Berea Report: Pressure On Romeo

From Browns practice, Fred Greetham reports on the pressure which is mounting on Browns head coach Romeo Crennel, and the rest of the team. Here's the latest..

BEREA - Romeo Crennel said that the pressures of winning is on all coaches and he knows that's just part of the job. He said last year's 10 win season doesn't buy a coach a mulligan.

"We're not playing golf, we're playing football," he said. "When you see a coach win 14 games and get fired, you know that's a part of coaching."

Does he think injuries give a coach an excuse?

"Injuries hamstring all teams to a degree, but you can't use that as an excuse.

"Losing is hard any time," he said. "The coaching profession is tough and you always want to win. If you're not able to get out of losing, it makes it hard."

Braylon Edwards said he felt that he and several other players might be trying too hard, but Crennel doesn't think all of the players are pressing at 0-3.

"Sometimes, when guys are pressing, it makes it hard to perform, but I don't think every player is pressing."

Crennel was asked if he and Phil Savage are still on the same page and if there relationship has been strained with the 0-3 start.

"I have a good relationship with Phil," he said. "We talk every day about the team and what we can do best for the Browns."

Crennel said he knows people will second guess the decisions he makes, whether it be at quarterback or game decisions.

"There's nothing I can do about what people think," he said. "Every body has an opinion, but it doesn't mean it's always right."

Shaun Smith said he feels that Crennel still has the respect of the players.

"Romeo is Romeo," Smith said. "He gets his point across. It doesn't matter who the coach is, the players have to play."

Smith said it's up to the players to turn things around.

"We have to let our play do the talking," he said. "We have to try and get a ‘W' this week.

"We're still having fun," he said. "We don't make the schedule. The effort is still there and we're upbeat about the rest of the season."

Brodney Pool agreed.

"The other teams have outplayed us," he said. "We have to play better this week. They want to win and so do we.

"We're going to have to play harder to win."


Jones News: DB Sean Jones says he might be back "in a couple weeks" from his arthroscopic knee surgery. If he is able that would put him back for the Monday Night game at home on Oct. 13 against the Giants. Jones was in the locker room and upbeat about his recovery. He had surgery following the Cowboys game and was projected to be out about a month.

Injury Update: Four players will not practice Thursday meaning they most likely won't play: DB Sean Jones (knee),LB Willie McGinest (hamstring), TE Martin Rucker (knee), and OL Eric Steinbach (shoulder). LB Kris Griffin (calf) and DL Shaun Rogers (shoulder) will practice on a limited basis. WR Donte Stallworth (quad) is still limited, but has been doing more. WR Braylon Edwards (shoulder) showed progress.

Crennel thinks Griffin, Rogers, Stallworth and Edwards should be able to play against the Bengals.

"I'm hopeful, but we'll have to see how he progresses."

On Stallworth:

"He looks rusty," he said. "If he can do more today, we'll feel better about it."

The Return of Cribbs: Crennel said he thinks the special teams will become more of a factor as WR/KR Josh Cribbs gets more and more healthy.

"Josh has been hurt," he said. "When you talk about special teams, you talk about Josh Cribbs. I thought last game he started to show that his skills were coming back. That's the difference."

Crennel said the effort was there, but it takes time.

"He's trying to slam it in there, but he can't do the things he did last year," he said. "He made a couple of moves last week that showed he's coming back."

Ravens Accuse Browns: There has been reports that Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Browns players poked RB Willis McGahee in the eye on purpose in last week's game.

Crennel said he had heard nothing of the incident.

"I have no knowledge that my guys did anything to try and hurt him," Crennel said. "Helmets get knocked off frequently. I tell my team to play hard all the time and play within the rules."

Shaun Smith echoed Crennel's comments.

"Their coach said we were playing dirty," Smith said. "I didn't know anything about it."

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