Adkins: Bye-Week Speculation

It just never stops - rumor after rumor after rumor. Savage and RAC at odds, Cowher circling Cleveland, Marty has a copy of the playbook, etc, etc. Do any of these have any validity? Lane Adkins gets the answers you want...

Keeping an eye on the rumor mill, and the issues of interest to fans... 

- Head coach Romeo Crennel has not been given any ground-breaking ultimatums by the front office of the Browns. The story or non-story has been consistent - this team needs to improve its execution, minimize penalties and regain its confidence and trust.

- Former Cleveland player and assistant coach Bill Cowher has not been approached by the Cleveland Browns organization, either directly or indirectly, about his availability to coach this team. Rumors about Cowher ranging from the purchase of a home in Strongsville, Ohio, to the former coach visiting a local eatery are unfounded according to those very close to the former coach. Cowher remains a hot commodity and would bring some old-Browns ties to the organization on gameday, as well as a successful "name" head coach. We have been told - bluntly - that Cowher is not going to involve himself in any type of controversial acts, as he respects the Browns' current head coach.

- Marty Schottenheimer was a very successful head coach in the game after leaving the Cleveland organization in the late 1980's. Out of the game and enjoying his golf game, Schottenheimer has not been approached by the Cleveland Browns organization or anyone associated with the team in any capacity to feel out the veteran coach regarding coaching the Browns once again.

- Its funny how stories come out of the woodwork when things are not going according to expectations. This time, a local Cleveland radio report has head coach Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage feuding. Not the case, as I have been told. The head coach and GM don't agree on everything and have an open door policy, which has been the case for some time. With the team sitting at 0-3 and now 1-3, if the GM had significant issues with the head coach, there would not have been a better time than now to make a move. That hasn't been the case and nothing leads this column to believe anything of substance is in the works. The motto of this organization has been to stay the course, which they are for the time being. If this team doesn't turn around the tailspin, those times when the head coach and GM disagree could become an issue - just not yet.

- Many following this Browns team believe the bye week would be a good time to ready QB Brady Quinn for a start. Unless Anderson is injured leading up to this game, it is not going to happen as there is a belief the QB and offense may have turned the corner in a less-than-inspiring 20-12 win in Cincinnati.

- Quinn was only a play away from playing in the game against Cincinnati - much like he is every week the Browns play. The second-year QB did not prepare any differently - nor did the coaching staff work Quinn much differently in preparing him heading into the battle against the Bengals. Again, the backup is only a play away - thus fitting how the head coach noted 'the other guy' would be ready, if needed.

- According to one Browns player, many on the offensive side of the ball have not lost faith in QB Derek Anderson despite the play of the QB. While some believe the issues are close to working themselves out, there is intrigue as to what Quinn can provide this ailing group. An indicator regarding the state of this offense can be watched by the body language of WR Braylon Edwards and TE Kellen Winslow. Edwards has sulked recently and has been taken aback when his QB doesn't get him the ball, while Winslow has been a leader and often comes back offering suggestions as the game and opposition defense dicates.

- WR Donte Stallworth has caught plenty of flack from Browns fans due to his inability to get on the playing field. Last week the WR was able to practice on a limited basis - and was ruled out for the Cincinnati game. The organization is not down on Stallworth, but the organization has every expectation the WR is going to be ready for the Browns game against the Giants following the bye-week.

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