two field goals in very windy conditions. Shaun Rogers is a true athlete for such a Big Man. Also, Jerome Harrison always does well when he plays. Problem is he doesn't play enough. Please play him more.
bigdaddy78 Of course, the fans, risking life and limb to go see that crap deserves recognition. Quinn, just want to be the first to award you, hopefully it'll be the first of many. DA- heres your ball, now go home.
nybiggdawg Shaun Rogers is a beast.Easily the best DE interior lineman we have had since 1990.Where is Cory Williams?BPool played a hecka game considering it was first game back.DQ was flying around all over.Jamal was steady,and Harrison was super in limited chances.Why oh why do coaches not unleash him for 15 touches?!!
bulldogdad The O line gave DA time most of the time. Shaun Rogers continues to shine, and Corey Williams was a factor in this game.
apvic more game time for harrison.. and the o-line did a very good job on the steelers pass rush... it's about time that Z's punting was spectacular.. lewis ran hard again.. special teams played well..
ottocorp For understanding the game better than RAC.
apvic tough conditions...
thanks for being loud!!!
mfabrams Shaun Rogers could be headed to Hawaii based on what he has brought to the game. His presence reminds me of Michael Dean Perry's little big engine that could.
Kellen Winslow - He continues to be the best offensive player week after week.
Our Defense - In spite of some bad coverages, they kept pressure and played from start to finish.
vadawglb Rogers is a monster!!!! Winslow needs to teach Edwards how to catch!!!!
tpostdawg Defense played well enough to Win too bad the coaches could help them.
rutger Rogers gets a game ball for his all out effort, but how long is that going last on this team? Winslow gets one for at least trying. Pool gets one because every time he's out there if nothing else, at least he's showing Sean Jones how you're supposed to tackle. And Alex Hall gets one because even as a rookie his output is better than McGinest's who's making both Davis and Jackson both look GREAT by comparison only..
audiemurphy Gameballs??? Are you kidding?
bsuhands88 Kellen Winslow is a man amongst boys! He is by far the only player on this team who straps on the pads and comes to play every single game! I just pray that we get something going in time before he forgets about a new contract and starts demanding a trade.
iwillpierceyou Romeo must die.
lynxis Good game by Rogers - loved the shoulder check on ben. Good first game back for Brodney. Good game by Philly D.
markmilovich Dawson, Zasts, and Pont were the only bright spots
floucka Gotta go with the Fans again this week.
kodiak not much to like, Rogers showed up for the D and he is about it.
Winslow plays hard every game maybe he can give Edwards some pointers on catching passes
Harrison hardly played, but he alwaus seems to make plays when he gets a chance
The fans deserve a gameball for putting up with this crap week in and week out, year after year......
rainesghost Defense grew a sac, that was good to see.
clevelandfan Dave Zastudil - Terrific punts with the crazy winds. Entire D - I'm sure the wind played a huge factor, but giving up just 10 points the Squealers makes me feel a little better after what they did, or didn't do against the 'Boys. KW2 - Has every right to be angry for not being on the field for the last "drive"...KW2 seems to be the only one that shows up week in and week out...needs the ball more!! Syndric Steptoe - had some nice grabs, but I still cringe that he was starting as the #2 WR.
chidawg SR - Do I need to elaborate? KW2 - Ditto! JH - Why isn't he playing more?
bomeister O line gave Anderson time most of the night, BE continues to show he may be a one year wonder, maybe focus on football rather than horsing around barefoot or driving his Bentley at 120 MPH, total jackass and immature.
thehollismaniac Winslow is the only consistent offensive performer.
vintage74 Who honestly gives a sh*t?
sinisterminister You know it is a bad day when the punter is receiving a vote for a gameball. The defense kept us in the game and limited Pittsurgh to less than 300 yds offense...this was our game to win and it was lost.
harpster Maybe there is hope for the defense. Corey Williams is looking like he's catching on. Shawn Rogers was a force. NICE hit on Rottenberger Shaun.
tpostdawg The fArt took a competitive team and we got the leftovers.
roadpiechef Depth and individual talent showed. They should have won, and anybody who blames Phil needs his head examined.
dawgnuts1 KW2 - once again he played hard from start to finish and showed some passion. maybe RAC should try to learn something from KW2 about getting fired up; Jamal - even though the holes and the yardage weren't there, he ran hard and fought for as much as he could get; Shaun Rogers - wow, what a playmaker this guy can be. he led a defense that was a complete turnaround from last week.
losangelesdawg There were some hi points...but this is getting old...when the best player is your kicker???????
livedoctor Great Effort by the defense. Mel Tucker put together a nice scheme.
grouse nobody deserves one
deuceman I cannot go on like this! I will now watch the QVC channel and pick the grout out from under my toenails before I watch another Browns Game. Fire Romeo!!
g.friedman why wasn't Winslow in on the last drive?!!
dixiedawg Yeah, I got a gameball comment. I hope Romeo shoves the gameball into his stupid piehole.
sindustmark The defense can continue to show its progression with a domination of the Ravens offense next week.
clevelandcraig Our offense was an offense and it is our stong point right. Defense did a stand up job.
cav50 Kellen, Kellen please don't go!!!!!
brownsfan1313 Thanks to mother nature, I did not have to watch!
chefeman17 harrison-one touch 30 yards why doesnt he get the ball more!? rogers for blowing up the o-line. k2 for actually giving a s@*t!
azbrowns Shaun Rogers is a BEAST!
chopper9 I think our young corners did pretty well on defense... or was it just a lack of passing due to the high winds?
aqib Zastudil had a monster game punting the ball, I suppose Ike helped. The defense held Pitt to 10 points. Thats all I ask. Winslow keeps making Chicken Salad out of Chicken Charlie Frye.
mtsames Losers get nothing and I mean nothing.
rockymtndawg Who do we have to bribe to see Jerome Harrison get more touches? That dump off was a brilliant piece of running. I heard he has developed patience and can follow blockers. Sure 'nuff!
onthefasttrack01 Gameballs go to Madden and Michaels for telling the truth about this horribly managed team. The Cleveland radio announcers who had to eloquently try to put lipstick on a pig and to the fans who sat through a hurricane to watch this putrid dsiplay of football.
64superfan The D line showed up, Brodney showed up, and yet the Offense stunk up the place so bad that this great effort by the D went totally wasted.
zkramp A D stop was needed either way.
mckbuckeye Zastudil kept us in the game. Rogers made his presence known and the fans were in it to the end (and they let Romeo know how dissappointed they were with his decisions - How is it the fans can see it but the Professional coaches can't?)
mistofdeath Rodgers did great ...wish i could say the same about anyone else.
dawg317 Rogers is a beast. Now only if he had some support. K2 plays the game as the rest of the team should. The fans were awesome. If the team showed the enthusiasm the fans did we'd never lose.
whosgonnadriveyouhome The fans showed up as much as they ever have since 1999.
colddawg Shaun Rogers is the real deal
deathbyeagle Shaun Rogers/Brodney Pool were good and that is about it. J ya man, but don't rush yourself if you can't play. K2 is always good.
brownsclown Shaun Rogers is a presence, made a big difference. Mel Tucker was a goat last week, but the defense played MUCH better, good job Mel, and Kellen Winslow on the bench at crunch time?? He is the best player on this team and the Browns had better take care of his contract.
lr44k Shaun Rogers is a beast. Two games in a row. Linebackers start playing we may have something. Winslow plays with alot of fire. He stays focused no matter how much traffic he's in. Zastudil was like a cannon!
jaw1dawg Rogers what a beast, loved it went put his shoulder into big ben and knocked him down. Pool made some nice plays and Winslow soild as always
dawghowl Winslow: We need to get the ball in his hands more, he just makes plays. Rogers: what a beast, he was all over the steelers backfield. Defense: The defense as a unit really stepped it up and did a great job of holding the steelers to just 10 points.
skat007 Shaun Rogers was a beast, everything we could hope for at the nose. He was disrupting the running game and getting pressure on the QB. It is unbelievable the motor he has when motivated.
Kellen was terrific again. He simply is the best player on this team. I know it's been said over and over, but imagine what he'd be if he didn't have two bum knees. He is the definition of a FOOTBALL PLAYER.
Dave Zastudil gets props for keeping the field position under control kicking through that ridiculous wind while the offense sputtered.
drbomb When Rogers is in the 4-3 he is dominant. Get the hint Savage? Phil, did you notice when you put DL in their natural postions they play better? Pool stepped up with Sean Jones out. Kudos. I normally don't expect ex-Bingals to get a gameballs but Shaun Smith looked good next to Rogers in the 4-3.
taipeidawg >Gotta like the way Winslow plays the game. What a beautiful catch against Troy P.
>I'm really starting to like Sean Rogers. A friend who is a Lion's fan assured me he is lazy, but I'm certainly not seeing it.
>And when are we going to see more of Jerome Harrison?
brownies Shaun Rogers is the man
krunch11 Thanks to the IKE Winds, those of us in the Upper Deck couldn't smell the stink coming from the field!
froggy60 did a great job in terrible conditions. mr. rogers continues to deny unwanted folks in his neighborhood.... even though stats are not great continues to play hard every down. a true professional.
ysufan Zastudil was unbelievable in that wind. Saved us TONS of field position. Shaun Rogers was a BEAST...again! And K2...all I can say is I wish we had 53 of him on our roster.
dapetersen I would like to see Harrison get some reps in the games.
eezer At least we didn't trade our first round pick away...yet... It might turn out to be a top five pick the way we're playing. Malcome Jenkins? James Lauranitis?
29turner It's mind boggling that the ghost doesn't touch the ball more!
sawthewarin64 Mr. Rogers neighborhood... beware!!!! Keep up the intensity big fella. Pool has a nice all around game... way to jack-up Fast Willie down the sideline, If not for our punter, this could have been ugly.
marjax Dawson -- He's the only one that scored points. Harrison -- For showing up to a game finally. Rogers -- He was in on EVERY play, unless Pittsburgh put two guys on him and those two guys pushed the the opposite direction of the way the play went.
dazedawg How many more times does The Ghost have to turn nothing into something before RAC plays the guy?
casper44 None...Zero....Nada!!! All Goats if they don't win!!!
republicdawg Great job by Zastudil especially with the wind blowing. Rogers was solid and anchored the d line all night. Winslow was Winslow
sg2431 Thanks Mother Nature, for showing up to help keep the score down for our defense.
docramos Zastudil punting with 50 mph gusts and rain. Jerome Harrison gets a rare touch of the football and WOW.
spectredawgtalk I'm pretty sure that, given how effective Roethlisberger was with the wind, if the weather wasn't horrible, we would've been carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey.


Fan Comments
smooth32 When will the Anderson era end? It's not hard to spot an incompetent QB when you see one.
naxos Crennel, Crennel, Crennel!
shrooney Horrific clock management, offense still looks bad, and why no Harrison? No Winslow at the end???????
grsychckn Is the only difference between last year's OL and this year's the absence of Ryan Tucker? If so, I can't wait for him to get back for some runblocking please...
carlo1957 Romeo must go!! Still making bonehead decisions on time outs and the last field goal mreally helped . didn't it.
griz13 Romeo Crennel for another display of poor coaching. Derek Anderson for throwing two picks that may have been the difference. Mel Tucker for not getting Wimbley in position to put pressure on Roethlisberger. No excuse for his name not being called, except to point out that he's not lived up to the hype. I think coaching is partly to blame.
james_t_h I don't think any comments are needed...
moony Play to WIN.
mespaw I give the biggest Goat to Randy Lerner for not getting a real head coach for this team!! FIRE CRENNEL
jaydawg74 Crennel got 2 of my goat votes, and tv announcers got the other. madden is a tool.
iupuiguy82 Where is Lewis' "explosion" he picked up by losing weight?? "Pressure? You can't handle any pressure..." King Edwards is now Edward Scissor Hands....
czarayn The fish rots from the head. We have coaches who cannot manage the clock, coaches who cannot devise an offensive game plan, coaches who cannot create a relatively sound defensive scheme, coaches who cannot teach sound O-line or D-line techniques. All we have to show for our beloved Brownies is a staph-riddled injury list and mediocre players who find favor with a head coach who can't see past the next platter of baby-backs and collard greens. Isn't it time to get rid of Ro-Ro and the rest of this moribund coaching staff? And sweep Savage out the door with them. I have decried the coaching of Crennel since the day he came; he was never a defensive coach, just a fat figure-head for Belichick's schemes. No matter who Belichick plugs into his coaching staff or player staff, he still wins. Says a hell of a lot about Crennel and his Patriot super-genius...he doesn't even understand clock management at his age.
idahobrownie Lets send Romeo back to New England. LBs need to step up!
confuseddog and if I could vote a 4th time
silly5 Edwards still can't catch.
mdoogal WTF man. This was supposed to be a must win game. So where was all the magical play-calling of Chud? Whoever signed Mike Adams should be fired immediately! Terrible excuse for a safety. Why run so much on 1st and 2nd down and then have to pass on third and long. Bad Decisions all around
direwolfpdx This team will never be a winner with Romeo at coach. Amateur clock management. Edwards still is dropping too many balls, and Randy for giving a contract extension to a one year wonder coach. Pay Marty or Cowher whatever they want.
brownsfanmn13 Romeo, what is you deal with field goals?!?!?! I think you have a blockage in your head, that makes you feel the game is a 2 point difference. You are BRAIN DEAD!!!!! You just don't get the rivalry between us and the Squeelers.  Edwards, you better find a way to get your hands back, because you suck right now. These drops are killing us. Wimbley, YOU SUCK !!! Is it me or is this team playing like it will be an easy season and they weren't expecting the opponents to be tough.
alamodawg1 Romeo please pick up a copy of Clock Management for Dummies at your local Borders or Barnes and Nobles and while your at please pick up a copy of Coaching for Dummies too! AlamoDawg
carrotsnapper Is anyone watching the game i was watching. The team played well, but we were out coached, big time. I know its early but DOWN WITH ROMEO!!!!
mikehey for not having the guts to force crennel to make a change at qb
browniehat Romeo Crennel, for his teams always coming into games playing sloppy, and his dedication to bad game day decisions, which he's parlayed into a fine art.
cantondawg All we lack is a bit of discipline and common sense. Neither can be provided by RAC. Please get Cowher and let's get into playoffs.
phelix17 Romeo must go. The sooner he goes, the sooner we can make a plan to get someone competent, so we don't have to settle for any more Romeos or Butchies or Elmer Fudds. I've given Romeo the benefit of the doubt, but the way he ran the end of both halves, he has to go. I just can't stand this anymore. We have the players. We do not have the coaching. We can't manage the clock. Football 101 is not a trait of this organization. Romeo must go.
predator94warrior The Wideouts look pedestrian without JJ in there moving the chains. Romeo still needs to grow a pair. The fans at the game weren't nearly rabid as I was (I must have alienated about 20 to 30 people) Refs miss holding calls repeatedly(What else is new)
manoafats Your tie is done DA thanks for last year but the short game is what we needed and Quinn is our man for that. Time management! You can't do that how are you going to run a team. I hate to say it where is Marty or Cowher at this point I'm ready to see them runn our team.
dercahund You have to go for the 1st down in the 4th----Idiot
fair hooker Anybody else ready for a QB controversy?
hpschlos Romeo sucks.
lenke08 Romeo needs to learn on how to use his Time outs and start worrying about the offense now becuase our defense is better then our offense. Edwards you caught more yards then last week but catch the ball more. DA needs to keep his head in the game and not smile when he makes a mistake that costs the game.
muskiedawg01 Unreal...Another week, another field goal in a terrible situation. Romeo, you're coaching your way out of Cleveland right now.
bwnsfanfolife Adams is pretty weak, Braylon some more drops and D'Qwell for having a great shot at a running back behind the line and not even bothering to try to wrap up. He pulled a Griffith
cerberus Crennel's decision making and time management in this game were jaw-droppingly bad: Jerome Harrison makes a great play-better sit him? No Winslow on the final drive? No pressure when the Steelers are pinned on the 2? It just never stops.
vududawg Lets talk accountability - Romeos job as head coach is to 1) Get the players ready to play - what is the only consistent thing we've seen so far? guys not knowing where to line up, miscommunication, stupid penalties, wasted timeouts, blown assignments, stopped routes, drops, and a general lack of confidence and focus EVERYWHERE. You can call out players, and they arent innocent by any means but EVERYONE looks sloppy, unfocused, and unenergetic. Job 2) is to manage the game. The FG call last week unequivocally says "WE GIVE UP. WE CANT WIN ANYWAY, LETS JUST MAKE IT LOOK BETTER" there is no denying that, and if he didnt know he was saying that he's just plain stupid. The late FG call tonight said "WE CANT DO IT, LETS JUST WAIT TO SEE IF WE CAN GET CLOSE AGAIN" Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of a victory we didn't deserve.
Those 2 calls tell me all i need to know about this Coach - HE CANT DO HIS JOB!!!
What do those calls inspire in the players? To scrap and fight and play with determination against all odds? or maybe - lay down, we just arent good enough. We have seen what these players can do - wasnt it a players only meeting after wk 1 last yr that righted the ship? Sounds like romeo is good for nothing but stating the obvious and "really screwing things up" I love the Browns and cant really help it, but.....ouch. Please help Mr. Lerner.
schehlk The team doesn't have the chemistry yet to play the talented teams its faced. Having all the injuries in Preseason has set them back. As the chemistry is off the last thing the team needs is to be conservative. Kicking a field goal when down 7 with just over 3 mins remaining and not executing an onside kick when the Steelers have an outstanding running game, what was Romeo thinking? Edwards has looked off in both games and needs to step it up. The Defensive Backs are really letting teams catch everything at anytime. Until the team pulls it together they should be taking chances; really what's the difference in losing 10 to 6 or 10 to 3, its still a loss. Take the chance and maybe tie it up, then kick it deep.
jackone Harrison should have recovered the fumbled kick.
spicydeigo Just sick to watch us beat ourselves again. We have the talent, just once agian poor coaching by RAC and Chud, to many mental mistakes, and very, very, very poor time management. I just hope we can turn this around before RAC loses the team.
willy15 Derek Anderson has been mostly lousy in both games. He very good at throwing behind receivers. He should try to lead them once in awhile. Also, he loves to throw into the dirt. Braylon needs to do fewer commercials and learn to catch the ball. Romeo needs to let the defense get aggressive. Our DB's play off the receivers too much. With the Talent on the Team, they should have won.
brownsdawgfan If we had a QB, we would have won that game...wait, seems to me we saw the real DA against Cinci last year... Hurricane IKE, you suck! Had to use the generator to watch the game!
yardman9 RAC: how many minutes in a Quarter? Is it better to get beat by 7 pts or 4 pts?
bigdaddy78 Romeo, same song, different verse, with you around, it ain't getting any better, it's only getting worse. DA- As a field general, you should not ever have to look to the sidelines for what to do, you should already know, unless of course you can't think that far in advance. Corners- its lockdown, not laydown.
nybiggdawg Easy to give goathorns here, but remember the weather was very poor for passing, with high winds and rain. Still, DA looked out of sync, and WR's again did some bonehead things, including KWII. Only player on DL making things happen is Shaun Rogers,but boy is HE playing fantastic. KWimbley has got to learn to not let linemen get into him and latch on. And although I usually support RAC, the decision to kick a field goal with less than 4 minutes was just wrong, especially after making the similar WRONG choice the week before. Lose by 7 or lose by 4?What's the difference? With less than 4 minutes, and our defense, you go for six brother. Sheesh.
bulldogdad Hellboy-sized horns to RAC for 4 years of consistently inept clock management and for looking like he's thinking about the post-game buffet more than what's happening on the field. Wimbley is looking more and more like a bust, having consistently little impact on the game. And finally John Madden, for being unable to discern Steptoe and Edwards, and for babbling in general.
apvic what can be said except Anderson chokes again in the big games.. will Brady choke ?? might be time to find out !! edwards needs to get a whole lot better at holding on to passes.. if he has a problem ask "WINSLOW" for some help !!!! and finally our head coach.. just maybe its because he was so conservative from his defesive coaching days.. or maybe it's one of the reasons why it took so long for him to become a head coach !!!! oh yeah, I almost forgot.. "DID MCGINEST PLAY" ????????? Be a real team player and get your old slow ass to the rest home. You're an embarrassment !!!!
ottocorp Romeo's alma mater should be ashamed of itself.
dchard did I mention Crennel?!
mfabrams Edwards - Catch the ball!!
Crennel - No comment.
Chud - No balance in the schemes. Harrison gave the team a quick boost and then he was no longer in the game?? Winslow taken out during the closing moments?? Were you trying to win the game??
ardenny Romeo has no vision, no balls, no plan, no managerial or inspirational ability. I am sick to death of watching the Cleveland Chinese Firedrills run around like idiots every week, with a coach on the sidelines looking every bit like a glassy-eyed example of taxidermy.
muskiedawg01 Clock management and game decisions are the two most important things a head coach has to do. Clock management was terrible in the first half and at the end of the game. A field goal?
jaymesbawned Cousin for kicking the football after an incomplete pass!!!!!!!IDIOT!!!
vadawglb Another mind boggling field goal. Savage you definitely must have been riding Newsome's drafts. Anderson is just an average back-up starting on an average team.
tpostdawg The defense did their job to bad the  Offense and coaches couldn't do their's.
rutger It's Monday morning, so why is Romeo still the head coach? Is it the OC's play calling or the QB who's deciding to throw the ball short of the end zone with no time outs and 8 seconds left on the clock? Even if it's not intercepted and caught the receiver was going to be tackled and the half's over on the 4 yard line. And which one of those geniuses, (HC or OC), made the decision to sit Winslow at the end of the game?
audiemurphy I am sooooooo glad I gave up my tickets 3 yrs ago
bsuhands88 I am a die-hard Browns fan and always will be, but it truly sickens me to have to watch Romeo stand there and look as if he a million miles away from the game thinking about the number 19 pizza he is going to order after the game. I mean seriously, I know the D played respectable last night, but the offense did not and with just over three minutes to go you take your chances at getting the TD, if you don't then you give them the ball with bad field position and then you see what the D can do. The biggest problem obviously is that this man has zero understanding of how to manage the clock, it goes all the way back to the MIN. game his first year, same thing at the end of the half and boy o boy way to call all your time outs on the Stoolers final drive! Masterful!
iwillpierceyou Romeo needs to play Madden a couple of times. Maybe then he could figure out how to manage the clock. What a douche.
lynxis Thats 3 for Romeo. I gave him the benefit of the doubt for 3 years hoping that a 60 year old man that has spend 40 years in football to be able to manage a game. Now that he has proven he is incompetent even in the simplest of coaching tasks, I've given up on him. GO AWAY ROMEO!
markmilovich Coaching staff has got to go!
mas1369 Do they practice the two minute drill?!?!
kodiak Romeo WTF... you should really have this clock management thing down a lil bit after a few years... I cant believe how many passes hit Edwards in the hands that he drops Anderson is starting up where he left off last year, poor decision making
rainesghost Romeo loves him some field goals.
clevelandfan Romeo - I've never seen such bad time management in a pro football game before. Any good feelings that I've had for Romeo for last year's work is quickly disappearing. D.A. - Please, Please, PLEASE stop throwing in double and triple coverage!!! Braylon - ok, he had an "ok" game, but the dropsies has got to stop.
chidawg Crennel - How can one explain the continuing clock (mis)management? DA - He is well on his way to proving which of the two DA's we saw last year is reality. BE - It's time to focus on the things you are paid to do. Pass rush - Yes it was better - except on key 3rd downs. One was when the Steelers had 3rd & 9 and hit Ward for the game's only TD. Another was 3rd & long in the dawg pound. There were even some others. Then we have Shawn Smith deciding he needs to get his sack by using the face mask.
bomeister Art Modell just for being alive still; Randy Lerner; Stallworth for being a totally useless FA pick up at boucoup bucks;  HORRIBLE time management before half had DA make terrible decision and throw INT to Polamalu
thehollismaniac is it too much to ask to hold an opposing back under 100 yards rushing? Eventually, Cleveland will have to put something that resembles a running game on the field versus Pittsburgh. The Browns need Donte Stallworth back badly.
zzdog Phil Savage deserves the goathorns if he continues to allow RAC to coach this football team.
brookparkwill 7 in a row. Time for Romeo to go. We deserve better than this.
vintage74 RAC, you suck!
sinisterminister As it was stated in A League of Their Own, "I have seen enough to know I have seen too much." Romeo has proven he can not coach...
harpster Edwards and RAC... I'm at a loss... and so is the team thanks in a large part to both of you.
brownsmaniac Fire Crennel N-O-W !!!!
dkc80 Romeo looked constipated last night... lets run the ball more to set up for more 3rd and long since we convert them with such ease... did the concussion jar something loose in Anderson's head?
manoafats Romeo, Romeo where for art guts.. no intestinal ba..s no win or chance..who was it that said.. Good guys come in last???
roadpiechef I like Romeo, but the guy just isn't prepared on game day. Harrison is a home-run hitter who should play, you don't rush three with Big Ben in his end-zone, you call the time out...jeez. I sure hope Chud is all that--LET'S FIND OUT.
dawgnuts1 not nearly enough to go around, but i'll try to narrow it down: RAC - worst head coach ever. even last year, winning 10 games had nothing to do with him. for the love of god, get Bill Cowher already; DA - interceptions were too costly; Braylon - you will never be an elite receiver until you learn to catch the ball when it matters most.
losangelesdawg I wonder if Edwards is having a delayed sophomore Winslow what he wants, but make BE prove himself for another few years. Crennel's nice guy routine is getting old, as is he!
livedoctor Poor play calling. Apparently Rob, Romeo, and Derek have no idea how to manage the clock. Does Romeo know how to count?
grouse if Savage thinks he has the the players maybe he should look at the Steelers linebackers and defensive backs. Even with no injuries we do not compare.
rdiroll Crennel never has his team ready to play, especially in games starting the season. Blame the players for miscues and mistakes, but have you ever seen Crennel out coach anyone?
footballwave Its time for Kosar to become GM, bye bye Phil, and its time for Crennel to mosey on down the road, "Hello Bill Cowher, we got a job for ya". Brady Quinn! Put him in!!
dawgin Crennel blamed the first half on DAs interception, how weak can you be, you screwed it up and then blamed your QB
mes92658 May the curse that follows the Browns go away with CRENNEL !!!
shookdawg Kicking the field goal at the end of the game was the dumbest football decision I've ever seen. Just bizarre. We were on the 21 yard line! Why kick a pointless field goal and give it back to the Steelers (giving them even better field position). We had four downs to keep our hopes of winning alive and Romeo decided to use only three. Stupid.
appraiser Randy gets one as he keeps this head coach around. Crennel is holding this team back!
brownbill it's time to get a real coach. A nice guy coach just won't get the job done. Savage has put enough talent around Crennel for us to be a winner and he just cant get it done. He has no passion, and make stupid decisions. There was NEVER a doubt in my mind that the defense could not stop the Steelers in that last drive. But hey, he might have ran it up the middle again on third and 7........... unacceptable and I'm getting sick and tired of it. Let's get Cowher in her, even if savage has to go too!
g.friedman Romeo must go!!!-take Braylon with you and drive FAST!!!!!
naplesrbr Romeo sucks before, during and after a game. Phil screwed up signing Donte Stallworth for so much. Randy sucks for accepting such losers. Get a pair Randy and fire Crennel. Only the housing market is worse than the Browns!
dixiedawg Nice game Braylon you "All-Pro"
sindustmark Forget the game management and field goal errors, Crennel needs to beat his rival. Period. If Tressel lost to Michigan this much he wouldnt be coaching the Buckeyes anymore.
80sboy RAC is Cra-aaa-ppy.
clevelandcraig who can say clock management.
juneey Enough Romeo, Un-prepared, Poor clock Mgmt., Playing not to lose rather than to win.
cav50 The officiating suckedand Romeo should be fired yesterday!
chefeman17 romeo-its time to go, b-eazy catch the freakin ball!, lerner get rid of rac already
azbrowns Both RAC and DA need to step it up or both will be on the chopping block, Mike Adams was overmatched the entire game and what is Chudz thinking? You don't play Jerome Harrison at all after he breaks off a big play? I never understand why this kid doesn't get more of a chance.
chopper9 This game could have, and should have been won if game management was better.
aqib When I gave a game ball to the defense I meant just the front 7. But front seven wasn't a choice. So I have to give a goat to the secondary. Crennel just simply lost control out there. The clock management was terrible and what was up with going for the FG then faking the onside kick. I would have rather he just gone for the onside kick at that point.
mtsames Chudzinski loser game plan. Edwards is a joke!!!!!!!!!! go back to Harper HOODS CHUMP. Anderson your to Stupid to manage the game. McGinest to old to slow your a burden on the salary cap .Adams couldn't cover a homeless tramp.Last but not Romeo for betting on his Defense . Your Defense sucked when Palmer was here.
donb20 Fire Crennel
onthefasttrack01 The whole team and coaching staff deserves the goathorns on this one, but special horns go to Edwards who couldn't catch the clap in a Tijuana whorehouse and Crennel who after 25+ years of coaching still cannot do simple math!!!
64superfan You can't beat a high school team scoring an average of 8 miserable points a game! Chud better get this figured out SOON.
ukdawg Romeo, Romeo where for art thou...... Unfortunately in Cleveland.
debbie.badonsky Crennel's clock management was so poor, at the end of the first half and towards the end of the game. For the second week in a row, he chose to kick a field goal when a touchdown was needed. His teams commit senseless penalties, as if the other teams needed any assistance to beat the Browns. He doesn't need to be a cheerleader to be a good coach, but he does need to know how to manage the clock and run a disciplined team!
bitcheswaveyellowtowels Romeo needs a crash course in first grade math.
kosar1985 RAC has got to go
mckbuckeye I have never seen such a cluster screw up of mistakes in a professional 2 min. drill. Time management was horrible (letting 7-10 sec. run off before calling each TO), lack of preparation (No one new enough to get set and back into position), and poor leadership (DA, if your a leader, you shouldn't have to be looking to the sidelines searching for someone to tell you what to do - JUST DO IT!) Romeo - a field goal????? We still needed a TD afterwards??? If you miss, Pitt does not have great field position and maybe they can't be as aggressive deep in their own territory!
jerseybrownfan This is absolutely a pathetic team anymore. As a fan since the 50's from New Jersey I may just give up on my NFL Direct TV package after this year. During the lost to the Cowboys I quit watching during the 3rd quarter as I couldn't take it anymore. I made it through the whole game as disgusted as anyone else against the Steelers. Romeo must go period. Randy Learner please go after Bill Cowher before someone else grabs him. You are going nowhere with Romeo. Trust me. If Cowher can't fix this team no one can! I am sure Bill Cowher would welcome the oportunity because if he could right this ship he would become a hero in Cleveland.
mistofdeath Bad coaching plain and simple.
dawg317 Romeo has horrible time management. Where was his head during the last min. of the 1st half? Must have been wondering about the halftime spread not how to score in the final minute. Did the LBs make any plays? They were manhandled! Uncalled for at this level of the game. DA...did he go to the same school of time management as Romeo?
djw333 Braylon was terrible again. Stallworth was a waste of money. Think Savage regrets giving RAC that extension?
whosgonnadriveyouhome Anderson isn't the guy. Quinn needs to play and a new regime needs started.
colddawg Why is time management that difficult for this team. Bring on Brady! Braylon, less talk, more walk
goose151 Romeo Blew It!!!
deathbyeagle Chudzinski??? Whats up with all the short passes these past 2 games?? Open things up!!! Romeo...geez!! F--- You
brownsclown Braylon must get better, he is playing way below his pay rate. I love Willie but he can't make a play anymore, always in the right spot, physically can't do it. 1st half terrible clock management, 2nd half field goal instead of letting the guys make a play. Romeo needs to shape up or he will be gone. Nice guy, bad game decisions so far.
bobbyflats get marty or cowher on the phone, right now.
lr44k/td> AAnderson must throw that to the back of the endzone or the blonde in the 3rd row. TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE!!! Crennel must think defensively 24 hrs. a day. We've lost 9 in a row, get aggressive! U can wake up now BE!
jaw1dawg/td> DDerek looked like crap again. Tucker should have played man-up on 2nd down when they had them pinned deep and sent eveybody else at ben. Only rushing 4 and not covering anyone just does'nt cut it. Crennel needs to go, 2 weeks in a row now we kick a fieldgoal when we need a touchdown. If we did not convert on 4th down, we still could have stopped them and got the ball again.
howldawg I have to give both gameball and goat horns to the weather. It kept me from watching the game (thanks to it's removing the electric from my TV). But as i said that cuts both ways it kept me from enjoying the gam also from being angry at the coaches and the players.
jcart57 Romeo must go!!!
houndfromhell Cleveland Cowards Hines Ward laughs in their faces, along with all Steeler players and fans. To play the Browns is like a sure victory during a bye week...
dawghowl Crennel: just awful inexcusable clock management at the end of both halves. Anderson: poor decisions on both the interceptions he threw. Should of just thrown the ball away on both occasions. Edwards: Catch the freakin ball! im growing tired of all his drops. He better get his act together and start stepping it up in the big games.
skat007 Derek Anderson was just not good. He looks like Charlie Frye right now, and I have this bad feeling that all my fears about his inability to play well now that the pressure is on this team are being validated.
Braylon - How can a guy who this city wants to love as much as Braylon keep screwing it up? Braylon, it's simple. All we want is for you to shut up and catch the freaking football. In fact, if you just catch the ball, you can go ahead and talk all you want. But catch the ball!
I know Romeo will get a lot of goathorns this week, but I went with all the coaches. I know Mel Tucker came up with some excellent schemes to pressure the QB, but Chud and Romeo were horrible. The playcalling stunk, and I can't add anything to what's already been said about Romeo's mismanagement of the clock and kicking the field goal late. It was a disgusting display of poor coaching.
drbomb I'm done with McGinest. He stinks. I can't stand players who talk tough but get manhandled on the field. His mental mistakes are so basic it makes me wonder if he's been a product of the system for his career. HE'S EMBARASSING HIMSELF...RETIRE WILLIE AND TAKE COACH KLUMP WITH YOU. Last year, DA could BARELY hit the broadside of a barn - this year he can't. Even GQ is more accurtate than that.
taipeidawg >Our offense as a whole is pretty poor despite good play and effort from a few individuals........
brownies Romeo needs to go Braylon can't catch a cold
krunch11 Hey RAC...COACH TO WIN!! How does Ratlessbooger complete his passes in the wind and strong-armed Anderson can't??? HMMMMMM...
froggy60 would like to give him early xmas present of hands. oh by the way concentrate on football and leave swimming and your new friend phelps go till off season. you need to start learning how to read a game clock.

you let the clock run down 15 seconds before halftime then call a timeout. get the plays into the huddle faster.
find a way to put pressure on the qb. db's need to learn to cover better.

you flag to last week after a td then hines ward celebrated with whatever it was he did spikes the ball makes guesture and no flag???? oh yeah its the steelers let it go?????? need to be more consistent on your calls for penalties. should have been flagged.
thejamdawg Crennel continuously makes horrible decisions that costs games and/or resemble French Military Strategy. Hines Ward is one of the five biggest a-holes in the NFL
egillen Another uninspiring game from Anderson and poor performance from Edwards. I don't blame the second INT totally on the wind, because these two screwed it up too.
clevthom I voted for Romeo twice that is how bad his in game coaching has become. So, now I also have to question if he is using the talent to best help the team. (Jerome Harrison needs more touches & why do we take out our only set of reliable hands when we need them most.) I AM GETTING TIRED OF THIS CRAP!!!
ysufan Edwards for his drops, Romeo because he is clueless, and DA because the last pass of the 1st Half had to have been his decision.
wolfdjp Crennel is a good man & has been a steadying influence on a young team, but a team takes on the personality of their head coach and we've got the personality of well...nothing. No aggression, no confidence. We need more of an aggressive mindset on both Def and Off. Why are we always stuck with head coaches who are sit back & react kind of guys? Cmon, get a coach that reflects this town's personality. Anyone come to mind?
29turner The conditions in that game were tailor made for BQ's skill set. DA can chuck it 70 yds, but can't hit a 5 yrd out.
sawthewarin64/td> RRomeo... there are thousands of time management courses out there... what no tuition assistance close in your contract???
bodden Crennel. What a nutless loser.
marjax Stallworth -- WHY ARE YOU STILL INJURED?
dazedawg I voted for Crennel 3 times. Not sure it's enough though./td>
casper44 RRomeo Crennel deserves it with his bonehead calls and lack of clock management (management overall)!!!! Savage for not making a change two years ago and this year!!
republicdawg Chud runs on 1st and 2nd down on the last drive? Romeo maybe we need to hire a time management qulaity control coach. Braylon - stickum and velcro- invest.
sg2431 Ah, memories of 2006 all over again. Last year, Romeo got fat on some lousy teams with bust out quarterbacks. Now, the schedule is tougher and Romeo is back to normal. Romeo sort of reminds me of Buster Douglas. He got lucky. Now its just a matter of time before he gets knocked out.
docramos 4th and 7 on the Steelers 20 with minutes left on the clock down by 7 and you go for the FG????? WTF. Braylon is making me yearn for the heyday of Quincy Morgan. Will someone let Harrison play.
spectredawgtalk Not only because he stunk in the game and threw an INT in the red zone, but because he's already lowered his stock past the 1st we could've gotten last year and his presence this year before we deal him is costing Brady Quinn reps./td>

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