Third Quarter: The Wheels Come Off

The Browns are totally dominated in the third quarter as the Ravens zoom to a 28-10 lead...

The Browns start off the second half with the ball after deferring in the first half. Dewan Landry has movement in all of his extremities, and looks like he'll be alright.

FIRST DRIVE (BROWNS): Josh Cribbs runs the kick bad to the 30, but a holding call on Nick Sorenson gives Cleveland the ball on the ten. A quick toss to Edwards results in two yards and a dazed Samari Rolle. Lewis then makes something out of nothing after DA flips him the ball behind the line. On third-and-six from the gun, DA hits Winslow, but Ray Lewis stabinates him and the ball pops out. McAlister grabs it for the pick and runs it back to the 12.

SECOND DRIVE (RAVENS): McGahee runs twice and gets the ball inside the one-yard-line. After Flacco flubs a handoff and recovers, McLain runs it in and the Ravens take the lead. RAVENS 14, BROWNS 10

THIRD DRIVE (BROWNS): Cribbs can't get it going as he's dumped at the 18 on the kickoff return. A four-yard run by Jamal Lewis, an incomplete to Winslow, and Derek Anderson then fires a perfect strike to Ed Reed running full tilt. Reed picks it and runs 32 yards for a touchdown. Not. Good. RAVENS 21, BROWNS 10

Perhaps I shouldn't have written about the Browns "adding interceptions to the toolkit" after the second quarter. Oy veh.

Reaction in the OBR Chat Room isn't favorable.

FOURTH DRIVE (BROWNS): The Browns start at the 31 after a kick and re-kick. Two nice runs by Lewis nets a first down, but then the Browns get successive block-in-the-back and delay of game penalties which push the Browns into a second and thirteen at their own 28. Anderson then first an incompletion and it's third-and-thirteen in a noisy Ravens stadium.

Anderson drops and is sacked by DB Jim Leonhard for a loss of seven. So the Browns moved backwards ten yards on that drive, and now Zastudil is coming in to boot the ball.

FIFTH DRIVE (RAVENS): Leonhard sacks Anderson and then drops for the punt. He gets a nice runback past mid-field, and then gets an unnecessary roughness penalty on Adams.

The wheels, my friends, look like they're completely off at this point. Now we'll see what this team is really made of.

Ravens get a first-and-ten at their own 36 after this is all settled, and McGahee immediately tears off a ten yard run. Heap follows with a seventeen yard reception, where he stiff-arms Eric Wright onto his butt creating a first and goal at the eight. McGahee powers to the one-yard-line, and leaves after getting poked in the eye. D'Qwell Jackson stops Leron McLain on second down, but the big back powers it over the left side on third down. RAVENS 28, BROWNS 10

SIXTH DRIVE (BROWNS): The Browns return to the field playing a short game. Short pass to K2 for four. Short pass to Lewis for seven. They then go deep and Anderson misses Winslow. But Jason Wright gets a really nice hole on the right side between Hadnot and Shaffer and gets eleven getting them to the 44 of the Ravens.

But then Suggs blows through Shaffer like he wasn't there, and sacks Derek Anderson for a loss of eight. The second and long pass is batted down by Trevor Pryce and it's third and eighteen. Or what we call "interception time". Anderson is chased out of the pocket, but Ed Reed can't come up with the overthrown ball.

Derek Anderson's QB rating is 36.9 at this point.

SEVENTH DRIVE (RAVENS): The Ravens start at their own 13, and quickly get a first down with two runs by McLain as Shaun Smith is getting owned. A long incompletion to Clayton, and pressure on Flacco almost results in an interception by Corey Williams. He can't hold onto it, because this is the third quarter of the Ravens game and nothing is going right for Cleveland.

The third quarter ends with the Ravens having to punt and Romeo Crennel pondering whether he could get a nice lot for his retirement home in Florida.

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