Fan View: I'm Sick of...

For fans trapped in the DMZ between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, like Jeff, times are rough...


As the Browns have fallen to 0-3 and appear to be staying the course for about the 9,000,000 time since the return, I'm sick of....

  • Continuous Berea spin. (paraphrasing the following) "Derek is still our guy." "We're going to give it time to turn around." "The season is not lost." "We need to stay the course." "We shouldn't be reactionary after 3 games."

    Well, the team is 0-3 and near or at the bottom of nearly every category that matters so I'd say it's time to get real reactionary. However, it seems like business as usual in Berea, albeit with a few more meetings this week.

    In watching that Baltimore game, I thought we got transported back to 2000 and we were watching the expansion Browns again. This against a very below average Baltimore squad.

  • An owner that looks like he'd rather concentrate on soccer instead of doing what we need to do to bring a good product back to Cleveland.

  • A football team that continues to try to sell us on the fact that a guy in size 15 shoes that's slower than even Bernie Kosar minus the defense reading ability is the answer at QB. Hellooooooooo? McFly??? D. coordinators have got D.A.'s #.....big time.

  • A coach that shows as much emotion as my pet Golden Retriever did when he laid down in the sun after eating.

  • The drumbeat of Steeler fans at work who continuously smirk at me and ask me "how are those Browns doing?" each and every Monday.

  • The absolute bag of BS we'll receive if Cleveland beats Cincy heading into the bye week. Hellooooooooo? McFly??? The Browns were considered a "rising team" heading into the season. The Bengals had more question marks than Matthew Lesko's sports coat. The Browns are SUPPOSED to beat the Bengals. Cleveland is supposed to kick their asses, actually. So, I don't want to hear how the season is saved if this game is won. They showed their true colors against Dallas and Pittsburgh. The Browns barely belong with the mediocre of the NFL much less the elite.

  • Having nothing to root for come October, again.

  • Knowing that the real problem lies with the whole organization. Wasn't this supposed to be fixed with the Savage/Crennel era?

  • The prospect of going back to square one, again.

  • Knowing that ownership probably won't do what they really need to do and go back to square one, with Bill Cowher.

I'm done venting but I'll leave you with this thought: we are in the fourth year of the Savage/Crennel rebuilding project and the team doesn't appear closer to a playoff spot than it was in 2005. I'm not sure how anything less than a playoff appearance in 2008 can be considered a success.

It can't.

Well, at least this isn't Detroit.


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