Stumbling to a Win: The 4th Quarter Blog

The Browns managed to out-last a Palmer-less Bengals club, but did not look good doing it.

Somehow, they did it. The Browns somehow managed to get the ball in the end zone, and have a lot of people – many of them wearign orange and black – to thank.

FIRST DRIVE (Browns): Lewis runs for one and then catches a short pass for six. Vickers then comes through with a eight yard run to create a first and goal at the Bengals 4. After an incompletion to Edwards, DA goes back to him on the left side for four yards and a touch down.

Edwards, who has had four weeks to practice his first post-touchdown celebration of 2008, unleashes a sort of Pete Townsend windmill rocking air guitar thing. Well done, BE. BROWNS 10, BENGALS 6.

SECOND DRIVE (Bengals): The Bengals start by running it up the middle, and coughs up the football. Mike Adams comes up with it and the Browns have a key turnover on the 24 of the Bengals.

Cincinnati has put this out-sucking the Browns thing into overdrive here in the fourth, and is now focusing on the top pick in the draft, it appears.

THIRD DRIVE (Browns): DA gets great protection on first down, and hits Winslow with a nice pass at the Bengals four. It's first and goal again fo the Browns.

The ball is poorly handed off to Lewis who charges up the middle and fumbles the ball. Another lucky break for the Browns who have a second and goal at the two. Unreal. On third and two, Anderson rolls right off the play action, and Robert Geathers tracks down Anderson at the one-yard line. Third and goal from the one.

Jamal Lewis then leaps over the goal line and is hit hard right at the plane of the goal, but is ruled to cross it. That's a TD for  Lewis and, in all probability, an unlikely win for the Browns. BROWNS 17, BENGALS 6

FOURTH DRIVE (Bengals): Glenn Holt has a nice runback of 41 yards from the goal line, where Fitzpatrick will attempt to rally the Bengals. His first pass, to Perry, is too high for the RB to pull in. His second pass, to Chatman, is complete for ten yards and a first down just over mid-field.

That worked alright, so the Bengals QB goes back to Chatman for 22 to the Browns 27. His next pass to Chatman was incomplete, but then Fitzpatrick hits Kelly for eight to the Browns 19, and Houshmanzaheh again for 15 yards to the four.

The Bengals then have a first and goal from the four with 7:50 left. Fitzpatrick then hits Ocho Chad Something Cinco Johnson for the TD. The Bengals try for two, but Sorenson blitzes and spooks Fitzgerald who throws incomplete. BROWNS 17, BENGALS 12

FIFTH DRIVE (Browns): The Bengal fear Cribbs, and kicks short to Dinkins, who gets the ball to the Browns 36. Anderson seems to finally be getting some rhythm. He rolls out right and hits Edwards for 12. Lewis follows up with a two-yard run to mid-field, and a Harrison end-around gets another three to create a third and five from the Bengals 47. Anderson hits Winslow for a short down at the Bengals 42.

Harrison is tripped up by Fanene five yards deep to create a second-and-fifteen. DA doesn't like the defense, however, and burns a timeout at 4:41 left. A left tackle run gets nothing, which creates a third-and-fifteen from just inside Bengals territory.

On the key third-down play, DA dumps off a little screen to Jason Wright. He gets ten yards down to the Bengals 46 and it's fourth down. After taking a delay of game, Zastudil punts from the Bengals 41, and kicks it into the end zone for a touchback.

SIXTH DRIVE (Bengals):  The Bengals have no timeouts, and the Browns bring six defensive backs as the Bengals start at the 20. Fitzpatrick scrambles for five and then hits Perry for two. Alex Hall charges into the backfield and pulls down Fitzpatrick. The Bengals QB coughs up the football, which is recovered by Corey Williams. This gives the Browns the ball at the Bengals 26, and likely gives them the game as well.

SEVENTH DRIVE (Browns): Since the Bengals have no timeouts other than the two minute warning, the Browns start running the ball to burn the clock. Lewis runs for five, and then one as the clock ticks down to 1:20 left. He runs again for a  yard to the 12 to make it fourth down. The clock winds down to 37 seconds and the Browns call a time out. Dawson nails the field goal to make it… BROWNS 20, BENGALS 12

FINAL DRIVE (Bengals): Watching an unprepared quarterback try to lead his team back in an empty, sleeping stadium is now exactly inspiring football. The Bengals start at the 29, and his TE Utecht for nine and is then incomplete to Chatman. The next pass is picked by Terry Cousin, who is downed at the Bengals 46.

Anderson kneels to end it, and everyone involved vows to never speak of this again.


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