What We've Been Told: Tuesday

Are the Browns interested in either of two former Browns coaches are available and have a track record of success? Lane has the scoop. Plus: Fights in the locker room?

- For those Bill Cowher followers - Cowher did not recently purchase a home in Strongsville, Ohio. I would fully expect team owner Randy Lerner to have the telephone number of the former Cleveland assistant and Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, however. 

- Former Browns, Chiefs, Redskins and Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer has not received a call from the Browns or afflilated party regarding the Browns head coaching position.

- Those Browns in the locker-room can be an emotional bunch. There was a radio report late last week of fighting in the locker-room, but we have heard it didn't escalate into the brawl some would have led you to believe. We do know that tempers have been on the rise within the Browns training facility in Berea, Ohio, with enough of these instances taking place to create a stir amongst the masses.

- As in the 2007 season, indications are the veteran leadership of the roster is stepping to the plate in hopes of changing the tides of an early season disaster in Cleveland. The finger-pointing has started within the ranks and it is escalating. An issue within the team is to take responsibility and play as a team - some individuals are believed being just that - individuals.

- When things go bad, people do some interesting things. QB Derek Anderson has played poorly to start the 2008 season. While the QB is not the lone reason for an 0-3 start, there has been a member of the offensive unit that has alluded to the QB being the primary issue due to his misfiring and misreads - more later on this development.

- While there are many different causes for the lack of success of this Cleveland team early in this season, a telltale sign is the way the opposition has defensed the team. In the 2007 season, the Cleveland offense was a threat down-field and the opposition had to respect the passing game. In the 2008 season, teams are walking into the box, challenging the QB to make the reads and make a play. Derek Anderson has been very inconsistent mentally and physically, and is slow in his decision-making.

- The Cleveland offensive line was strength of the team during the 2007 season. Thus far this year, however, the line-play has been average at best. The interior of the line is being pushed around, RT Kevin Shaffer could be charitably described as adequate, while LT Joe Thomas has played well, but not as well as his 2007 rookie season. The difference? The opposition is being more physical with the Browns at the point of attack, especially with the front-seven of the defense and attacking at the point consistently.

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