Fan View: 10 Questions for Browns Fans

Jeff Biletnikoff ponders some imponderables as the Browns prep for the Ravens...

Some random questions floating around my head as I prepare to watch the (yawn) Cleveland-Ravens game this weekend.
1.  Would you like to throw heavy objects through your TV screen/computer monitor/car windshield/neighbors window when you listen to Romeo Crennel's matter-of fact tone after another heart-ripping loss to THE rival?  Romeo, you are NOT talking about a science experiment.  You are speaking to fans who have just witnessed the Browns lose their 10th straight to the team they hate most in the universe.
2.  Do you find yourself torn between watching the Browns beat up on the toothless Ravens or having the Ratbirds beat the Browns so that Romeo's job security is up in the air?
3.  Are you kicking yourself for even having a thought of wishing for a loss to the dreaded Ravens?  I am too.
4.  Can you really take the Browns seriously for the rest of the season based on what you've seen the first 2 weeks?
5.  How bad do you feel about the Cleveland offense after you witnessed Philly hang 37 on the Dallas D in week 2?  Wasn't Philadelphia supposed to be a bigger question mark going into this year?  Seems to me that the network executives that scheduled the Browns in 5 primetime slots would like to get Donovan McNabb and crew in there instead.
6.  Do you think that D. coordinators have finally figured out that Derek Anderson and his size 15 shoes aren't going to beat you outside the pocket?
7.  Do you think that D. coordinators have finally figured out that Derek Anderson has as much grace with short passes as an elephant in ballet shoes?
8.  Do you think that Brady Quinn will be the Browns starting QB at some point this season?
Answers to 6, 7, 8....if you answered "yes," then I say 'ME TOO.'
9.  Are you feeling that the Cleveland Browns are nothing more than the 1980's version of the San Diego Chargers, except not as good on offense?  (for you younger readers, the 80's Bolts always were good on offense with their 'Air Coryell' attack and usually bad on D.)
10.  Would you love any other team in spite of 10,999,999 disappointments with no end in sight?
If you answered "NO WAY" to question 10, then I say 'ME TOO.' 

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