Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Get a outside-of-Cleveland perspective on the Browns current woes with the transcript of Adam's latest chat...

Adam Caplan: hi all

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any positive nuggets for us............some type of hope?
Adam Caplan: Bengals may have two starters out in the secondary
Adam Caplan: one for sure
Adam Caplan: So that's good

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam will Crennel make it through this season? Snap judgment on your part?
Adam Caplan: BR: They're a long ways away from firing him

<CanadiansforBrowns> Which 2 starters?
Adam Caplan: CAN: SS Dexter Jackson is out
Adam Caplan: CB Johnathan Joseph is very questionable

<drdawg12> why not let BQ start before the season is totally lost? If this team is 0-4 going into the NYG game, then season is lost w/ BQ having no chance to turn this around...
Adam Caplan: DR: Why would you think he would be better
Adam Caplan: Not to make excuses for DA but Quinn wouldn't do any better against the Ravens

<ramllov> Adam, what is the deal with Chad Johnson, he is not doing anything this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: His shoulder is hampering him

<drdawg12> 47 QB rating or so? right?
Adam Caplan: DR: I don't get into ratings, I go by what I see.
Adam Caplan: I know you guys are desperate but lets not get ahead of ourselves

<ASUBrownsfan> Adam what is KC offering for DA???
Adam Caplan: ASU: Middle rounder I was told
Adam Caplan: And the Browns told the Chiefs they don't want to move Quinn
Adam Caplan: KC was one of 4 teams to have Quinn as a first round grade

<alzlvlolz> Do you see Alex Hall taking McGinest spot mid-season? He looked good against Ravens
Adam Caplan: ALZ: I think they will split PT then Hall, if he continues to progress, could wind up starting

<tony4228> Adam, you think this is Shaffer's last year here? He gets paid way too much money to be such a liability in pass protection
Adam Caplan: TON: No, the entire OL is struggling

<royswift> adam, do you buy the regime's take the Harrison can only be used sparingly because of his liabilities?
Adam Caplan: ROY: They know he has to get on the field more

<iconoclast88> Adam, I disagree with Quinn not being able to play better. Anderson locks on and that was the primary reason for his
interceptions. Quinn's head works on a swivel.
Adam Caplan: IC: Quinn played way too fast in the preseason
Adam Caplan: I don't think he's ready yet
Adam Caplan: But they may not have any choice soon

<Pagedawg> Do you know the status on Stallworth?
Adam Caplan: PAGE: He's closer than last week, he still needs to make more progress though

<DawgHowl> Adam: any chance that both Tucker and Steinbach play this week?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: I don't see Steinbach this week
Adam Caplan: Need to see more of Tucker the next few days

<bds2222> Adam how has Cory Williams graded on film so far
Adam Caplan: BD: Not as good as they would hope
Adam Caplan: but it's early

<ASUBrownsfan> Adam why does the brown brass stick with DA when he has pretty much been a horrible QB for his last 8 games
Adam Caplan: ASU: He's on notice and he knows it, he must play well this week.

<quarz> Adam Are you surprised Phil has escaped criticism for some questionable drafts and other personnel moves?
Adam Caplan: QU: He will get his believe me it goes south but of course RAC will be the fall guy

<royswift> Beau Bell playing anytime soon?
Adam Caplan: ROY: Getting closer.

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you see the browns going hard after Cowher if RAC takes the fall?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Not happening.
Adam Caplan: Lets move on.

<FLADAWG1> 5,0Browns or Bengals?
Adam Caplan: FLA: I'm picking the Browns in a close one, 27-24

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, did the Eagles finally expose the Steelers weakness?
Adam Caplan: BR: Everyone knew the Steelers had a questionable OL, the Eagles did a great job with their blitz packages

<quarz> What is the feeling of Kam Wimbley around the league?
Adam Caplan: QU: Regression

<DawgHowl> Adam: who is to blame for this mess? Savage or Crennel?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Both but the injuries show a lack of depth
Adam Caplan: no question
Adam Caplan: hard to disprove that

<royswift> Is  Beau Bell playing this week?
Adam Caplan: ROY: Again, he's getting closer

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam could 8 wins capture the AFC North this year?
Adam Caplan: BR: 10 wins will win that division

<extzed> do you get the impression that our defenders aren't being coached up?
Adam Caplan: EX: I think some just aren't good enough

<quarz> How about the Browns linebacking unit as a whole?
Adam Caplan: Q: Very average
Adam Caplan: And the front three isn't leaving them clean either

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Rucker getting close? He showed alot in preseason
Adam Caplan: BR: Still a few weeks away I think

<ramllov> Will Harrison play more?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Harrison should see more snaps
Adam Caplan: good team for him to play more against

<bds2222> 5,0Adam is Jackson grading as bad on film as I view him in the games?
Adam Caplan: BD: I think his lack of size is still a problem

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, what makes you believe that if the Browns are defeated this week that Romeo Crennel would be retained?
Adam Caplan: BR: I would ask you what the point would be to make such a move.
Adam Caplan: and who would take over?"

<CanadiansforBrowns> What's your take on the Detroit situation. Will they make a run at an iconic guy - Marty or Cowher?
Adam Caplan: CAN: Neither are happening.
Adam Caplan: Marty is a pain in the ass when it comes to personnel
Adam Caplan: Good head coach though

<DawgHowl> Adam: is Stallworth good to go this week?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Not yet, he needs to show them in the final two practices that he can open it up

<bds2222> 5,0Adam when you say size, does that mean height or weight or both?
Adam Caplan: BD: Bulk and ability to shed and get home

<ASUBrownsfan> Adam if the browns get blown out what will the aftermath be???
Adam Caplan: ASU: We have to see how it unfolds first

<royswift> Is our FO planning on having Robaire back next year, or no? Crappy injury for comeback
Adam Caplan: ROY: Tough call at his age too
Adam Caplan: I have to look at his contract stuff too
Adam Caplan: that's a factor

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, if someone is not doing their job, should they keep it? 0-4 for this club at this point in the season is unacceptable.
Adam Caplan: BR: They have major personnel issues
Adam Caplan: I don't think it will be solved overnight

<iconoclast88> Not just about the record though. Our team is unprepared, undisciplined, and unmotivated
Adam Caplan: IC: I'm not a RAC fan but I can tell you he's not dealing with a full deck of players

<alzlvlolz> If Romeo is canned do you see the browns getting outside help at the HC position or see Chud being promoted?
Adam Caplan: ALZ: I think Chud gets the job first
Adam Caplan: or someone else outside the team
Adam Caplan: I can't see Tucker getting it

<extzed> has phil done a good job of getting more talent on the team, or has the coaching staff missed on developing guys? We sure don't
seem to have much in the way of homegrown talent
Adam Caplan: EX: I think what we've seen is he overestimated the FA moves
Adam Caplan: and not having early picks really hurts
Adam Caplan: Remember I said more than once the quick fix is a problem
Adam Caplan: I think we are seeing that

<alzlvlolz> Pitt has some major injures with Parker and Hampton
Adam Caplan: ALZ: Yes and at CB
Adam Caplan: too

<saleaaway> don't you agree we need a coach who has led a team before
Adam Caplan: SALE: I want a stronger leader
Adam Caplan: I think they need someone who can get more out of the players
Adam Caplan: that's my biggest problem
Adam Caplan: the regression of Wimbley is a factor

<iconoclast88> Adam, "quick fix" . . . can you elaborate on that?
Adam Caplan: IC: The Stallworth move for one
Adam Caplan: he will be on 5 teams in 5 years
Adam Caplan: he will not be back next year
Adam Caplan: I can pretty much count on that
Adam Caplan: 4.75 million roster bonus I'm told

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, so you think Savage tried to rush the process?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, I've felt that for many months
Adam Caplan: In his defense though, the injuries really hurt but he knew the secondary was going to be a problem

<alzlvlolz> If Wimbley continues to struggle the rest of the year do you see Phil cutting ties at the end of this year? Maybe trade him to a 4-3
team 3rd 4th rounder?
Adam Caplan: ALZ: I can't see them trading him. Who takes over?
Adam Caplan: Answer, they have no one

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you think that Steve Spagnuolo could be a fit here if they could get him?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Great guy but you would have to change schemes
Adam Caplan: CLE has 3-4 personnel really

<iconoclast88> And as far as the dline acquisitions go . . . I still think the moves to get Williams and Rogers were better than any draft pick in
those rounds
Adam Caplan: IC: It's early to totally evaluate Williams.

<CCDawg49> Adam, who do you think is to blame for the lack of discipline, penalties, and overall confusion on offense?
Adam Caplan: CC: Answer: D, all the above

<shakadawg> Could Kam be a late bloomer, or will it just never 'click'
Adam Caplan: SH: I can't figure out what's wrong there

<iconoclast88> I hate these "brutally honest" chats.
Adam Caplan: IC: That's why I'm here.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, do you think savage learned his lesson on rushing the process?
Adam Caplan: BR: I have no idea
Adam Caplan: Problem is there is no one there to tell him anything
Adam Caplan: He reports to the owner only

<ASUBrownsfan> Adam could KAM fit as a 4-3 DE
Adam Caplan: ASU: Actually yes
Adam Caplan: He would need to get stronger though
Adam Caplan: to play with his hand down

<CCDawg49> Adam, if it was your call, would you be starting DA or BQ this weekend?
Adam Caplan: CC: Anderson
<CCDawg49> why?
Adam Caplan: CC: While Anderson has lost some confidence, I'd rather let him know that he's on his last straw first and see if he responds
Adam Caplan: if he sucks in the first half then go to Quinn and don't look back

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you see lerner bringing in a president that savage has to report to?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I would certainly think about it if I was Lerner.

<extzed> in other successful franchises who does the gm report and does it make a big difference?
Adam Caplan: EX: Usually there's someone there to evaluate the GM who is a football guy.
Adam Caplan: The browns I know a few years ago did consult with outside people to get opinions.
Adam Caplan: On Savage
Adam Caplan: I think during the Collins mess.

<MikeFromRochester> Adam, it is my opinion Grantham wanted to be aggressive last year and RAC did not. With tucker being passive that adds
credence. your thoughts.
Adam Caplan: MIKE: Grantham tried to poison the waters by telling those close to him he wasn't given clearance to do a lot of stuff. However,
those close to RAC say otherwise. I'll leave it at that.

<ASUBrownsfan> Adam What's the outside league opinion on Savage???
Adam Caplan: ASU: Generally Savage is respected but many thought he was desperate to win this season after last year.

<alzlvlolz> Adam with Bill Belichick got caught cheating all them years, how come Romeo Crennel or Charlie Wies was never asked about it??
Adam Caplan: ALZ: Weis refused to discuss it.

<bds2222> 5,0Adam would Calvin Pace make much of a difference in the scheme if the Browns had brought him in
Adam Caplan: BD: He's not doing well BTW and Gholston has been terrible.
Adam Caplan: I mean beyond bad, totally lost.

<ASUBrownsfan> Adam doesn't Gholson only have 1 tackle
Adam Caplan: ASU: Yep but it's worse than that, he has no idea what he's doing.
Adam Caplan: I'll leave it at that.

<BrownsBacker> Adam is RAC really the one who determines the Defensive schemes? Is Mel just a figurehead and Coordinator only in name?
Adam Caplan: BR: It's RAC's scheme, Mel calls the plays.

<BrownsBacker> So with that in mind shouldn't Crennel be the one getting the entire blame for the defensive woes last year instead of
Adam Caplan: BR: I think CLE has a major personnel problem on defense.
Adam Caplan: Worse than I thought.
Adam Caplan: Blame who you want there.

<RDawg99> 5,0HOw long before the whole deal is dumped? Another year?
Adam Caplan: RD: We need more time to evaluate that.

Adam Caplan: All, have to run, see you next week.

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