Berea Report: DA Still In The Cockpit

Fred reports from Browns' practice, where teammates are rallying around their embattled QB and - gasp! - could a couple of injured players be making their way back on the field?

Berea—The status quo remains!

For now, at least.

Romeo Crennel said that Derek Anderson will start Sunday against the Bengals, but Brady Quinn will ‘be ready.'

Whatever that may mean.

"The big topic today and this week is the quarterback decision," Crennel said. "We've decided Anderson is the starter and Quinn will be ready."

Crennel said he wasn't going to take any more questions about the situation.

Jim Brown hinted to the Plain Dealer that the Browns were leaning to starting Quinn, but the decision remained with Crennel.

"Jim has been speaking out ever since I've been here," Crennel said. "I sat down with Jim and he said the same thing. My decision is my decision."

Anderson is 43-of-93 for 405 yards with just two touchdowns and five interceptions through three games. He has a completion percentage of just 46.2 percent and a QB rating of 43.5.

Anderson said he has not lost his confidence.

"I've never doubted myself," Anderson said. "The guys are frustrated with the way we've played and expect more out of each other."

Anderson was asked what needs to be done.

"We have to do whatever it takes," he said. "We have to get better on our timing."

The players are confident that Anderson can turn it around.

"I didn't know any different (about a possible change)," Jamal Lewis said. "Derek's the quarterback and we have to get prepared to execute."

"It's what I expected," Braylon Edwards said. "Derek is our guy and we can't abandon him now.

"We're behind him 100 percent. We're going to work after practice and get things turned around."

Edwards said he's prepared to call Anderson at home, if need be, to make sure the pair is on the same page as they were in 2007.

"I think we're pressing," Edwards said. "I'm speaking for myself, but today is a new day and I'm practicing hard to do what they trust me to do."

"We know where we are going," Edwards said. "There are no more excuses. We need to get back to who we are."

Edwards said the team isn't getting caught up in the quarterback debate.

"All we can do is play," Edwards said. "We'll let Derek and Brady battle, but all we can do is play and it's up to Romeo."

Crennel said most of Quinn's time in practice is on the scout team.

"He's been running the show team in practice," Crennel said. "It's hard to evaluate him because he's running plays off of cards. Generally, he throws the ball good.

"The reps he's taken with the first unit, he's looked good."

Quinn, again, has taken a diplomatic approach when asked if he felt he could provide a spark to the lackluster offense.

"Nothing has changed for me," Quinn said. "My preparation stays the same.

"I think every quarterback would say they could give a spark. I think if you ask Ken Dorsey he would say the same thing."

Quinn said most of his practice time is spent on the scout team, but hadn't been told what number of reps he will get this week.

"I have no idea what reps I will get," Quinn said. "I get a few every day."

Quinn said he thinks coming in off the bench, rather than starting, is more a physical adjustment than a mental one.

"Coming from my experience last year, it was more of an adjustment physically," he said. "That might have been because it was cold. The San Francisco game was my only experience to draw from."

Quinn took eight snaps against the 49ers in the season finale and led the Browns on a field goal drive.


Jamal's Take: Despite a 0-3 start, RB Jamal Lewis thinks the Browns can turn things around.

"If I said we had no hope this is the NFL and there's always hope and you can always turn things around."

Injury Update: Crennel said the following six players wouldn't practice Wednesday: LB Kris Griffin (calf), DB Sean Jones (knee), LB Willie McGinest (groin), DL Shaun Rogers (shoulder), TE Martin Rucker (knee), and OL Eric Steinbach (shoulder). WR Braylon Edwards(shoulder) and WR Donte Stallworth (quad) will be limited, but are expected to practice.

Crennel is hopeful Stallworth will make his first contribution against the Bengals.

"We'll see what he can do and if he can make a contribution to the team."

Crennel said that Rogers is expected to be ready for Sunday's game.

"They say he should be available for the game."

Tucker's Role: Crennel is hoping that OL Ryan Tucker will be able to play this week. Crennel said he could've suited up last week, but didn't because of the shortage on the defensive line.

"The thing with Ryan is he practiced all week, but with my situation with the defensive line I felt we needed to dress six defensive linemen," Crennel said. "If Ryan can have another good week, that improves his chances. He did it for a solid week and then with the Steinbach situation, I could put him in if he's needed."

Crennel did say that he felt the Browns could run the ball better if Tucker plays.

"He's a physical football player so having him would help us up front," he said. "I think he would help us to run the ball better."

Wimbley's Woes: Crennel said he's not down on LB Kamerion Wimbley, despite the third year player having just nine tackles, one QB pressure and no sacks.

"We've been moving him around a bit and he's been on the right side, some times on the left side," Crennel said. "Other times, he hasn't been as effective.

"We need to get him back to putting pressure on the quarterback. He gives everything he has."

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