Browns-Bengals: Gameballs & Goats

An interesting week in the gameballs and goats, where what has to be a record number of write-ins focused on the true heroes of Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen of Browns Nation, greet this week's hero: Carson Palmer's elbow and Ibuprofen-free bloodstream. Feel the power!

THE WEEK'S RESULTS: The write-ins have become a beast of their very own, which is cool, because the Gameball write-ins remind me why I got into the business in the first place... the larfs, of course, and the unique outlook and survivalism of Browns fans. This week, we have special write-in sections for fans thanking the Cincinnati Bengals for the win, as well as those who felt compelled to offer some write-in analysis of why Braylon Edwards, Romeo Crennel, and Derek Anderson deserve goathorns. The latter probably belongs in the comments, but we're all about getting the message out. Here are the only post-game awards that matter...

Player Gameballs
Alex Hall 223
Mike Adams 214
Jamal Lewis 170
Shaun Rogers 76
Brandon McDonald 56
Kellen Winslow 55
Josh Cribbs 45

BroDawg (2), Terrelle Pryor, Bill Cowher, None- Still don't care, Brady Quinn's soft and manageable hair, Alcohol, "My wife", The upcoming bye week (2), Paul Newman (2), Matt Bryant, Grady Sizemore, Lebron James, Terrelle Pryor, Howie Feltersnatch,   "Derek Andersons Smirking Revenge", My PS3 (it distracts me from this crappy season), Jaeger bombs, "Me", Harvard's football juggernaut, Boomer for recommending that the Browns put in Quinn, "Issac Sowells, for outplaying Shaffer", Us deprived Cleveland fans, Scott Player's goatee, "The bartender at Bru's Room wearing the Browns hat", Grilled wings with Minced garlic, The Great State of Ohio", Browns Fans worldwide, Harry Tater.

Carson Palmer (15), Ryan Fitzpatrick (7), NYG defense for injuring Palmer (4), "Carson Palmers sore elbow" (8), "The Bengals medical staff for not knowing that ibuprofen stops inflammation", Cincinnati Bengals (4), Sam Wyche, "Mike Brown and the rest of the Bungles"  


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson 358
Romeo Crennel 309
Braylon Edwards 120
Donte Stallworth 57
Louis Leonard 43
Rob Chudzinski 35
Eric Wright 22

Penalties (3), Beavers, Merrill Hoge's bad suits, "Crennel's Dad for not pulling out", Barney Bussey, The Invisible Man (Wimbley), My apathy, Rich Gannon's pronunciation of "error", Dwight K. Schrute, Ryan Fitzpatrick, John McCain & Sarah Palin, Jay Knecht, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Carson Palmer, Ceara Barr, Injuries, "Whoever injected novacain into our players hands so they could not take a hand off, hang on to the ball, or catch it.", "Bru's Room in Pompano beach for having the game on the smallest TV in the entire bar", Bruce Arians, Anderpologists, Mike Brown, Donte Stallworth's douche, Phil Keefe, and "Dainty Stallworth is an overpaid sissy, no heart whatsoever".

Braylon's celebration, gotta catch more than you drop first
Braylon playing guitar hero
B.Easy's Air Guitar (are you serious?)
Braylon's TD celebration,
Edwards, for doing more talking then action,
Braylon for his "me first" TD celebration
air guitars

RAC needs to grow a pair and see what Quinn can do the DA stuff is out of hand
Brady Quinn's "increased" reps in practice
Brady Quinns MyoPlex commercial
RAC's short leash (arf, arf)
Randy lerner for not firing Romeos stupid stubborn fat ass
D.Anderson x100, RAC x100
Carson Palmer (for being hurt)
Stallworth for all the money he is stealing from the Browns
Whoever designed this voting page--we need twice the number of goat entries before we even get down to our rage entries.
Inadaptability and Stubborness, with Romeo Crennel's face next to the definition of each, 
The man who has more Chins than a chinese phonebook
Crennel's decisions making
the safety deposit box where DA keeps his incriminating photos of RAC
the bengals for saving romeo and derek
The 1st or 2nd round pick they are trying to get for DA in offseason.
Derek Anderson's leash for not being short enough
Derek Anderception 

Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
dawgedue It is a pleasure watching Vickers lead block
jtzhills123 Can we play against Ryan Fitzpatrick every week!!!!!!!!!
ilovedthe80s Didn't care starting last week. Still don't care this week. This is a bush league team. They are NO fun to watch and have less talent and way less heart than most of the opponents we play.
renobrownsfan Quinn deserves a gameball for restraint, for not sucker punching RAC and DA on the sidelines. I wouldn't have blamed him one bit if he did.
phelix17 Had the Bengals not been so terrible, the Browns would be 0 an 4.
chas dawg Jamal Lewis played well early, played with heart late and acted like a leader on the sidelines.
drbomb Playing the Bengals with a backup QB should be better than an ugly win - but it is what it is. Mike Adams filled in admirably for S. Jones again. Alex Hall may be the acorn the blind squirrel (Savage) found.
racdawg what a late round gem
naxos Winslow continues to show up and play hard. The D did enough today.
sindustmark I like the way Tucker blitzed more. Less zone, and more man to man was good to see finally
toad Let's hope this gets DA off the Snide...
ikoiko Gameballs:
Steinbach for playing through pain
Hall for effort
Lewis for hard running
floucka The Bengals (minus Palmer) are just about the only team the Browns could have beat this weekend with that effort.
fladawg1 They pulled one out, but it wasn't pretty. JL and KWII were our horses who pulled solidly. The OL did better but still is too sporadic. Whats with Schaffer?
hardy921 this was like watching the 1999 club again. DA the one year wonder.
jerseybrownfan The Fans deserve a game ball for putting up with the kind of football Romeo Crennel has given us. I think it is time for a petition to be signed by anyone who cares about the Browns for Lerner to fire Romeo with a one way ticket back to New England.
brownsclown Mike Adams was all over. One of the free agent signings for "depth" that Phil Savage never gets credit for. Kellen Winslow is a warrior, best player on the team and when we really needed someone to step up, he did. Defense played well albeit against an under staffed offense without Palmer. Not our fault they don't have a backup QB they are too cheap.
spicydeigo Ugly win! Glad I spent the weekend camping and hiking, just got home to read about the game. I guess I didn't miss much of a game. So I give myself a game ball for not wasting another 3 hrs watching bad football. That was the first game I missed since 99.
froggy60 thanks for saving our butts mike,.
mr.lewis continues to play very hard whistle to whistle.....
at least your healthy and we can get some points....
thanks for not playing carson....
64superfan Alex Hall may be the "find" of the 2008 draft.
redright Willie gets a game ball for getting out of the way and forcing Romeo to put in a linebacker....HALL..... who has legs!!!!!!!!!
iwillpierceyou Derek saved his own ass with this game, although he had several errant throws. He just looks so darn inaccurate sometimes.
sfatteh2002 Eric Steinbach for playing through a painful injury, only if Stallworth would do the same! Alex Hall could be our future DE/LB, getting better and better each game..and Jamal for running hard, and being a leader on the sidelines.
vintage74 Half hearted attempt to pass out gameballs. I am just because we won by 8 when we should have won by 38.

Alex Hall, welcome to my fan club. Seriously, I don't need to see any more of Big Willie. Jamal, hard running buddy, even though you missed every cutback lane in the second half. Mike Adams gets one even though he's not half the man your mama was.
rich57 Thank you Carson for not playing.
gelsingerj Did I just vote for all defensive people? Adams and McDonald were all over the place.
mdoogal A Win is a Win no matter how ugly it was. I take back what I said about Mike Adams. He's actually progressing and at times looks like a legit safety. Great pressure at times by Rodgers, Wimbley, and Hall.
bsuhands88 I give the gameball to J.Lew, because he ran hard and proved once again that we need to get him his carries to control the clock and wear down the defense. I also gave Steinbach a shout-out for playing, maybe he should have a talk with Stallworth about how to fold up his "mangina lips" and play some football! McDonald looked pretty solid and continues to outplay Wright!
brownsfansc All around great efforts, just try to eliminate the penalties.
lynxis Major guts showed by Steinbach playing with a messed up shoulder. Rogers is a mean dude. I wouldn't wanna try to block that guy. Corners did well too.
oldeguarde NY Giants Defense. No way we could of won this with Palmer at QB. (Unless BQ QB'd the guys in white.)
brocko Mike Adams-Solid performance. I thought we were doomed when he was named our starting safety.
Alex Hall -- this guy's going to be a beast. He doesn't care and has freakish speed
Fans-- Gameball for still watching the Browns. This team is becoming more and more unbearable to watch each week.
roadpiechef Man--wait til this guy gets experience!!!
shrooney One for the fans for having to sit through some god awful football, Jamal for running hard and a nifty one-hand catch, Alex Hall for some good hustle on the outside
worthbuck12 Steinbach is a man among boys for playing today
bitcheswaveyellowtowels who ever knocked palmer out for this week should get the game ball.
morganskyler You have to be impressed with Winslow he is showing maturity and restraint in a bad situation, he's doing his job and keeping his mouth shut
dawgpoundr Difficult to watch, but a win is a win. Let's hope this carries over through the bye week.
plumpgrizzlybear -Steinbach is tough SOB.
-Alex Hall was a bright spot.
-Mike Adams reminds me of Brian Russell. Adams is always where he is supposed to be and rarely makes the stupid mistakes. He is a valuable member of this defense and I would find a way to have him on the field as much as possible when Sean Jones returns.
iupuiguy82 A win is a wasn't pretty but we'll take it...Now onto the Giants and another chance for Crennel.
chowdogg Hall for making a play and showing Wimbley how to sack the QB
Lewis ans Winslow for play hard even when the QB was throwing like a woman
Rogers for being our best NT since the return
adogbtown Winslow is the only guy on this team, besides Jamal Lewis, who consistently plays with any passion. Shaun Rogers had a nice game and the rook, Alex Hall, is making his presence felt big-time.
azbrowns Chud was smart to handcuff Derek Anderson as much as he could. The good thing is that the Browns won. The bad thing is that Derek Anderson bought himself more time. Such is life as a browns fan.....
buckeyeindenver Solid running by Jamal (although it's pathetic that things had to get to such a low point after last week before Chudzinski finally remembered he had a 1300 yard rusher on his offense).

Even better blocking by Vickers, who's just a monster out there. He may wind up being Savage's single best draft pick thus far.

And a very special game ball to Carson Palmer, for being too big of a wuss to actually get out there and play, thus allowing the Browns to sneak out an undeserved win. Apparently, Carson will crap all over Ohio football fans with his verbal diarrhea, but he won't man up and earn the money they pay him.
alamodawg1 Jamal is the constant professional and vet leadership trying to keep this team together before it becomes all unglued!
rutger Harrison, Winslow and Lewis.. The only disappointment I had on Lewis today was that he didn't drop Edwards on the sidelines..
slambar The Bengals deserve a gameball for being even more awful than the Browns.
kevinmrohr Alex Hall may be the best 7th round pick we've had in a while. Pool is making some plays. Winslow is Winslow.
czarayn WHAT! Just because the Browns won the Misery Bowl doesn't entitle anyone to a gameball; the playing on both sides of the ball was, at best, haphazard and the coaching, again, was comedic.
bobbymo Kudos to the coaching staff for finally getting Harrison involved. This would've been a blowout had DA been able to execute.
duperow40 Lewis ran hard and Wimbley and Hall made game changing plays on defense!
jsinct Awful. Pathetic. A Disgrace. All keys words in describing Derek Anderson's performance against Cincinnati. The biggest word though is amazing. Amazing in that he still has a job when he has so clearly deserved to lose it.
timrick If palmer plays we lose,,,
brbbva Steptoe made the most of his opportunities.
irishmutt for putting up with this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tpostdawg Alex Hall is fast becoming my favorite young player.
brownsman2002 Eric Wright deserved props for his INT but the fumble killed it for him.
schehlk Great effort by Harrison, I'd like to see him utilized more. McDonald seems to be getting better and better. Rogers is a beast in the middle. The defense is getting more and more confident each game. It would be nice to see the defense and offense come out running after the bye week.
chopper9 I give Eric Wright a half gameball half goat. Absolutely beautiful pick off turned sour. Sit your ass down after a pic off at midfield!!!!!!!!
beerthug Running game was good,... there would have been more touchdowns had DA tossed the ball so the receivers could get them. Special teams are always good.
fanofbrwns That Gatorade guy!!! He can play Quarterback better than the guy we have from Scappoose, Oregon.
dawgdc Alex Hall is a beast plain and simple and once Martin Rucker comes back he and Alex Hall will be the gems of this year's draft with Alex being the Crown!!! The kid just plays football and if we had 52 more just like him we would 4-0 now!!! Mike Adams was in the right place in the right time...he played a great game. I guess DQ is learning his position because he was around the ball alot and that 5 yard lost on Perry's screen play was beautiful.  Shaun is just an animal out there and I feel sorry for in center in the leg that weighs less than 290lbs hell make that 310lbs and I still feel sorry for you. Jamal gave everything Sunday Chud needs to keep using the baby Diesel all the time!!!!
salemdog My Gawd the Bungles are putrid.
lr44k Our defense is looking pretty good. Get a few people healthy and get the offense to stay on the field we could be pretty tough. We need to beat a hi caliber team and we will get that chance next time out. CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING. I'm going to wake up now!
ccclay57 Thank God Steinbach is a player, unlike Stallworth.
vegasdan Mike Adams is quietly putting together a really good season. Alex Hall is a surprise who has a great future if he stays healthy. He still has a lot of learning to do, but he is a real breath of fresh air. D'Qwell is a stud. He seems to get it. He is a great athlete and has a real nose for the football. I wish we could clone him.
hockeyman88 Sowells actually cleaned up a lot of Shaffer's mess.
spectredawgtalk How bad is it when the MVP of the game is the team from the week before for knocking out the opposing team's quarterback. We won a game we should've lost.
irishjt the fans deserve a game ball for actually watching that game
dawghowl Alex Hall: sealed the win with his sack and forced fumble. This kid looks like a steal for a 7th round pick.

Jamal Lewis: pounded the rock hard all day long and was really the only bright spot for us offensively through the first 3 quarters.

Shaun Rogers: Once again he was a beast collasping the pocket and taking on double teams. He was the main reason we were able to hold Chris Perry to just 28 yards rushing.
petedogg51 The only pro bowl player doing his job is Ryan Pontbriand!
mtsames Carson Palmer for not playing and their backup for being lousy .Chris Perry for fumbling and Ocho for not showing up to play.
clevelandcraig thats a W
mistofdeath With so many drops one must wonder is it the Q.B. thats the problem.
browndawgsteve Mike Adams - Very active and had a nice game
Jamal Lewis - Ran hard which has been missing in the last few games.
Brandon McDonald - Get this kid some experience and he will be a dominant Cb in this league.
Alex Hall - Needs more seasoning but has star potential.
apvic rogers was great even though he was dinged up..
our LB's played their best collective game in recent memeory...
very nice game by Vickers !!!
Lewis is a beast... never , ever quits..
Adams seems to be progressing every week.
muskiebuck no gameballs today. The Bengals lost this awful to watch game-the Browns didn't win it.
brownies Alex Hall looked really good again. Hopefully they old willy on the bench.
vadawglb McDonald is showing Wright how a CB should play.
Hall is going to be the steal of the draft once he gains some more experience.
Rogers is a beast.


Goat Comments
user gtComments
dawgedue f





williamcarideo What exactly is the definition of a short leash???
phelix17 Romeo must go.
drbomb Well, Lil' Sav and Klump - you proved you barely had enough talent to beat the Bungals without their starting QB. I hope you cherish this win because unless this team gets significantly better and fast, wins aren't going to be coming often and you guys will be out of a job. Somebody buy Willie McGinest a faster wheelchair and a longer cane.
racdawg should be a back up nothing more to inconsistent
naxos DA is one of the worst QBs I have ever seen and how RAC can turn a blind eye to him is beyond me.
sindustmark DA has lost his confidence and the team...
toad DA still looks average...
ikoiko Goats:
Romeo for getting the win in spite of himself.
Braylon for his stupid end zone antics.
Anderson for not getting himself benched.
fladawg1 The Tucker as DC experiment should end quickly. He couldn't muster a scheme that could fool a HS team, let alone a bad Bungles team. DA needs to sit, if this club wants to hold onto a one year flash, then let Quinn go.
hardy921 senile and a barbie
jaymesbawned How do you line up in the neutral zone that many times?!?!?! See the ball? don't put your head over it!!!
jerseybrownfan Another pathetic showing by Derek Anderson. He should of been pulled in the first half. Lucky for him his 2nd interception was negated by a Bungles penalty. Again I will say Romeo must be fired and Anderson shown the bench in favor of Brady Quinn. Mr. Lerner please wake up and smell the coffee. You are not going to go anywhere with Romeo Crennel. You are wasting your time if you let him keep his job. 4 years have shown us that he is not capable of moving the Browns into the same caliper of team as the other elite teams in the league. Right now the Browns are going backwards. They are the laughing stock of the league. Post game comments at the half by the commentators well they were laughing at the way the Browns and Bengals were playing. Bill Cowher said the Browns were playing offensive football meaning they were playing like a bunch of bumbling idiots. It just might be time to contact Cowher for the job. If he can't right this ship no one can.
brownsclown I know Donte is injured, but man could you help if you can run at all. O Line played OK, but Hadnot missed the safety blitz and Derek played. I know the punter hit a 60 yarder out of the end zone backed up, but he is inconsistent and cant seem to pouch or coffin corner. Not many goats but the team still didnt play well, but a win is a win
froggy60 is that actually da in that uniform or is Frye back again?
braylon you still have a long way to go...nice stupid penalties.
what is the junk your are playing on defense? you lack everything for being a dc....
donte you need to be in jail for theft of a paycheck.
64superfan Edwards needs to grow up or go back to Detroit. Anderson needs to either play consistently or head off to Kansas City. Time to gradually shift to a 4-3 and get some thumper LBs or our D will be on the field all game, every game.
griz13 Derek Anderson - Let's put it this way. You can put lipstick on a pig... but it's still a pig.

Romeo Crennel - Hmm. I probably can't use the lipstick line again, but it's applicable. He was a Carson Palmer start away from going 0-4.

Donte Stallworth - So let me get this straight. You were stretching and warming up in Week 1. I repeat, stretching and warming up. In process, you tweaked your groin.

The end result: You need six weeks to recover. Right. Got it.
redright Randy he the worse owner in the NFL????? Certainly makes Snider look good.
iwillpierceyou Seriously Eric Wright, don't go for the TD after the interception. At least hang on to the damn ball.
sfatteh2002 Romeo still cant manage games, at the end of the 1st half he should have called a timeout with 50second to work with! B.Edwards needs to grow up and be a team player, don't be pissed just because Michael Phelps is going to win the bet..Great INT Eric Wright, next time please secure the ball!
rooskiedawg Anderson SUCKS
vintage74 DA. This is the same defense, actually it is a worse defense that the one you threw 5 td's against last year. My fear has come true, you are officially a flash in the pan. At least you got paid enough to keep you comfortable for the rest of your life for your half season of stellar play in 07. Good Job buddy.

RAC, can you do me a favor? Check under that big belly of yours and see if there is still a pair down there. I seriously cannot watch anymore of this uninspired football (if that's what you wanna call it). Brady should have been the QB in the second half. I don't care if DA had a superb Chuck Fry type rating of 74.2 at the end of the game. We'll see how he does against a real defense under the bright lights in a couple weeks.

Louis Leonard, the little brown thing the Center (the guy who lets the QB put his hands up under his package) has in his hand is called a Footsball. You have to stay on your side of the FOOTSBALL big guy.
gelsingerj I am a huge Chud fan. I cannot figure out why he called the game he did. WHY 'O Why did we only run the ball inside the 10 on the first drive. A touchdown would have set a better tone to the game.
grouse what the hell is B. Edwards thinking with that ridiculous display in the end zone. He is a joke and a punk
dirtydave98 BE catch a TD (which is what ur paid to do)then do that stupid air guitar grow up RAC WTF?? DA is a lucky SOB Cincy had to jump OS on the int!
mdoogal Where to start? The penalties by the D-Line were inexcusable and sad. Without Palmer playing for the Bengals the Browns should have beat this team by at least three scores. After that terrible fourth down pass into the feet of Heiden should have been the debut of Brady Quinn. I think Romeo is hoping to right this ship with the bye week and getting everyone back healthy or he'll be a D-Coordinator for Notre Dame or the Patriots next year!
bsuhands88 Oh Romeo, I agree totally with John Taylor about this game. I am a loyal fan and love this team, but this win made me sick! The Bungals are terrible and had 5 TO's and we barely beat them. Now we have to stomach more Romeo's bullshit about how they played hard and finished a game, when the truth is they just proved we suck a little less than the Bungals! Now DA "Dumb Ass" gets a free pass to get us stomped by the Giants in two weeks and Brady stands there contemplating how he could at least make the team not afraid to call pass plays as they were yesterday. Braylon Edwards, you were and still are one of my favorite players, but never celebrate again until you actually look like the receiver you were last year. I mean more stupid penalties, and 3 catches for 22 yds and you think your Jimi Hendrix! Hey but no drops, so Kudos! Worst Win in Browns History!!!!!!!!!!
brownsfansc Throwing beer bottles, where do you think you are CLEVELAND!
lynxis Just 2 goats for Crennel this time. Had to give one to DA too. You come to expect the worst with these 2, and they never disappoint.
pumawolfe The coaching on this team is not up to professional standards--even low standards like ours. This is true in all phases. Each time our RB runs between the tackles THERE ARE NO HOLES. He has no choice but to run hard into our shoulder to shoulder line or bounce it outside. NO HOLES!! When the ball carrier has to stop in mid-stride and politely ask someone who is standing around to block for him, it is time for the special teams coach to get back to basics. And why does Jerome Harrison have to try to thread the needle to get between his blocker and the defender? Can't he just use his blazing speed to go around?
yomptondawg Once again he gets all three votes but my write in goes to Romeo...DA's play is summed up in one play. 4th and inches and you throw the ball to Heiden s feet WTF!!!
oldeguarde Romeo "worst clock manager in the NFL" Crennel where was your head at the end of the first half? engals fail to convert at 50 sec., then let the clock run down to 13 before calling time out to kick the field goal. Then you take your TO to ice the kicker???? That's 37 seconds gone. Tell me Romeo wouldn't it have been nice to have the ball at the Bengals 47 yard line with 42 seconds and not the 5 we wound up with.
brocko Edwards-- I hope he comes around. He has to drop the attitude.
Romeo-- I wish I had 100 more goathorns to give him. His football intelligence, inability to make decisions on the fly, as well as his undying loyaltoy to coaches and players that suck (i.e Maurice Carthon, Anderson) proves to me that he has to go NOW.
cavtrooper Everything that was reporter out of Berea this week was that every position was going to be looked at. Either the talent evaluation within this organization is so piss poor that it cant see which players are performing bad or people are afraid to make a decision. I have backed Savage and trusted that he would do whats right for this team but my eyes are now open. He failed to make a decision on the quarterbacks this off season and is continuing to do so this season. Something is dirty in Berea.
roadpiechef That was real classy, scumbag. Nice throw at Vickers! At least up here we need an obvious fix, and then stick to empty plastic.
shrooney Braylon what's with that end zone celebration, once again we look unorganized, penalties, questionable play calling, DA's confidence looked shot.
worthbuck12 Cousin got juked by Fitzpatrick...enough said
vt1983 Romeo - you're an embarrassment, boring, stupid...possibly the worst HC ever
DA = Dumb Ass QB, over rated, no competitive spirit.
Chud = pure Dud...boring, predictable...ever heard of play action when you're running on 1st down ~ 100% of the time?
repol Romeo must go. We play with no emotion. I have been a Browns fan since 1972 and may not watch another game while RAC is our coach. Four offside and again bad clock management at the end of the first half.
morganskyler How bad has Quinn looked in practice? DA gives us the best chance to win?
ncbeachdawg what was up with that late hit Edwards?? and the guitar solo which was probably a second or 2 from to a 15 yard penalty?!
youngbrownsfan I have been a browns fan for over 30 years and stuck with them through all the crap in that period but if they keep Romeo and the brand of OFFENSIVE foot ball I watched today I am Finally going to give up. What will it take to get rid of Anderson?? He flat sucks we took 4 quarters to let the bengals lay down when they were trying in the first quarter!!! Romeo is a moron what does Anderson know on romeo that he can get away with sucking that bad and stay on the field when Quinn a first rounder we gave up this years draft for is still in the wings??? why did we bother we could get another scrub off the damn waiver wire it we need to......
dawgpoundr Ugly win, but a win. Let's hope the Giants are as inept as the Bengals.
plumpgrizzlybear Steve Sanders arguing with DA on the sideline instead of working the play out was embarrassing. If I had a UDFA in a shouting match with my starting QB (deserved or not) he wouldn't be on the field for long time.
iupuiguy82 Jamal, its called a sidestep...All the great ones do it...Leonard learn where the neutral zone is...Anderson go practice writing because here comes Quinn!!
adogbtown It's getting to the point where DA and Romeo should be shoo-ins for a goat every week. Wright gets one as he gave up a TD to Ocho Cinco and then he gave the ball back to the Bungles when he tried to get too fancy on the INT return.
azbrowns Anderson didn't do anything any other quarterback in the NFL couldn't do in the NFL. RAC's stubbornness nearly cost the Browns the game. He should send a blank check to the Bengals defensive line for jumping offsides on Anderson's second pick. Louis Leonard needs to know where the line of scrimmage is. And I think I have seen enough of Shaffer. He should be a "cap casualty" this offseason.
buckeyeindenver Romeo still sucks. I fully agree with Frank Derry that the Bengals lost this game, not the Browns winning it. If Palmer had played, the Bungles would have won that game going away, and they're one of the worst teams in the league, so what does that say about Romeo's squad? The lackluster effort, the ridiculous procedure penalties, and the inability to see Anderson for what he is, a backup who had a handful of nice games last year, all fall on Romeo's shoulders.

Anderson still sucks, too. This guy simply is not a starting NFL QB. He piled up big numbers against bad teams, and now that he's been exposed, even an awful offense like Cincy's made him mostly ineffective. However, I'm glad he kept his job for one more week. I'd much rather he take the hellacious beating the Giants D will lay on whoever our QB is than have Brady suffer through it.

And Braylon is quickly turning back into the primadonna imbecile that he was two years ago, but without any production. Stupid penalty, arguing on the sidelines, and idiotic celebration after scoring his only TD of the year? Good for you, BE. You only need to score 16 more in the next 12 games to deliver the 17 TDs you promised. Something tells me you ain't gonna make it with your "T.O. lite" attitude.
sorrydawg I would rather you lose than played scared
alamodawg1 Romeo you only bought yourself some time which I will Lerner would grow some footBALLS and just can your azzz! Edwards stop talking and show boating and just friggin play!
cantondawg Can you please explain to me what Braylon Edwards was celebrating in the end zone? Glad to see he still remembers where it is! For this guy to complain on the sidelines and get into it with the opposing secondary is the greatest disrespect for the fans of this excuse for a team!
avonlakebacker73 not to mention his penalties
rutger RAC for the way he prepares this team every week,.. He should have been fired after the opener last year against the Steelers.. Anderson for the piss poor play when his job was supposedly on the line, or at least should have been under any other coach.. Edwards, when you're playing as badly as he has this year you don't start crap on the sidelines, you keep your mouth shut play and secondly because when you're playing as badly as he is don't do that BS crap in the endzone.. You show a little class and less look at me.. Get ride of this guy too.. He doesn't make a patch on Winslow's ass.. If I have to choose between the two of them, it's NO contest who I keep..
slambar Crennell got lucky that Cincy was playing their second best QB too!

Eric Wright, you're a DB, not a WR and especially not a RB! (good INT though)
robgraves777 stallworth for not being there again
zeke24 Catches 3 passes for 22 flipping yards, another stupid penalty, ranting on the sidelines, then he thinks it's a good time to go Pete Townshend. Yet another overpaid, selfish, me first athlete we have to watch. Uggh.
kevinmrohr Uh, why on earth did DA not see the bench? He's not throwing the ball well and he's not seeing the field. That'll make for a terrible performance every time. I'm not a big Brady Quinn fan, but he's gotta be able to do better than that. And the 4th and 1 "pass" if that's what you wanna call it, was just miserable. Braylon, when you've made one nice play in 4 weeks and about 50 bad ones, you don't get to go Pete Townsend on us. Maybe Keith Moon, as that would seem to appropriately indicate how insane you are for celebrating after finally making a play this year. It was a nice catch though, need to see more of that.

Overall, this may have been one of the worst performances labeled "professional" I've ever seen, referencing both teams. And I've had a doctor diagnose a knee sprain, which I now believe to have been an ACL tear, to be an upper respiratory infection.
czarayn The Browns win doesn't get Crennel off the hook. He still has to go as well as the whole of his coaching staff. Every aspect of coaching from the QB coach to the special teams coach sucks. And all this blame begins with Savage and his stubborn head coach: this fish, just like in Sicily, is rotting from the head down.
bobbymo Does anybody really think DA is the better quarterback at this point?
jsinct How many years does it take a coach -- even a defensive oriented one like Crennel -- to realize the offense has issues? Loyalty is one thing, but obviously the time for change has come.
rlohr Braylon Edwards needs to practice something other than his end zone celebration routine!
pissonpitt I'm glad they won, but Crennel had a perfect opportunity to see what Brady could have done in the second half. It's not like Anderson won the game for us. What's up with the block in the back on an interception? Come on Davis!
djw333 Are we going to see any football this year?
brbbva Harrison blew it on a couple of his opportunities. He needs to play smarter when he gets the ball.
irishmutt for putting up with this crap week in and week out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
80sboy worst. win. ever.
fair hooker Anderception still playing after the half? Are you kidding me?
slug69 Chudzinski for planning an offense to
hide Anderson's dark side.
brownsman2002 Crennel is an idiot.
schehlk This is the time where everyone needs to support each other. As timing issues improve so will the wins. The team will need to be totally clicking to beat the Giants, Redskins, etc... Stallworth you need to earn your money and get back in the game and Wright get the INT and stay out of the crowd.
chilehead Fire Romeo! He can't call a game or manage a clock - idiot!
chopper9 Jeers to the coaching staff for not putting in Quinn in the 2nd half. How much more do you have to see before you pull the trigger? Cowards.
williefox Romeo Crennel has to be the worst coach in the NFL - to not play Quinn in spite of Anderson's horrible performance is pathetic.
clevthom All my goat horns go to Crennel. He is a stubborn JACKASS!!! Again this team was not prepared to play pro wait, I mean muni-league football. The team just looks like they have no football IQ. A reflection of the coach I am sure. The only reason we won is because the Bengals under performed us.
beerthug DA needs help. He needs his confidence back. Coaches need to do something. Help the boy!
fanofbrwns Hindsight, Armchair Quarterbacks all said we should have traded DA. We should trade him to KC for a sixth round pick or maybe some Skittles. He the last dagger from Model cause he's killing us with his poor decisions!
yardman9 Romeo Crennel's diet
dawgdc Braylon Edwards needs to stay out of his own scrap book....your a bush league wideout that made dumb-arse play after play. The touchdown celebration after not doing anything all year was crazy and let's not talk about they unnecessary roughness penalty was insane!!! Romeo, if you want to get fired just resign save of us all the frustration...You should have pulled DA at half period HELL make that the 1st quarter. DA you suck period you playing like Charlie Frye!!!
Corey and Leonard WTF how many times did you combine to line-up in the neutral zone? 8 to 10 times WOW!!!!!
salemdog Once again, nice clock management Romeo. Defensive line - See ball, STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF IT!! Nice INT Eric. Next time don't give the ball back to them.
lr44k BE thinks he's already made it to hollywood. DA was very very bad for 3 qtrs. Maybe the cobwebs cleared when he realized he'd better pull this out or he will be replaced for the rest of the season. The Browns will get nothing for DA in off season if they were to do that. Only injury will bring a change at QB or maybe a blowout either way. Jason Wright almost got DA beheaded on a blitz.
ccclay57 Leonard needs to be educated on what the line of scrimmage is. And now we know why Harrison doesn't see the field more. I had Deja Vu with Braylon. Was that Charlie Frye he was arguing with?
vegasdan DA just doesn't have a clue, although I have to admit he started looking better in the 2nd half. But, then again, how could he have looked worse than in the 1st half? He should not be the starter. Period. Romeo is a stubborn fool whose ego is negatively affecting this team. And, Chud has got to be less predictable. We were guessing plays at the Browns bar in Vegas and were right over 50% of the time. If idiots like us had an idea of what was coming...
spectredawgtalk How bad is it when a win feels almost like a loss, knowing that one decent drive is somehow going to mask the abysmal crap before in Romeo's eyes and keep DA the starter going out of the bye? If that first half of a 20 QB rating wasn't enough to put in Brady, what else can qualify?
dawghowl Derek Anderson: He was awful for the first 3 quarters of the game. He still locks onto receivers and throws into coverage way too much.

Romeo Crennel: I am getting sick of his decisions, he should of given Quinn the opportunity to play in this game. Three awful quarters of just pitful QB play and he sticks with Anderson. We are lucky The bungals are a bad team and they had an even worse QB starting today.

Braylon Edwards: Where is his focus? He acted like a hot head out there. Just a stupid 15 yard penalty after JL had picked up a first down. Then his little rant on the sidelines with DA. He ran his mouth all game long and there is no reason for it. I thought he had matured but im really beginning to wonder where his head is and if he is even focused out there.
brownsrthebest04 really how much more?
petedogg51 Donte is stealing money Call the Cops!!!!!!!
mtsames Romeo, against a good team your screwed.Draw the paychecks while you can.
livedoctor This Triumverate of Savage, Anderson, and Crennel must go. Alabama would have beaten the Browns this week.
predator94warrior A PATHETIC "Victory" in score only. BQ BQ BQ BQ BQ BQ BQ Come on Romeo, no one could be this clueless
mistofdeath Ugly but a win is a win.
browndawgsteve Crennel - How this man still has his job is amazing. I would just ask that he try Quinn. What's to hurt...O sucks right now anyway.
Anderson - Needs to get control of the team and start making some plays or keep Ken warm on the sideline.
Lerner - I know you can't keep firing coaches but a move needs to be done ASAP.
Louis Leonard - How many times can you line up wrong?????
apvic terrible performance by DA.... again!!!!

why is it always something so stupid by our "D".. 4 off sides by my count and a QB running wild on us?? makes no sense at all.

BE has regressed so far in his maturity that he is hurting the club again. Maybe he should train with Lewis in the off sesaon and get out of the pool !!!

Williams continues to look like a bust to me... pick it up son !!!
muskiebuck Crennel is the "goat" of the game for keeping an inept and misfiring Anderson in as QB. Ridiculous. That Anderson finally threw some completions against probably the worst defense in the entire NFL proves nothing about his performance or Crennel's judgment. The worst thing about yesterday's game was that it preserved Crennel's job-and his terrible judgment-for another week, forcing us to watch this crapola.
brownies Romeo can't get this team to look good against the sorry A$$ bungles, what a shame. DA needs to go
drumslayer Braylon has no business celebrating nothing.
vadawglb Anderson you need to wake up and start trusting all your weapons.
Edwards you scored a TD act like you've done it before, especially after all the drops this year.
Chud you need to keep your offense open an entire game and not just the 4th QTR.

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