Gameballs and Goats: INCOMING!!!

Derek Anderson joined Romeo Crennel under a big pile of goathorns. But it was a good week for Jerome "One touch" Harrison and Alex Hall. Here are this week's GBGs...

THE WEEK'S RESULTS: Everybody duck!! Incoming!! Lots of common themes in the write-ins this week.

Player Gameballs
Jerome Harrison 229
Alex Hall 124
Fans 101
D'Qwell Jackson 76
Jamal Lewis 56
Lawrence Vickers 39
Brodney Pool 38

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  Bill Cowher (5), NOBODY! (9), Joe Flacco (3), Cleveland fans who have had to put up with this garbage (6), The Raven Cheerleaders, Whomever becomes the new coach/GM, Me for still loving the Browns/watching this mess (6), Terrelle Pryor (2), The "OFF" button on the TV, Final Clock (2), Donovan + Dieken, Michael Reghi, Ed Hoculi (2), Dylan and Ian, Tina Fey's glasses on Governor Palin, My Daughter, Scott Player's Mustache, Art Modell, Crestwood Youth Football, Jim Beam, Gary Reents, John Taylor, My 11 old daughter who was dancing during the game who was making me laugh instead of being angry, My blood pressure, NFL Blackout rules, BroDawg, Jim Brown, Bernie Kosar, Brian Sipe, Otto Graham, Ed Hochuli's biceps, Ray Lewis, QB Depth, Brady Quinn Era.... Coming Soon (3), Delicious beer for allowing me to watch the 2nd half in a haze, Bernie Kosar's schnapps, The Right Upright for punking that Rat Stover,
me for watching that crap, Marty Schottenheimer, the waterboy


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson 442
Romeo Crennel 310
Braylon Edwards 96
All Coaches 58
Phil Savage 46
Rob Chudzinski 41
All Players 37

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: Me for watching the entire game, Sam Cowert, 0-3, William Green, Uncle Fart Modell, Boy Sherman and Pat Modell, The fans, for continuing to support this rubble, Everyone!!, The coin flip, because it happened, Entire Organization (6), NFL schedule makers for primetime status, Whoever thought it was a good idea to only give Harrison one touch..........again, Myself for letting myself think this year was going to be any different, Coguarddawg, The Cleveland Browns, Why didn't Romeo's father wear a "raincoat"?, DA's optometrist, Mickey McBride, Donte Stallworth's maxi-pads, Bruce Arians, My server at the Sports Bar, Right side of the o-line (2), Randy lerner for hiring these chucklehead coaches and admin. guys, The Football gods for cursing us, Joe Biden, Rich Passan, Professor Klump, Art Modell, Bob Irsay, Keith Obermann, 300 miles driven for that, Dante Stallworth's cleats, High Hopes for the Season, Art Model (just for being alive), RAC's parents, and next week it might be Robs parents too!, DAnchor, Cuckolds, Everyone from the state of Oregon, This season!, Trade Value on Derek Anderson, Rich Rodriguez, The Foreign Planet that Braylon Bobble Hands is on, All The Coaches and for Savage for giving an extension to Romeo for a fluke season, Romeo Crennels life it can't get much worse,
DA's sagacity - particularly with the uncanny ability to discern Browns receivers from Ravens defenders, God, Allah and Buddah for all making me watch this piece of shite

Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
iupuiguy82 I applaud Quinn for not wanting to be traded...And Harrison for doing what he can to get on the field...and of course the fans who paid valuable money for the Sunday ticket to watch our team lose AGAIN....
thejamdawg What Gameballs?
mrgrinch no gameballs for this sh*t
mtsames Losers get nothing. Zero, Zilch.
livedoctor Jon Harbaugh and his staff. For outsmarting the muppets on our coaching staff. Alex Hall had a solid first start.
goofboy No one deserves a gameball...
tpostdawg Bring in Lane Kiffin, call it tampering, I don't care.
jaydawg74 NOBODY deserves a gameball for this garbage
moony Top 5 draft pick, here we come!
rrmnlns Keep Savage. He is bringing in the talent and the coaching staff just isn't doing their job. Crennel is just not a head coach. Keep Crennel around as DC at best. Chud did a great job in the 1st 3/4 of the 07 season. Turn him loose to do what he knows best. Crennel is obviously holding him back and making him look bad. DA and company are great tallents and have played poorly. This is do to the play calling stemming from the head coach. Bring in Sam Cowert and we will start winning the big ones. Coachg Cowert is a Cleveland Brown at heart. He is the answer to our talented catastrophe.
marjax Anderson gets all 3 of my votes
appraiser Why Harrison doesn't play more...repeat next week.
dawgbacker26 Harrison - 1 play = TD = go back to the bench
Alex Hall - Good effort for your first start. Played well in my opinion
FANS - If you were able to keep that game on and watch the entire 4 qtrs, you deserve a gameball and a 5th of Crown!
mespaw AHHHH Where is the Ghost????? One touchdown and done. FIRE CRENNEL!!!!
brownsguy64 HDTV really shows how much we suck in stunning detail.
sipe17 this bullsh*t starts from the top, don't blame the players too much,
reverendvargo Reghi gets my vote because he's on 850 WKNR right now telling it how it is. He was going off on this team before the game and it hasn't stopped after the game.
chas dawg Jerome Harrison must get winded really easily because every time he runs 20+ yards he has to sit for an hour.
muskiedawg01 Any idea why Harrison doesn't play more?
vegasdan Josh is hurt, you can see it. He doesn't have that burst or 6th gear that he had. But, he gives it his all every play he's in. D'Qwell is the only D player going full speed every down and is around the ball more than anyone. Phil is the only consistant weapon we have.
sfratian Zasstidil gets my main vote as he was the only one moving the abll down field. Quinn gets my second vote as he just had to stand on the sideline and think to himself that his time is coming. And the fans get my final vote for having to put up with this B.S.
idrthrbncleve Because at halftime I bet everyone that Jerome Harrison wouldn't touch the ball again after the TD, and he didn't (nobody would take the bet).
mfabrams No one deserves a gameball for this lame duck performance. I believe it may be time to see Brady Quinn in the driver's seat.
montanadawg Harrison needs to get his hands on the ball - I just don't understand what is going on in RAC's head...
patriotsadmin Anyone who paid to watch this team deserves a game ball. the radio crew also gets one because of their patience at watching horrible football
playbrowns Harrison and Jackson made some plays.

Bill Cowher needs to come save us.
predator94warrior harrison needs much more opportunity, what else does he have to do, come on.
lr44k Feel D'Qwell had his best game as a Brown. Lawerance Vickers also started very strong. Jerome Harrison can't do to much on the bench. But boy when he gets in he looks pretty dam good. Not asking to feature him. MIX IT UP A LITTLE WILL YA!!!!
gbeachy50310 No gameballs for this travesty.
retchless24b2 Not a single damn player.
czarayn Gameballs? You must be kiddng!
coguarddawg For making me take her to Busch Gardens and DVR the game to watch later. I spent a great day with her and came home to the disgust of my wife and son. "Don't bother watching" they told me cuz we suck. Thank you honey! For three hours not wasted.
dawgonit0207 I am sick and tired of wasting my time and money on this team.
apvic Jamal does not look hurt to me. He ran with authority.. he came to play. McDonald is one tough little sh*t. He took out the lead blocker on that sweep with a vengeance. he should be coaching the other db's + lb's. Cribbs was Cribbs again. all out effort. A good pass is a td for him.. Did I mention Anderson sucks?
jab I don't know if anyone deserves a gameball 28-10 to a Joe Flacco led offense. RC must Go we are the most underachieving team in the NFL
bobbymo At least we know we'll have a competent coach next season.
clevelandfan Jerome Harrison - The lone bright spot from the game.
Brady Quinn - At least he didn't throw an INT...its time to get Brady in, and sit DA on the bench.
section 527 dawg Thanks to CYF for allowing me to not be able to watch that *#^&$*# abortion yesterday.
chidawg Harrison - why he doesn't get more PT & touches completely baffles me;
Hall - finally someone understands what it means to get to the QB;
Pool - he seemed to be in on every tackle that was not a sack by Hall;
gammadawg One play, one TD...bench????????????
runner27 Harrison needs more playing time.
dawgnuts1 Brady Quinn gets all 3 of my gameballs this week, just as a symbolic nose-thumbing toward Anderson. make the change. Pathetic. Not to mention, no one else deserves to be within 10 miles of a gameball this season.
bsuhands88 Harrison gets my gameball, because he was the only playmaker on the field yesterday for the Browns! Unfortunately, he only touched the ball once and that is why we laid a goose egg in the second half. Nothing against Jamal, because he isn't getting a realistic chance without a passing threat but Harrison should get more touches.
sorrydawg GREAT least the fans knew you could do it.
dixiedawg Pathetic
irishmutt for putting up with this crap for too many years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
64superfan Maybe Jamal Lewis should be given a salary increase and given the play calling duties. Chud seems to have forgotten how to do it!
mythrand For calling it last January
naxos Jerome Harrison need more touches.
djw333 I would give a gameball to Jerome Harrison for looking good the one time he touched the ball, but in reality no one on the team deserves one.
dawgdc First let me say that I think Alex Hall had a great game yesterday no matter what and how people think he will turn out....he stopped a 260lb running back head on on the goal line on one play, had 5 other tackles and a sack no matter if it was a coverage sack or not. For a 7th round pick whose a rookie that to me is outstanding period. DQ had a good game....Jerome "1 play" Harrison could be utilized so much better than he already is, but what the hell do I know about football huh?
sawthewarin64 JLew just keeps on pluggin' away, I hope he never gives up like the rest of the losers on this team
direwolfpdx Only the fans for putting up with this team week in and week out
manoafats Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?? or have already been runover by the train??
mckbuckeye Lewis ran hard despite injury and tough opposition. The fans (who seem to no more about football than the current staff) who have to put up with the crap that we are seeing.
theotherjeffreylebowski Taylor gets a gameball for his spot-on article
hockeyman88 He tried to keep us in it, Flacco tried. DA was just better at giving the game away.
80sboy Who would want an albatross of a gameball around their necks this week?
buckeyeindenver Jamal ran hard and deserves a game ball for calling out the crummy play calling, if for no other reason. Nobody else on this team or in this organization gets a game ball. Only us long-suffering fans who have to sit through yet another embarrassment of a season do.
browndawg The Cleveland Browns Fans GET a Game BALL!! no one on the TEAM!!! THIS HAS NO (HEART) it time for (QUINN) to save are Season? if in not to (LATE)
docramos Harrison does good things everytime he touches the ball. Anyone remember Keenan McCardell got to play for 2 games and scored 6 tds benched when Michael Jackson got healthy.
atldawg725 This is tougher every week!
sincedayone DA should get a game ball from the Ratbirds!
azbrowns Brady Quinn gets a game ball for being a humble human being while the idiots that run this team refuse to let the kid play.
thehollismaniac Harrison made a great play on the screen for a TD. GET HIM THE DAMN BALL MORE! Lewis ran well, GET HIM THE DAMN BALL MORE! Alex Hall made the best play this defense has made probably all season.
browniefanman Though not a pro-bowler, it looked like Mike Adams was out there trying to get something positive done.
drbomb Who is worse - Klump or Savage? Who cares - fire both of them! Joe Thomas and Cribbs are the only 2 players on the roster worth building a team around. 1 more week of Klump and then he'll be gone!
bryank Congrats to Alex Hall for actually showing effort and getting a sack. Vote for Quinn, since he didn't throw any picks.
skat007 Alex Hall was a 7th round steal. Proof? How many 7th rounders ever collect a sack in a regular season NFL game? He's pretty disruptive, very athletic, and he seems like he could be a nice pick.
D'Qwell Jackson takes a lot of abuse, but in this game he was making a lot of plays at or even behind the line of scrimmage (despite less than stellar d-line play) and he had an interception.
Jerome Harrison does something positive every time he touches the ball. Too bad Romeo and Chud aren't smart enough to let him touch it more than once a game.
spicydeigo There is no gameballs, too upset to think if there was anything positive about that game.
dawghowl Jerome Harrison: the only bright spot of the game, unfortunately our coaching staff is too idiotic to play him more. I dont remember seeing him in the game after the nice TD he had.
ndegrands The fans for being devoted fans.
bomeister Harrison only makes plays, and did so last year too, yet he is dissed week in a out by the coaching staff,...."hard evidence' shows he's a player RAC...worried about blitz what was that on Sunday with the Ratbirds???
clevelandcraig __________ please fill it in with something good.
shrooney Why so little Jerome... oh that's right, he makes plays! Cheers to the B'more crowd for being good hosts.
adogbtown Jamal is right. The Browns should have run him more, especially considering the alternative (DA throwing to the opposition). McDonald & Hall were youngsters who stood out on defense.
saminc Weak effort overall but some glimpses of good play from these guys.
bowwowwowyippyyoyippyyay Thank God for QB Depth. Without it, this season could really take a turn for the worse on any play.
depardo I usually do not vote, but these three stuck out for me watching this fiasco of a game of which I might have to put my season tickets on eBay and stop watching this woeful excuse of a PROFESSIONAL(???) football team.
Winslow always seems ready to play (his stats don't show what he tried to do on the field IF we had someone to throw to him and possibly have someone else on the field who could actually catch the ball! (Hello Edwards & Dainty), Pool is showing me something (he may have the above's actual desire to perform regardless of what the rest of the team does), and Alex Hall makes me think Savage does know how to evaluate talent.
mdoogal Nothing Positive to Say
smithlel Nobody else but Jamal deserves much of anything.
brownsclown Brady did a great job protecting the ball, no turnovers and hit josh Cribbs in stride on the fly patterrr....oh thats right. Alex Hall played hard a looks like he may be one answer. Tha fans of the Ravens loved watching thier team crush the Browns, as they should have.
clevthom more Harrison
more Hall
and Lewis continues to show fire & heart
deathbyeagle Brady Quinn time....DA looks lost like Charlie Frye did against Pittsburgh.
toad If it weren't for DA's INT's, the defense has played decently enough to win.
casper44 NADA!!!!!
taipeidawg One for Jerome. He didn't play much but at least when he did he put points on the board. Lewis and Vickers showed effort but.....
One for the fans for suffering through this season so far.
sg2431 Alex Hall is the only Cleveland player deserving of a gameball, IMHO.
He as relentless on the sack of Flacco.
Wish some of the other players had that type of drive and desire.
But then again, playing for a statue like Crennel, I can see where some players are not motivated.
mtsames Jamal Lewis for giving Landry a free ride on the meat wagon. What the Hell put him in on Defense can't hurt with the pussies the D is using now.
dawgpoundr This team needs 53 Ryan Pontbriand's. There's a guy who's not f*&#ing up everytime he walks onto the field.
vintage74 No Gameballs. Pack your sh*t Romeo.
willy15 Playmakers, current that is, should be playing. Jerome Harrison is and showed it in the one play I believe he played. Why is he on the bench??? Alex Hall is starting to show his talent. At least D'Quell was awake enough to make an interception. Defense was OK until they tired out. That was the Offense's fault always going 3 and out.
jerseybrownfan 3 Votes for the Fans for having to put up with a team like this Bumbling Browns Football Team.
gregtng Gameball to every Browns fan who actually watched this game until the end.
phelix17 No game balls given out to anyone
cheesedog Harrison for scoring the only time they gave him the ball.
worthbuck12 nobody deserves a gameball after starting 0-3 and being down 0-2 in the division
chefeman17 harrison-1 touch 1 td, i still dont get why he doesnt get the ball more, pool made more plays today then any game before, fans for putting up with this sh*t
ukdawg Says it all when you give a kicker a gameball just for kicking 1FG and 1XP.
fanofbrwns I finally enjoyed watching our defense play, maybe it was because our offense was so repugnant!
froggy60 Jerome makes the most of his playing time. Give him more....
D'Qwell is quickly starting to make an impact.
Joe did a very nice job against quality players and continues to improve as one of the best LT in the game today.
tdh48 What a waste of talent.
mistofdeath Again we're the mistake by the lake.I have been a Browns fan since 78 never missed a game,But this is just too much.
shrew Jamal Lewis had a decent game in an otherwise, mostly poor offensive effort. It will be nice to see him run when/if the offense begins to click again. Vickers also played well.


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
iupuiguy82 Wow are we really going to go 0-for bye?? When will Lerner step up and take control of this team...Is the 3-4 a dying defense?? Wk 5 may bring these answers....
thejamdawg I have never been a fan of Romeo and he is being exposed as a fraud more than ever. HIRE BILL COWHER NOW!
mrgrinch RAC shouldn't even be allowed on the plane going back. make him drive himself... which means he'll probably end up somewhere in Georgia
brownsbacker This team is done, turn off the microwave!
mtsames What a disgrace. A bunch of overpaid pussies.The Defense is so bad they make a rookie QB look all-pro. Still cannot stop the run , still cannot cover on 3rd down. No pressure on the QB. They will be 0-4 after next week. Don't these babies get tired of being the highlight film for other teams.
livedoctor Once again this isn't an ability problem. It is coaching and our current quarterback. DA, dating back to last season, has only played well in 4 games. Shaun Smith also sucked...Why did we stop blitzing???
palmer19 pathetic effort by all.
goofboy An astounding level of Suckatude, nice that I don't care nearly as much anymore. The unit that really got me this week was the LBs, how the hell can you run a 3-4 with such a soft group?
tpostdawg Anderson appears to be a one year wonder, will Brady be any better.
jaydawg74 my goat horns go to Crennel, the o-line, and all players... the wheels are falling off.
moony Season over.
rrmnlns For not being our head coach...
marjax Harrison had an amazing TD run, Jackson had a nice INT and played solid, and I got to commend Alex Hall for holding his own in his first start.
caryncbrownsbacker Lerner gets goathorns for not having the SACK to fire his incompetent head coach
appraiser Savage gets a horn for not bringing in a wide receiver. Crennel gets one for again not having the team up and ready to play. Anderson just simply sucked, again.
No heart! No desire! 9 minutes at the end of the game the ravens shove the ball down your throat. Like that taste?
dawgbacker26 This area should be called GOATBALLS rather than GOATHORNS. GOATBALLS is a rather more direct description of this team, the coaching staff, and the owner!
mespaw Please tell me why we can't give multiple goathorns to Derek. He needs benched worse than ANY other quarterback in the league.
dirtydave98 When is this team going to come to play? RAC's ass should be feeling the heat after 3 piss poor games.
speedguy2132 Browns picked William Green ahead of Ed Reed - solid move
three sewers gone This team has mailed it in wk 3. Can the NFL boot us off Monday Night Football?
fair hooker DA's Last 10 games: 177 of 328 1960 yds 15 sacks 11 TDs 15 Ints. Comp.% 53.96 YPA 5.97 QB RATING 64.07
fladawg1 Defensively this team just lacks intensity. Schemes are ridiculous. Offensively is Chud sill here? Talent, Phil Savage brought them here, and seems to have missed something. Randy Lerner please get involved and vocal.
jtzhills123 Crennel has to go -- NOW!!!! This team is certainly not ready to play football -- period!!! I am a 50+ year Browns fan and have never been more disgusted with their performance!! Even the lean years of the mid 70s weren't this bad!!!! It is embarrassing!!!!!
rainesghost A bus driver took the wrong way to the OSU game, and someone asked Woody Hayes why he didn;t yell at the driver- Woody replied: 'if you want to see me yell, just wait till I get ahold of the guy who hired him". Who hired this group?
chas dawg It's hard to believe six months ago the Browns could have gotten two high draft picks for Derek Anderson. I think I just threw up in my mouth when I thought about that.
salemdog We must be saving Harrison for the prom. Romeo must go.
bitcheswaveyellowtowels Phil savage gets a goat ever week that RAC has a job.
rutger Romeo gets them all, one for the way he prepares this team to play, one for his total lack of any and all in game adjustments and one for leaving Anderson in the game.. And also a write in for not bringing Harrison back onto the field other than in kick coverage after the first quarter.. I'd have fired him after the opener last year and would have fired him after the opener this year.. But that's just me a Browns fan since '58 and I'm really getting sick of this kind of sh*t..
muskiedawg01 Crennel has to go. This is ugly.
vegasdan Romeo can't motivate. There is no discipline on this team. Chud's schemes are too simplistic and the playcalling absolutely predictable. Tucker's D can't stop EITHER the run or pass. Even Grantham's defense was better...
sfratian Anderson gets two votes for how bad he is! I don't want to hear excuses that 6 starters were out. This is the NFL, so learn to deal with it and play like a man. Romeo gets a vote for all his bad play calling, clock management, and not sitting the clown of a QB, Anderson, down and playing Quinn was the game started to go down hill.
naplesrbr Randy, this is not good business!!!
bohns75 All of them should go play and coach in the Canadian Football League.
ardenny Inept, incompetent, insipid, indolent. Intolerable and inexcusable. Fire Crennel NOW.
mfabrams Derek - Were you throwing to your teammates?? It looks like you still believe your a Raven. Maybe they should consider making this happen.
RAC - Get your bucket list and get ready to hit the road.
All Coaches - Your team looks unprepared and without spirit at times. Adjusting from last year to this year is a given and at times it doesn't look as if adjustments have been considered. Terrible Performance!
outlawjessej In the spirit of referee Ed Hochuli, I think the Browns entire organization should issue an apology to their fans for blowing this season, thus far.
redright Romeo Crennel: this is a very badly coached team.
alaskanbrownsfan Fatman needs to be gone...given soooo much talent and yet we cannot win
fillyasc Consider this an extra vote for Derek Anderson.
ernielogo Dump Romeo now. DA's career record now stands at 10-11, with a qb rating of 74.4. Couch was better with less weapons.
dawg317 Let's start the chant....ROMEO MUST GO!
losi4 Romeo Crennel is the worst head coach in the NFL since Chris Palmer.
patriotsadmin Caoching staff has handicapped this team. Time for Brady Quinn. See ya DA...
playbrowns What a joke.
rambodawg need lots more goathorns
predator94warrior looks like were gonna tank half the season before quinn sniffs the field,da sucks, stallworth is dead to me,3 weeks for a minor injury brings his manhood into question, he should have played another sport, like checkers or bocci, he sucks on ice, what a worthless puss. romeo, play quinn and ghost and get the hell out of the way already.
lr44k players and coaches are not mentally prepared.DA has major accuracy issues. DA had plenty of time and missed on almost every opportunity. How many times do we need to watch him do the same thing-MISS! Maybe Quinn should get a chance or you worried about DA's psyche. Think about the few million fans psyche. I"d bet any other team would play Jerome Harrison. Coaches, we need to change something. We might find ourselves 0-16.Putting the game in DA's hands is just not going to work.
gbeachy50310 3 goats for Romeo. You really crushed my soul today, old man. How is it even humanly possible for this team of fairly reasonable talent to be this ill-prepared?
snagdawg When will we establish the run ??? Jamal averaged 4.5 yds per carry but only carried the ball 12 times. And when is Jerome Harrison going to play ?? Didn't Romeo say he would see more action this week ?? I expected more than one touch, it's a good thing he made the best of the one opportuity he got. Nine penaltites again, there's no discipline from Romeo on down. Romeo's had his shot for four years let's get Cowher in here as soon as possible !!! Oh yeah, and bring Brady in and see what he can do, can he be worse than Anderson ??
tdog77 Team looks like 07 was a fluke and we are keeping track where we left off in 06. If we can't beat the Ravens, the rest of our schedule leaves little chance of a potential win.
tony4228 Seriously remember when this line was good??? Now all 5 guys on the line are getting beat on every play for 3 weeks in a row. Pathetic
brownbill We need a coach............I will not watch any more this season as I simply can not take it any more. Lerner, if you want me to watch, then get a real coach. Nice guys are not necessariy good coaches. Dump him now, and get Cowher, then it'll be worth watching
retchless24b2 Derek Anderson- because he's not any good.
Romeo Crennel- at least look like you care a little bit that you are getting totally dominated.
Brady Quinn- for not sprinting past DA to get to the huddle before him after the INT TD.
czarayn Again I say: the fish rots from the head. Get rid of Crennel and his moribund coaching staff; and get rid of Savage as well. Better yet, we should just stop supporting the Browns. Maybe no faces in the stands, no team gear sold, no words - good or bad - in print, will show our absolute disdain for this team and its appalling coaching staff which is no longer the laughing stock of the NFL, but a humiliation to the sport of football.
coguarddawg I give myself the horns for drinking the electric kool-aid. Putting on the rose colored glasses and thinking we might be something baaah baaah special. Baaaaah baaah gotta baaah go.
dawgonit0207 Enough is enough. Randy, this is your team and the buck stops on your desk! RAC sucks. It's time for a change!
apvic I hope Sunday Anderson is back where he belongs, charting plays. enough said !! Braylon is a pain in the ass this season. i hope he turns it around. Does not seem to be the same effort. I'm not sure what wright has been told to do on defense but try to break up a
pass. oh yeah that first td was all on you. pathetic tackling performance.
rambodawg excrement
lynxis 3 more votes for Romeo. Thats 6 in two weeks you incompetent sack of sh$t. GO AWAY!!
13anneduser I believe Stallworth was sent here to covertly destroy our passing attack. He told Braylon that running without shoes would make him faster. Then he had him where he wanted him.
yardman9 Remember how we wanted Randy to extend the contracts of RAC, JL, DA, etc. after last season. We wanted it, they got it, and now everyone is back to pre-2007 production. Shame on us, shame on them.
delwork7 I can't stand another game of DA's status quo.
clevelandfan RAC - yikes, he looks like a deer in headlights, just standing there looking as he's about to get hit.
Entire O - very deflated, things need to change.
Entire D - ugh.
optidawg I've seen Pop Warner coaches who were better at game preparation, player decisions, clock management and game time adjustments than Crennel. The personnel is better than the record...only solution is Crennel needs to go to the house.
hounddog409 DA is not good.
keysdawg Absolutely Embarrassing......
section 527 dawg It all starts at the top. Randy Lerner needs to get some people in place that know what the F**K they are doing or sell this team. If Romeo/Savage go, they will usher in a FOURTH regime in 10-11 years. If you are THIS inept for THIS long, it all starts at the top. The ownership in Detroit, New Orleans, Arizona, Cleveland are ALL completely clueless. Any wonder why none of them have ever been to a Super Bowl ni 43 years?
chidawg Crennel - even if he did not make the choices to keep JH & BQ on the bench from the mid-3rd qtr on, he should have dictated a change. Anderson - while I have always thought the team believed deep down that BQ would be the better QB in the long run, I did not expect Anderson to be THIS bad; On some of the pass plays in the 3rd & 4th qtrs I could have sworn that Frye sneaked into Anderson's jersey. Hadnot - I didn't realize that OL depth meant taking a step back onto the QB's foot. NOTE: If Chud ultimately made the decision to keep JH & BQ on the bench without Crennel tying his hands, he goes to the top of this list.
gammadawg Romeo, oh Romeo...Where for art thou, oh Romeo Get your head out of your ass!
pumawolfe Mickey McBride sold the Browns in 1953. I have been sneaking Browns' statistics and news storys into my company's super computer for years. After the Ravens' game data was input yesterday I finally ran an analysis. Yesterday's loss is a direct result of Mickey McBride selling the team. I'll do another run after next week's loss. Supercomputer currently gives us a 27% chance for a winless season.
dawgnuts1 DA - time to go young man, thanks for a few great games, but you've been figured out; RAC - total embarassment as a so called "leader", once again this team was no where near ready to play. You sir must go immediately if there is any hope of salvaging this team for next season; Mike Adams - a stupid penalty is bad enough, but then after the game, a game in which we got our f**king pants ripped down, you're laughing and buddying up to the vile Ratbirds. Aparrently getting molested for 4 quarters doesn't even bother you. it would be nice if these spoiled, overpayed a**holes would care about winning as much as we do as fans. i'm tired of sacrificing every sunday to these sh*theads.
hoopsdowntown12 Disappointed in Anderson. He doesn't look anything like he did last year, however, his recievers and backs aren't giving him any help. The absence of Stallworth, Steinbach, Tucker, and Joe was very apparent.
sorrydawg Hey Randy, if MBNA was ever shown up this bad by their competitors, how long would your staff survive?
dixiedawg Pathetic
irishmutt is this team a professional football team or just talk?????????????????????????????
64superfan Thanks to our wonderful "quarterback", our defense spent over THIRTEEN MINUTES on the field in the 4th quarter! I say kill several birds with one stone: trade DA to desperate Kansas City for a (high) 2009 2nd rounder. Then trade the loser Big Mouth Braylon back to his beloved Detroit for yet another (high) 2009 2nd rounder. That would give the Browns a high 2009 1st round pick, bolstered by THREE high 2nd rounders. Use those to get some REAL linebackers and DBs, then win the Baltimore way -- defense, defense, and more defense.
mythrand Don't just cut his ass Banish his ass
naxos DA needs to get more than one goat. My gosh is he horrible. Why we didn't try to move him off season is anyones guess. RAC needs to go to for that matter as well. Unmotivated and overmatched, he is not a head coach.
djw333 Putrid, pitiful, disgusting.
grouse time to ring the "Batphone" and call Cower
tromick1 For the love of God, please sit DA and let us see what Quinn can do. This is the most wretched QB play I've seen in a long time, Quinn can't do any worse, right? Hell, he may even complete 50% of his passes and only throw 1 int a game! Eureka!
dawgdc Romeo and Derek are really getting on my nerves as coach and player....After the first tipped interception Charlie bad Derek Anderson got played like a russian fiddle by Ed Reed who put them up by 11, and the next posession then turned a second and 2 into a 3rd and 13 because he was shell shocked....Bring me in some players who want to play football please!!! Rex and Seth stay home please what the hell was that. Andra Davis's contract can't expire fast enough for me....then we have the greatest WR in Michigan History who can't catch a cold right now and he needs to be inactive for a couple games to get his mind right period...
sawthewarin64 Edwards... are you ever gonna come to play this year??? Now you're slowin' down coming out your routes too? 'Fraid of gettin' 'jacked up' or that you may actually make a play??? Typical AH receiver that school up north continues to try and push on the NFL
sawthewarin64 DA... back to Triple A dude. They got a book on you now and you are not adjusting. When are we going to see all those performance improvements you talked about? Same with you Chud, your book is out and the DC's have read it cover to cover. Is it Brady time? Feels like the hype machine is warming up quickly!!!
direwolfpdx RAC - you're HC days are numbered. 3 years of on the job training should be enough, but you seem to need more. Chud - offensive lack of production is on you...not enough Harrison, Hieden, or Cribbs.
Randy - your team stinks and will be the laughing stock of the NFL for 4 more primetime games this year - CONGRATS!
manoafats High expectations..piss poor results and would get better until changes are made
sales2 Try not to break your fingers on the clip board for the rest of your career!
confuseddog the best quote that describes the goathorns from Sunday:
DA=dumbass~John Taylor's wife
mckbuckeye If Phil can't see it's time for a change, he may be on the list next week!
r22weiss Yikes, the whole team was not ready to play in the 2nd half.
sindustmark i think Daisher will be the HC by week 6
hockeyman88 Should it really take a halh-hour to get 2 waters?
80sboy Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!
buckeyeindenver Anderson is flat-out awful. He was a one-year wonder who was only good for a few games that year, and he made it to the Pro Bowl by shredding terrible teams' terrible defenses. The Browns should have traded him in the off season when his value was at its peak, because he will have zero trade value after this year. Get Brady in there this week and start building for 2009 (how depressing is that to say after week 3?).

Crennel is even worst than Anderson. He's a classy guy and a good person, but he just isn't head coach material. What was up with that passive defensive game plan? Just rushing 3 or 4 against a rookie making his second start is inexcusable. If they would have blitzed the hell out of Flacco, he might have been the QB making the game-changing mistakes instead of Anderson. I'd call for his head, but I know he'll be gone by the end of the season if not sooner.

Eric Wright has regressed so much it's scary. If he was exposed so badly by the Rats' mediocre receiving corps, what's going to happen in the next 2 games when he has to match up with T.J. or Plaxico? Instead of crowding those receivers and forcing Flacco into rookie mistakes, he was giving up huge cushions and letting Flacco have easy completions.

And I wish I could vote for more than 3, because everybody in this organization should be embarrassed by the team they're fielding this year. Enjoy those 5 prime-time game, fellas. I foresee one humiliation after another.
browndawg Derek I cook the Cleveland BROWNS to the BANK ANDERSON soon to be on the (BENCH) and on other team.
lurp2k Phil gets a goathorn for not getting something in the offseason for DA while we still could.
muskiebuck I have been a Browns fan since 1958-Jim Brown's second season-when I was a little kid. From time to time I have also been a season ticket holder. But no more-I am not even going to turn on the TV when this pathetic excuse for the Browns-I think they are changelings (switched by that hobgoblin Art Modell) really, not FB players-is playing. Watching them play in recent years has finally destroyed by 50 year old fanship. Frankly speaking changing the oil in my car would be more fun.
docramos Braylon needs stickum and Anderson needs to sit. Let BQ play.
xbryanx we are epic fail
atldawg725 Bill Cowher, are you busy for the next 14 weeks?
azbrowns Can I give Anderson three goat-horn votes?
thehollismaniac They lost their composure for 8 minutes or so and got destroyed because of it. Chud needed to call more screens to counter the Raven pass rush. Poor special teams play- a shank by Super Dave and the big return/ bonehead penalty by Mike Adams where the ref completely missed the Raven defender all in his grill.
browniefanman RAC and Anderson need to find new homes. If Lerner doesn't move them on their merry way, he might as well sell the team and go somewhere also.
dchard at least this week i only gave 2 of my goats picks to romeo
slug69 For his misjudgement in DA.

Thank God you're Insiders not "Experts"
drbomb This whole team sucks. If I end up in hell Satan will have this game TIVO'ed for my continuos viewing. Also, somebody should make Ed Hochuli pee in a cup.
alamodawg1 Please let the fat lady sing a swan song on Romeo this we cannot afford to wait until the bye week! Romeo must go NOW!
bryank DA looks totally lost, I just do not see a reason to keep him in there. Andra Davis continually gets blow off the line and only makes tackles downfield. Romeo simply must go. He never has this team ready to play, they have no emotion and get out-game planned each week.
perrysburgguy Phil Savage, Phil Savage
skat007 Derek Anderson is too obvious a choice - but it is impossible to be more deserving of goathorns. That was the worst performance I've seen from a Browns QB not named Doug Pedersen, Spurgeon Wynn, or Todd Philcox (the way-back machine is up and running on that reference).
I've gotta give Kamerion Wimbley goathorns because I did not hear his name get called even one time today. This guy needs to grow a pair and start making some plays instead of just getting pushed all over the field.
Romeo Crennel at least finds new ways to show his unsurpassed level of incompetence as an NFL head coach each week. This week's display of rampant and uncontrolled stupidity: leaving a beaten, unfocused, out of rhythm, worthless piece of crap in at quarterback the entire second half when everyone watching could see that he had lost it after the pick six.
mulekicker3 Did Harrison get in trouble for scoring? Is he making the coaches look bad for not playing him?
spicydeigo I am giving myself a goathorn, for not only drinking the kool aid but I helped make it, by talking smack all offseason. Boy, do I feel stupid.
This team really choked, we have 5 wins at best. Sorry DA, thanks for last season but you really took steps backwards. I think we will see Quinn after the bye week.
dawghowl Crennel has no business being a head coach, he never has the team ready to play and they look like a disorganized mess on the sidelines.

Derek Anderson: sick of him overthrowing and throwing behind wide open recievers. The nfl has caught up to him and he has not adjusted to it. Time for him to take a seat on the bench.

Entire offense quit in the second half and just rolled over for the ravens, thats just unexceptable to me.
ndegrands The owner for not taking ownership. The GM for not being able to see that the Head Coach can't understand what he is seeing. The Head Coach for being inept. Pretty simple.
killivt03 Braylon hasn't been the same.
billybongwater Nothing quite like the let down the Browns have given this year. Three games, three abysmal performances. Something needs to get better, or something needs to change.
bomeister pathetic, they have thrown in the towel and now the fans should with their wallets, nothing will change without the money message to Mr Soccer Billionaire
shrooney Was last season just a dream? Three games and zilch on offense, zilch in the win column, was is being a Browns fan so damn hard!?!?!
footballwave Why doesn't Jerome "the Ghost" Harrison get on the field more, if not to get the ball, at least to act as a decoy? His speed and quickness cannot be defended by a linebacker.
adogbtown 3 goats simply isn't enough in this case. However, DA, RAC, and Wimbley- the great disappearing #1 draft pick- deserve special mention for their ineptitude.
saminc Extremely weak effort from the offense. Jamal Lewis, however, had over 4.5 yards a carry. Gotta get him 15 carries in the first half alone - not 12 for the game. RAC shows no ability to adjust at halftime. Hasn't ever done that in 4 years. The team either starts slowly or fails after helftime. He's getting outcoached & outmotivated every week.
yomptondawg I voted all three times for Derek Anderson, and wrote him in as well...Watching that pass where he stared down Kellen reminded me of Kelly Holcomb against the Rams on Monday night. The answers were talking about it, the coaches were talking about it, and as soon as they were done talking aobut it he stares down a reciever and its pick 6. I HATE THE BROWNS, but i can't get away. I NEED TO GO TO REHAB
sinisterminister So far, it has been disappointing and not worth watching. I am tired of having to watch sh*t on TV every Sunday and then hear someone speak on Monday about the same thing he preached last week. I'm done - good luck Browns but I'm tired of watching losers.
depardo DA stands for dumbass. Period. Crennell, you suck. Period. Dainty, pull your panties off. Period
mtsames This whole coaching staff is a joke .RAC and his homies blew it . The team quit on him after the 2 picks when they suddenly became afraid of ray and co.Mel Tucker is a stupid mother f----r how can your D not know how to stop the run in the 4th qtr when you still have a chance.DA one more mistake and your gone. Andra Davis to slow and to stupid to play he should be paying the team to play just like wimpy Wimbley and D quell I always run to the wrong hole to stop the run Jackson.Thank GOD Willie did not play.
mdoogal Wow I think Jamal Lewis said it best when he said how they played "Pathetic". If you can't get pressure on a rookie QB like Flacco who has one Professional start in his whole career then Phil Savage I'd be calling Detroit & Green Bay and ask for a refund! And Leigh Bodden back too. can we ship Anderson to Detroit or Kansas City??
smithlel From the very beginning this franchise has been mismanaged and continues today with RAC and his very offensive group of coaches.
houndfromhell Who ever is responsible for us never
being ready to change the gameplan at
halftime. This coaching staff has no
for sight. Also, some players dont like to get physical. Too many Browns players
are freightened and intimidated of the other team before kickoff. (Gutless-
Freakin Cowards), just like the Headless
coach. His moto: Make sandwich not war.
This season is not over, But its time
to let some of our newer players show what they got. GO BROWNS.....
brownsclown Derek just has not been good, any way you spin it, he is NOT getting it done.Braylon, help out man, make a play when we need it. Coach is the biginning, middle and end of the team. Right now the team stinks, we will soon know if Romeo can coach us out of this or not.
clevthom DA is done done done, now we would be lucky to get a 4th rounder for his under achieving ass.
Braylon has less concentration than the scarecrow and less heart than the tin man and let's not talk about the cowardly Stallworth.
Romeo, enough said.
deathbyeagle Earth to Kamerion! Where the f**k are you, a***ole??????
toad Phil, Romeo and Chud all need a wake-up, ice-water bath. Phil's draft picks are below average.
casper44 derek anderson
taipeidawg I'd love to see DA succeed - he's got the potential but for whatever reason he's not getting it done. Nobody wants to see a QA controversy, but we need to see what Quinn can do in a real game.
What happened to our dominating O-Line?
sg2431 Another week,another disaster.
Same ole, same ole.
I just dont understand how Romeo Crennel still has a job???
Derek Anderson's magic carpet ride is over. And last year was a fluke.
The Cleveland Browns are disgusting.
dawgpoundr I wonder if we could give Chris Palmer another shot at HC?
oldeguarde D.A. 3 picks and too many sacks. Bench him!
whosgonnadriveyouhome I just looked at my watch. Its Quinn time.
buck2zz3 kw is wines, always gets stupid penalties and drops balls
why does everyone think he is so great?
ilovedthe80s I'm not even mad anymore...apathy has set in. Don't care who coaces, don'e care who QBs, don't care who catches or drops a pass.
vintage74 Lerner gets one for agreeing to extend this useless head coach who continues to embarrass us week in and week out. Savage for thinking we didn't need help at WR & DB's. Yeah. Syndric Steptoe and Travis Daniels are really getting the job done. The whole team for folding like a cheap suit in the 4th quarter!


willy15 Derek Anderson needs to sit and watch the game from the Bench. How come Joe Flacco is experienced enough to play, but Brady Quinn is not. The Coach's should be shot for not using Jerome Harrison. Whenever, he gets in, he makes plays. Problem is...he only gets in for 1 play a game. Receivers don't get separation and Derek can't throw to them anyway. In two weeks I'll be 68 Years Old and if I played I would be as good as Derek Anderson. That's really sad. When are the Coach's going to wake up?
jerseybrownfan All I can say is what a pathetic football team this Cleveland Browns team is. In a way I am glad they lost today and I hope they lose again next week against the Bengals. Then and maybe only then will Randy Learner finally open his eyes and fire Romeo Crennel and I sure hope he does. Put Chud at the helm for the rest of this year while starting negotiations with the(CHIN)Bill Cowher. If Cowher can't right this ship no one can as I said last week and will say it once again here.
gregtng Make the statement, Randy. It's time For Romeo to go.
phelix17 Romeo must go. Every team we play is more ready to play than the Browns. Just unreal how terrible this team is considering the personnel.
cheesedog Harrison for not scoring four touchdowns on one play.
jabroni143 Romeo might not have looked as bad in this game if DA hadn't laid so many eggs.
cavtrooper At least we have some promising rookie draft picks being developed this year.

Whoops...guess not
manoafats Didn't even watch the game! Haven't missed one in last three years. Romeo must go! We should be better than this.
chefeman17 crennel get the F out! offense is pathetic, da grab some pine and start looking for a new job
ukdawg Many years ago I watched the London Monarchs (NFL Europe). They sucked and I thought that it would the worst example of a football team that I would ever witness. I was wrong.......
fanofbrwns Why is Derek Anderson still on this Team? We can't even trade this floating log of c__p! He's killings this team, every game he finds a way of destroying us!
froggy60 Mr. Savage your unwillingness to make any moves to help this team with the many injuries has cost them the season. You need to be fired and immediately. Did you get your notice from the commisioner yet that the Browns are now on the clock.
Not one coach showed me that they had their players interest in this game. They looked flat. Might as well put a skirt on them the way the all played.
Mr. Anderson if you don't want to be in Cleveland just say so. You look as if you don't care. This is a football town and we the fans do care. You could pack your bags and head to KC as far as i'm concerned. It is time for Brady to play.
i blame everyone in the organization for letting this season again slip thru thier hands. soon it will be the fans saying wait till next year AGAIN.......
tdh48 Something has to give this week. To have a season like last years and an off season with so much promise turn into a season like this is unforgivable. I've been a supporter of RAC but now I'm willing to lead the crowd with a public flogging.
mistofdeath Time to call it a wash see if Quinn can be a Q.B. in this league and find a real head coach and or GM.

In fact fire both and call Bill Cowher fast.It will not save this season but give he good chance to fix team for next.
deuceman My god! How putrid ugh! Barf! Why do I wast my Sundays! Oh I remember I drink more when my Brownies lose.
mikegalion Back to the dink and dunk play calling
shrew Mel needs to watch the tape of the Ravens DEFENSE and teach our players to read the offense better. The Ravens seemed to know what we were going to do every play. Although the D wasn't horrible overall.

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