Berea Report: Let the Controversy Begin

From Berea, Fred Greetham reports on possible changes at quarterback. Stay tuned to the OBR for the real scoop on what's happening as the Browns reel from their 0-3 start...

BEREA - The last thing the Browns wanted was a quarterback controversy.

However, an 0-3 start and a quarterback coming off a 22.9 rating and a three interception game will bring one on.

Romeo Crennel said no decision has been made whether Brady Quinn will replace Derek Anderson as the starting quarterback.

"That determination hasn't been made," Crennel said. "I've told (Quinn) he's one play away and the number of reps he gets in practice is not up to him, but the coaches."

Crennel did say that Quinn will get more reps in practice this week. He said the coaching staff will evaluate all positions, but did say that Quinn will get more snaps in practice than he has been getting.

"I think we have to look at all positions," he said. "We have to get the other guy ready. He'll probably get a few more reps in practice."

Crennel said the coaching staff will come up with a plan, but he didn't speculate what the odds were a change would be made.

"We're going to evaluate and then make a decision and then go with it," he said. "I can't put a percentage on it."

Quinn was in the locker room briefly and stayed away from the subject.

"Every week I have to be prepared," Quinn said.

He was asked what he's observed from the sidelines.

"We have a lot of things to work on," he said. "We have another week of preparation to get ready for."

Crennel was asked if he would wait another week to make any changes since the bye week is following the Bengals game.

"As we look at it and evaluate it, I don't think the bye will impact (decisions)," Crennel said. "I think you try to win the next game.

"The bye week gives us a chance to get some guys healthy," he said. "It will be better, with a win."

Crennel was asked if Quinn is like a rookie since he's only played eight plays in the regular season.

"He's had a year to prepare and that has helped him," Crennel said. "He's not totally a rookie, but he hasn't had much game experience."

Crennel didn't place all the blame on Anderson, but did say he has to correct some things.

"Several things have to happen," Crennel said. "We have to protect better, run better routes and he has to throw better.

"He made some bad decisions and some bad reads," Crennel said. "He's not supposed to throw the interception. He tried to look the safety off, but (Ed) Reed is a Pro Bowl player and he has a knack but for knowing the patterns."

Crennel was asked if he considered replacing Anderson with Quinn during the game.

"We felt that DA gave us the best chance."

Crennel defended Anderson, as to comparing his season from a year ago.

"Last year, he got every rep in practice," he said. "This year, he hasn't been able to do that. He doesn't have the receivers he had. The offensive line doesn't have as many people we had last year. That's the challenge of coaching in this league."

Would a change to Quinn be the answer?

"If we decided to go with (Quinn), we would have to go with what we've seen in practice," Crennel said. "There's no hard evidence that he would do better."

Crennel said it will come down to one question.

"This is where we are and we have to evaluate where we're at and we have to see who can give us the best chance to win."


Injury Update: Crennel only mentioned two players as being injured against the Ravens. LB Shante Orr took a hit to the head and suffered a mild concussion.

"It was mild, so he should be okay," Crennel said. "Also, Derek (Anderson) took a hit on the arm and has a bruise."

WR Donte Stallworth didn't shed much whether he would be ready to play against the Bengals.

"I really looked forward to starting fast," he said. "I can only work and continue to get better."

Crennel is hopeful to get Stallworth back this week.

"I hope he can because that will add to the package," he said. "That will give us some viable options."

Tucker Inactive: OL Ryan Tucker was listed as probable for the Ravens game but Crennel elected to make him inactive. With the injury to OL Eric Steinbach, some thought Tucker might start. However, OL Seth McKinney started in place of Steinbach.

"I chose to dress an extra defensive linemen," Crennel said.

Steinbach might return this week from a shoulder injury. Crennel said right now the team wasn't considered surgery on his shoulder.

"He's recovering and we haven't ruled him out for this week," Crennel said. "We'll see how his strength is."

Help on the Way?: Crennel said the Browns were bringing in some players today to work out as possible options.

"We've got some guys coming in to work out today," Crennel said. "But, I don't know if they're the answer or they wouldn't be on the street."

Crennel was asked if WR Joe Horn was one of them.

"Not today."

Team Misses Joe J: Crennel admitted the Browns miss WR Joe Jurevicius, especially with the injury of Stallworth.

"Joe brought a lot to the table in route running and leadership," he said. "He brought a lot to the table and we miss him."

Jurevicius caught many passes on third down last year for the Browns.



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