Halftime: Browns 10, Ravens 7

The Browns interceptions of rookie Joe Flacco and the return to effectiveness of Jamal Lewis and Braylon Edwards highlight a first half for the Browns.

FIRST DRIVE (RAVENS): The Ravens thought they had a terrific kick return to start coming back, but a holding call put the ball back at the 22. After two runs pick up eight yards, Flacco goes long and Brandon McDonald grabs Mason to keep him from blasting all the way to the end zone. The five yard penalty gives the Ravens a first down at their own 35.

Flacco doesn't seem to be getting rattled by the blitz, which the Browns employ on second-and-eight at the Ravens 37. Flacco quickly flips the ball the Mason for ten yards.

Cam Cameron then gets tricky… Flacco flips to his running back, who laterals back to Flacco. The rookie then goes long and the Browns have it nailed all the way. Mike Adams picks the ball in the end zone and the Browns get it back on their twenty.

The Ravens rookie QB looks like he's going to be a good one, but two interceptions have given the Browns the momentum in the first half today. The rookie's odd stats at this point: 8-for-10, 83 yards, two picks.

SECOND DRIVE (BROWNS): The Browns second drive starts off badly. Anderson's first pass is incomplete, and then Hadnot false starts to create a second-and-fifteen. A two-yard run by Lewis makes it third-and-thirteen, where Seth McKinney false starts and makes it third-and-18. That's sort of a tough down and distance to make. Anderson is hit as he throws, and the pass bounces in the middle of nowhere. Zastudil shanks the punt and gives the Ravens the ball in Browns territory.

NOTE TO DZ: Don't expect 100+ gameballs this week.

THIRD DRIVE (RAVENS): After the 31-yard punt, the Ravens offense stalls as they start their next the drive. On third-and-ten, however, Flacco steps up in the pocket and hits Mason for 15 yards. McGahee follows up with an seven-yard run to the 20. McClain then rips through a huge hole on the left side (Shaun Smith got moved, badly) to the three to create a first-and-goal.

After an ill-advised quarterback sneak, Willis McGahee goes left tackle for five yards. He looked like he was bottled up, and then popped out to score the TD. On the downside, the Browns are tied. On the upside, I told Baltimore radio that the Browns had problems with exactly that.

Not much of an upside, actually. Hmmmph. BROWNS 7, RAVENS 7

FOURTH DRIVE (BROWNS): Harbaugh belongs to the Brian Billick Kick-to-Cribbs school of insane head coaching behavior, but it doesn't burn him as Cribbs takes it back just to the 24.

But then the Browns offense starts clicking like it did at times last year. Mixing passes to Braylon Edwards and Jamal Lewis, with running by Vickers and Lewis, the Browns power to a first down at the Ravens 33.

But then the passing game start struggling. Two straight incompletions to Steptoe and Lewis create a third-and-ten, but then Anderson finds Kellen Winslow right at the first-down marker. The Browns find themselves with a first down at the 23 yard line as the two minute warning sounds.

But then the drive stalls. Lewis gains four on first down, but Anderson's throw to Edwards is incomplete, and Anderson is then sacked by Trevor Pryce two yards back. Dawson nails the 38-yard field goal, and it's BROWNS 10, RAVENS 7

FIFTH DRIVE (RAVENS): Baltimore gets about a minute to try to mount some offense, and sputters. A nice run to the 30 (with a tackle by Cribbs again) gives the Ravens decent field position, but two incompletions and a false start penalty put the Ravens in a third-and-fifteen. The Browns blitz on third down and Flacco does a nice job with it, but Flacco's pass to Williams leaves the Ravens three yards short of the first down. To try to take advantage of the 41 seconds remaining, the Browns take timeout.

SIXTH DRIVE (BROWNS): Sam Koch wisely kicks the ball out of bounds, and keeps it out of Josh Cribbs' hands. The Browns start at their own 21. Jamal Lewis gets a little over nine yards on a first down delay to Lewis.

Dewan Landry, Ravens starting strong safety, is on the field after getting hit in the head by Jamal Lewis' leg on the last play. This saves the Browns' timeout, but there is a lot of concern on the field as Landry is carted off with his head and neck braced.

After play starts back up, Anderson is chased out of the pocket on second-and-one and throws the ball incomplete. Ravens DB, however, foolishly gets into it with (apparently) Winslow after the play and the Browns get fifteen yards to the 45 and a first down.

The Browns dodge a bullet when Ray Lewis blunders a possible interception, and the Browns have a third and ten at their 45. The pass to Winslow is batted away with nine seconds left. Zastudil backspins the punt to the Ravens four on the final play, and the Browns leave for the locker room up by three.

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