What We've Been Told

It's the day after, and the Browns are trying to figure out what went wrong and how to turn things around. Lane gets yet more EXCLUSIVE INFO on the team's thinking and critical changes which may be in the offing...

- Team owner Randy Lerner is very disappointed in the performance of the team to date. Lerner has once again been embarrassed as the team gained significant exposure around the league, and now is losing in non-competitive fashion. Many, if not all, of the upper-echelon Browns' brass are meeting early this week at the training facility in Berea.

- Injuries have been an issue for this Cleveland team coming out of the gate. Potential issues with depth at critical position was a known issue heading into the season, but the organization had hoped some of the young and inexperienced players could rise to the occasion. The injury excuse is just that, an excuse - and one which is no going to hold water much longer. And those words of wisdom come directly from the top of the organizational food-chain.

- While leading the team to an 0-3 record and coming off an embarrassing loss at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, head coach Romeo Crennel's job is not yet at stake - this week at least. Another convincing loss in Week Four to the Cincinnati Bengals may bring the veteran coach to the end of the line.

- The Browns have been active the day following the debacle in Baltimore. A few faces may show up at the Browns training facility, in hopes of earning a roster spot with the club.

- "Disappointment" is the least-harsh description possible of the thoughts relayed to us regarding to the effort and proficiency from a couple units on the roster. There is serious disappointment in the play of the QB and along the offensive line, as well as with the defensive line and linebackers.

- There was surprise internally as to how well the Baltimore offensive line handled the Browns defensive front seven. The lumbering Ravens linemen simply maneuvered the Browns where they wanted, pinched down and ultimately wore them down. The Baltimore line was simple and disciplined, and they led Shaun Rogers and ran away from or into his gap. The Ravens' linemen and tight end chipped defensive end Corey Williams while manning up Shaun Smith. This is the 3-4; linemen and linebackers in this scheme must respect gap responsibilities and gap integrity.

- Though the defensive linemen had their share of issues with the Baltimore offensive line, the play of the linebackers was poor. The inside linebackers did not flow to the gap and often entertained contact in the second level of defense, rather than shed the blocks. The inability to disengage is a consistent and discouraging issue with the Cleveland linebackers.

- The interior of the Cleveland offensive line has been below-average. The play of the guards and center have been highlighted as areas of concern, while the play at right tackle has been inconsistent. The interior of the line, however, is most worrisome, as defensive linemen are showing to be more physical and quicker to the spot.

- On Derek Anderson, it's this simple: making the incorrect reads, holding onto the ball too long and making poor throws all make for a long day - in the case of DA, it's been three weeks.

- It's only Monday, so the game-plan for the lowly Cincinnati Bengals has not been installed. Backup QB Brady Quinn will get more snaps in practice, but he has not been named the starter. Not openly or behind closed doors.

- As for WR Donte Stallworth (quad), he is expected to play against the Bengals.

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