Transcript: Adam Caplan

So... what happened to the Browns? Adam Caplan offered his perspective as he answered questions Wednesday in another terrific chat.

<Brownsfan91171> Hey Adam, can you give us one positive nugget tonight, anything......and not that you switched car insurance..
Adam Caplan: BR: I thought that the run defense was better, gap integrity was better last week

<iconoclast88> Hey Adam, with all the new practice absences it doesn't look like we have a prayer against the Ravens. What can you tell us about the latest injuries? Steinbach, Edwards, Cribbs . . .
Adam Caplan:
IC: I think they can win that game actually. BAL offense is very vanilla
Adam Caplan: with flacco in behind center
Adam Caplan: they won't throw much so that plays into CLE's hands

<iconoclast88> Agreed, but without those guys??
Adam Caplan: IC: My sense is as long as the offense picks it up and the weather is good, they will be ok
Adam Caplan: Edwards owns the Ravens
Adam Caplan: McAlister can't cover him all day

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is the Anderson experiment close to ending?
Adam Caplan: BR: What experiment?
Adam Caplan: Anderson played well in week one
Adam Caplan: not as good in week two

<iconoclast88> I know, but he didn't practice today. That's my reference. The Plain Dealer reports that Steinbach, Edwards, Cribbs are injured
Adam Caplan: IC: We had that hours ago
Adam Caplan: All expected to play
Adam Caplan: except maybe Cribbs

<iconoclast88> Ah. Gotcha. Thanks brother.
Adam Caplan: I'm concerned with Cribbs

<iconoclast88> He's not ready anyway
Adam Caplan: I know

<BrownsGettinBetter> Crennel's game day decisions have been down right deplorable. What is going through the minds of the Browns front office?
Adam Caplan: BROWN: I can't disagree, the one in week one was an embarrassment

<BrownsBacker> Adam is that high ankle sprain the concern with Cribbs?
Adam Caplan: BR: The thing is you can come back early on those kind of injuries but never be the same
Adam Caplan: I wouldn't have let him play unless he looked explosive in practice

<iconoclast88> Adam, any explanation as to why Kellen Winslow wasn't on the field on the last drive??
Adam Caplan: IC: I have no idea other than they didn't think he could get down there fast enough
Adam Caplan: Anyway, he's a playmaker
Adam Caplan: another dumb move

<ramllov> Adam, Do they miss JJ veteran leadership on offense.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Yes, they really could use him on third downs
Adam Caplan: and as a third passing option
Adam Caplan: you may start to see Harrison on the field more soon with Lewis. Harrison could be lined up outside the formation

<Brownsfan91171> Adam is Crennel or Chud making the decision to sit Winslow and Harrison?
Adam Caplan: BR: OCs call there

<iconoclast88> What a concept. Play a guy that makes something happen every time he touches the ball. Well, except recovering the kick off fumble . . . that was a big one
Adam Caplan: IC: I'll admit a scout from a team that is playing the Browns coming up told me that one on Harrison
Adam Caplan: he said on film that's what he would do if he was calling the plays
Adam Caplan: They have to give the defense something else
Adam Caplan: Lewis isn't running well at all apparently on tape

<UABrownsFan> Adam, why hasn't Marty Schottenheimer been hired by any team? Last year or so far this year
Adam Caplan: UAB: He said he will not coach again

<BrownsGettinBetter> When will the Browns turn to Brady Quinn? Not necessarily to save the season, because he won't, but to get him some reps. This season already seems like a non playoff one for Cleveland.
Adam Caplan: BR: If they were 0-5 possibly go to Quinn but they aren't thinking about it now
Adam Caplan: no reason to
Adam Caplan: lots of football left
Adam Caplan: I hate to say it but it's a must win on Sunday

<jb42776> Is Cowher on the short list if it gets worse in Cleveland?
Adam Caplan: JB: Won't happen with Savage there
Adam Caplan: I was asked that a year ago at this time and I will say it again, Cowher wants full control, won't happen with Savage there

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any word on the DE from Patriots we brought in?
Adam Caplan: BR: #4 DE type

<iconoclast88> Stupid question, but who would be a good candidate for a head coaching job next year? Not a big namer like Cowher. Maybe someone like NYG's D-Coordinator?
Adam Caplan: IC: Spags, yes, also Jim Schwartz
Adam Caplan: DC for the Titans

<jb42776> Cowher didn't have full control in Pittsburgh did he?
Adam Caplan: JB: He did, that's why Tom Donahoe left

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, thoughts on Brodney pool's play Sunday night
Adam Caplan: TUT: Much better for the most part
Adam Caplan: then again, the conditions helped both defenses
Adam Caplan: And they should be ok this week
Adam Caplan: against weak BAL WRs
Adam Caplan: McGahee back this week BTW

<ramllov> Adam, if Willie McGinest does not play on Sunday, how do you see the linebacking play.
Adam Caplan: RAM: The less he's on the field the better

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Williams starting to make an impact at DE?
Adam Caplan: BRO: Not yet, that will take some time
Adam Caplan: It's his run fits that are the concern

<alzlvlolz> If Romeo loses to the ravens does Randy step and Romeo is gone? How do you see this playing out?
Adam Caplan: ALZ: Way too early for that
Adam Caplan: Savage has to take a lot of the blame for personnel
Adam Caplan: WR depth
Adam Caplan:
Adam Caplan: ILBs
Adam Caplan: CBS
Adam Caplan: As much as I think Savage does a nice job he overestimates certain issues and underestimates others

<alzlvlolz> Yea I understand that AC but come on after all these years Romeo can't manage simple clock management? Your coach is supposed to help you not hurt you
Adam Caplan:
ALZ: I can't say that RAC isn't culpable as well
Adam Caplan: I don't think RAC is a very good head coach but if you give him the right personnel, they can win

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, we have ILBs, they are just not very good. Are we hoping too much on Bell?
Adam Caplan: BR: I wish I could type everything on that, better stuff for a podcast. But they just aren't as physical as you need to be there

<BrownsGettinBetter> After two games, what is your final win total prediction for the Browns?
Adam Caplan: BR: 9-7 area
Adam Caplan: I see plenty of games they can win including this week

<ramllov> Adam, how true is the talk that DA has to have almost perfect conditions to be successful?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He works off of a good running game
Adam Caplan: play action etc

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, do we need bigger ILBs?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes but again, size is one thing, being physical is another

<shakadawg> Most fans I talk to think kicking the field goal at the end of the game was stupid. Thoughts?
Adam Caplan: SHAK: That was the right decision last week

<ramllov> Adam, When does Beau Bell start to play?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I think this week
Adam Caplan: not on the injury report I think

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are you becoming more comfortable with ur D-line?
Adam Caplan: BR: No, depth is a problem without Robaire Smith

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, last yr my gripe with Eric Wright was that he would be in great position but never turned his head to find the ball. This year he appears weak and small as well. Your thoughts?
Adam Caplan: TUT: His ball skills aren't what I thought but it will get better there

<bb813> Adam, Any chance of Phil bringing in a veteran receiver if this Stallworth thing goes on much longer?
Adam Caplan: BB: Yes, they will have no choice soon
Adam Caplan: they don't have a lot of cash under the cap
Adam Caplan: but a veteran minimum guy, sure

<iconoclast88> Adam, what's your thoughts on our passive defensive strategy? We were able to get pressure, but didn't try to apply it enough. Namely on the 3rd and 9 touchdown pass. I believe not blitzing here literally cost us the game.
Adam Caplan: IC: The blitzes aren't getting home
Adam Caplan: that's the problem
Adam Caplan: Wimbley is a non-factor

<ramllov> Adam, if Joe Horn had anything left he would be in Seattle, Yes?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Pretty much the case
Adam Caplan: Although I'd bring him in for a workout

<alzlvlolz> Adam I just read about the Drew Roshenhous said about a player who wanted to be traded from a "woeful" team. Drew said that he told the player not to go public with it yet
<alzlvlolz> Boldin has already went public with it and you mentioned bolden
Adam Caplan: ALZ: He has players on a lot of teams

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, blitzing problems due to scheme or players?
Adam Caplan: BR: Players
Adam Caplan: they aren't doing good enough

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, why do you think Wimbley has been so ineffective? Is it a lack of talent
Adam Caplan: BR: Overruns plays constantly
Adam Caplan:
gets moved by opposing OLs
Adam Caplan: or even TEs
Adam Caplan: I can't understand why he has regressed so much
Adam Caplan: I bought in to what RAC was telling me earlier this year
Adam Caplan: but I'm not seeing it yet

<ramllov> Adam, is there any free agent out there who could help the Browns? Who?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Not that I can see

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will we see more of Hall based on lack of production from McGinest?
Adam Caplan:
BR: I think Hall will have to get on the field more, they have no choice
Adam Caplan: They have to get to the passer more
Adam Caplan: This week should be better, both BAL OTs aren't very good
Adam Caplan: slow feet

<iconoclast88> Any chance Minnesota would trade their entire 09 draft for Anderson? =) He would be a pro bowler year in/year out up there.
Adam Caplan: IC: You never know....
Adam Caplan: CLE will have to rebuild that D for next year
Adam Caplan: that's for sure
Adam Caplan: Must get bigger
Adam Caplan: more stout

<ramllov> Adam do you see the Browns defense stepping up against Baltimore and Cincinnati?
Adam Caplan: RAM: CIN is struggling too on offense

<BryanK> What is Braylon's problem? Is it mainly due to the time missed, or just lack of concentration?
Adam Caplan: BRY: Concentration
Adam Caplan: same thing last year on his drops

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Braylon thinking about the catch too much?
Adam Caplan: BR: He needs to secure the football first

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will the offense get out of its funk?
Adam Caplan: BR: They have to get the running game going and Edwards must pick up his play

<shakadawg> 1,0Is KW in RAC's doghouse for being vocal?
Adam Caplan: SHAK: No

<alzlvlolz> So far of what you have seen Adam what do you expect the browns to finish this year record wise?
Adam Caplan: ALZ: I think the passing game will get better

<FairwaySeeker> Adam, give your thoughts on why we aren't using Harrison - he could be a game breaker waiting to happen as a change of pace back!
Adam Caplan: FAIR: I think the coaches know he has to get on the field more

Adam Caplan: I will be surprised if they don't play well Sunday at Baltimore
Adam Caplan: My prediction is 20-17 CLE

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, where does Joe Thomas stack up against the other LT's in the league
Adam Caplan:
TUT: Top-5

<bb813> Adam: I know Madden supported the FG Sunday night, but what do you hear around the league on the decision?
Adam Caplan: BB: IT was the right move
Adam Caplan: week one's was way wrong
Adam Caplan: made no sense

<alzlvlolz> Adam do you see Kam Wimbley on his way to "bust" status. I mean he has 1 speed rush, he can't bull rush anyone he is not very good against the run
Adam Caplan: ALZ: Not yet but he has clearly regressed

<flounderou> even if they did tie, there's no telling pits would have went right down the field and scored anyway...
Adam Caplan:
FLOU: The weather made it tough to throw the ball with any consistency

<BrownsGettinBetter> Also, how bad is the loss of Robaire Smith?
Adam Caplan: BROWN: Bad for rotation and he's also not bad against the run
Adam Caplan: hurts for sure

<flounderou> any chance Wimbley can be moved to ILB of he doesn't pan out at OLB?
Adam Caplan: FLOU: No way, he's not physical

<dogsqb13> 7,0wimbley a better 4-3 end than a 3-4 olb?
Adam Caplan: DOG: It's the right scheme for him

<BryanK> Looking more and more like Savage has missed on defensive talent evaluations.....scouting or just his opinion?
Adam Caplan: BRY: Free agent moves
Adam Caplan: for one
Adam Caplan: Stallworth was a reach
Adam Caplan: he'll be on his 5th team in 5 years
Adam Caplan: Not sure what to make of Williams, can't evaluate him yet

<alzlvlolz> Do you think Terrel Suggs resigns with Baltimore after the season? Or do you think his heart is somewhere else like Cleveland :)
Adam Caplan: ALZ: I can't see them letting him go

<jb42776> Stallworth gonna play this week?
Adam Caplan: JB: IF he doesn't practice tomorrow, nope

<Brownsfan91171> Stallworth, is he on our team?
Adam Caplan: BR: Ha

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, do you see anything from Williams yet?
Adam Caplan:
BR: Not that stands out

<flounderou> this team has a lot of holes, i don't see this being a complete team for several more years...
Adam Caplan: FL: Again, the defense has to be rebuilt

<jciardullo3> Adam - I think Phil has done a good job - not great but good enough for the Browns to win.  Not every Trade or Free Agent or Draft pick will be great but I really see the coaching as a major issue. Penalties Bad decisions and RAC's stubbornness to play young guys IE: Harrison have resulted in a lack of execution on the field. In the NFL the difference from a good and great team is a fine line and I really believe RAC is to blame for the most part...agree?
Adam Caplan: JCI: I think he missed on some evaluations
Adam Caplan: by giving up also draft picks
Adam Caplan: Shaun Rogers has been decent so far

<jb42776> And doesn't Stallworth have a cap friendly deal where he can easily be cut?
Adam Caplan: JB: As I reported way back, he has a big roster bonus next year

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, what about D'Qwell Jackson. Is he a keeper?
Adam Caplan: BR: I need more time to evaluate him

<flounderou> could Wimbley have any more success on the left side - against a RT?
Adam Caplan: FL: That's the power side, not sure

Adam Caplan: All: Good chat, see you next week

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