Taylor's Tales From A Notebook

You know what would be nice right around now? Some nice smooth perspective. Ahh! It just goes down right. John Taylor has got some available, and offers it up in tonight's Tales from a Notebook...


-- (me moving my index finger around in a circular motion while sarcastically grunting "whoopty-freakin'-do"

-- Somehow, I feel worse after this win than I did after the three previous losses.

-- If there was ever a dictionary-definition meaning of the phrase "hollow victory", this was it.  Yeah, this team needed a win by any means necessary.  Yeah, it wouldn't have mattered if the first "W" in over nine months would've come against the Sisters of the Poor Seminary.  But...

-- ...with the opposition being the 0-3 Cincinnati Bengals and Ryan "Freakin'" Fitzpatrick under center, what should be taken from sweating out a close win?  A win over a team that the Sisters of the Poor Seminary would've been favored against?  Yippee?  I should be comforted over this development?  I should be doing the same handstands this organization will display during the bye week?  I should be asking this many questions in one paragraph after the first four games of what was thought to be an AFC North-anointing season?

-- Let's get this out there, lest it get washed away amidst the stream of utter bullshit we'll hear over the next thirteen days: the Browns were facing a QB who last attempted a pass in a meaningful game in this league in December of 2005.  A QB who matriculated at that bastion of signal-caller factories Harvard.  A QB who is not Carson Palmer.  A QB who was directing a 0-3 football team.  The QB of an offense that turned the ball over five times.  Thank the Good Lord Above the Browns trounced said competition in a 20-12 win.  It would've been embarrassing if such a team would've hung close until the very end facing that mountain of empirical evidence, a Mount Everest that stated they should never have been in the game in the first place.

-- The only thing this win does is mask the myriad problems that this team faces.  It doesn't cure the play at the quarterback position, the stupid penalties, the players needing separated on the sidelines on multiple occasions, a head coach in over his head on Sundays, the utter abomination at inside linebacker, etc. etc. etc.  It does nothing to cure the root cause of the problems that still linger on this football team.  And will do nothing but allow the Suck Continuum to prevail for at least the next two weeks.

-- Hell, I'll even argue that a win today was the worst thing that could have happened to this organization.  It allows them two weeks to wallow in their hallow victory, toss out numerous "told ya so's", and continue on with their Continuity Platform.  When continuity is the very last thing this team needs.  Even after the first "W" against such a staunch opponent.

-- The only thing this game proved is that they can beat the Cincinnati's of the NFL world.  For some reason, I'm thinking the Giants, Redskins and Jaguars aren't exactly quaking in their collective boots over this "performance".  In fact, I'm quite certain that they are privately praying for this win to result in the same-old, same-old continuity from this hapless edition of a once-proud franchise.

-- This contest set the game of football back 200 years.  And, yes, I'm fully aware of the fact that football's only been around for roughly 150 of those.

-- So much for that short leash.  What does Derek Anderson have to do to actually get pulled from a football game?  Moon the receivers to signal an audible?  Punch Crennel in his ample jowls just for the hell of it?  The end result doesn't justify the means it took to get the win.  But, it will be enough for The One In Over His Head to continue down this path with his QB, a path which will lead to more of '05, '06 and '08 and less of the quirk that was '07.

-- That 1:50 stretch does nothing to erase the other 238:10 which led to the quarterback's job being in question in the first place.  Unless of course you are The OIOHH, and trumpet it as some sort of vindication for your latest Carthon/Frye staunch endeavor.   Loyalty is one thing; combine it with stupidity and stubbornness and you have the grounds for termination.

-- Interesting, seeing Kellen Winslow bark something at Brady Quinn following Anderson's interception.  I'm sure it was nothing, though.  All is good in Berea and at the QB position with a victory, after all.

-- Could one single play have encapsulated this season more than the Eric Wright interception at the end of the first half?  "Yes... yes... awww, crap."  Ladies and gentlemen, your 2008 Cleveland Browns!

-- Brandon McDonald?  I'm lovin' it.  He's the Corner Pounder with Cheese.  Amidst the stench that is the 2008 season, he's one of the very few bright spots.  Unlike the previous fast-food analogy.

-- Congrats to Kamerion Wimbley on his first sack of the 2008 season.  Sure, it was only a partial and, sure, it took ya damn-near 210 minutes of football to get it, but dammit if that Shetland didn't pony-up in this game.

-- I really wish I would've known about Carson Palmer being out of the game before I actually posted my Pregame 12-pack this morning and made my prediction.  I so hate looking like a fool (insert eye roll at your leisure).

-- Credit where credit is due: Alex Hall is making a speedy recovery from Willie McGinest less and less necessary.  "Get well later" for the potential Hall of Famer would be an apropos card right about now.

-- "Anderson drops back... he looks... he throws to the corner of the end zone... TOUCHDOWN EDDIE VAN HALEN!"  I don't know that a touchdown celebration has ever nauseated me as much as that one, given the circumstances.  I understand that the vast majority of successful wide receivers are prima donnas, but this particular receiver just rubs me the wrong way in several ways.

-- You know what?  Honestly?  I'm just mailing it in right now.  My head and heart's into this as much as the Browns' were for the vast majority of the game.  Whatever.  They get as they give.

-- Once again: five turnovers and you beat Ryan "Freakin'" Fitzpatrick by eight?  Rock on RAC.  Rock on. As long as we have continuity and loyalty, that's all that can be asked for.

-- Now pardon me while I go heave at the thought of continuity after the way this season has played out...

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