What We've Been Told

In times like theses, it's good to have someone in the know about what's happening in Berea. Lane Adkins has been a trusted voice since the team's return, and tells you the latest he's heard...

Some of what we've been hearing over the last day. Things are developing quickly, so stay tuned to the OBR for the straight scoop... 

- Despite pressure to win, Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel is not in immediate danger of losing his job. Crennel has not been given the dreaded vote of confidence or any other ultimatum by the upper management types in the Cleveland organization in the week following an embarrassing loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

- While the bye-week often appears as a logical time to make a change within a floundering organization, this logic may not be accepted in Cleveland. Sure, team owner Randy Lerner is upset with the way the 2008 season has started, but the ranks in Cleveland do not appear poised to make what may be a rash decision. Losing in embarrassing fashion to intrastate rival Cincinnati on Sunday could change this status, but for the time being all involved are playing it close to the vest - while believing the situation will work itself out.

- It's only midweek, but the days have been long inside the Berea training facility. The pressure of losing has set in, but while speculation stirs wildly about the team's next move, the head coach and players making the rounds has not made the pressure readily visible. The vast majority within the organization understand what is at stake this week, which is not just a game against the Bengals but a pivotal period for this 2008 team as it is constructed, as well as respect and dedication for the head coach and players.

- Head coach Romeo Crennel's naming of Derek Anderson as the starter speaks measures about the man. Crennel could easily succumb to the pressure and lay the issues at the feet of the QB, but he has not, which would have lost respect of the team in the lockerroom. While the belief within the roster is Brady Quinn would be fine if inserted into the lineup, the consensus belief is Anderson deserves an opportunity.

- Some within the organization were mildly surprised to read or hear the views of former Browns legend Jim Brown, while conducting an interview with an online Browns-based website. While Brown expressed his thoughts about the QB position and what was perceived to be the same as the organization - we have been told specifically that Brown was speaking only for himself and his beliefs do not necessarily map to those within the organization.

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