Fan View: Savage's Remarks Unsurprising

Jeff Biletnikoff is from Erie, Pa, which can be tough for Browns fans in a Steeler-dominant era. Jeff looks at some of Phil Savage's recent comments and offers his own spin...

What else did you expect Phil Savage to say or do?

He is fully responsible for putting the product on the field out there, better known as "the pig," so it's not a surprise that he's putting lipstick on it.

In fact, the department stores all over Northeast, OH probably have lipstick on back order after the quotes I read from him on The OBR today.

Lips of ladies in Cleveland will be looking a little bare come October thanks to the mess in Berea.

If you haven't read his quotes, check out these beauties.

"We've spent three-plus years trying to put this team together and get our best players onto the field," Savage said a day after the Browns beat the Bengals for their first win this season. "I know for a fact 1,000 percent -- I've talked to people around the league, people who have been in this business a long time, coaches, front office types -- you don't go blowing things up after a couple games. We've had a dry spell for the first couple weeks, but you're not going to do it and be successful in this league.

"There has not been any thought to really changing quarterbacks or changing the coach or any of that. That's not the thing to do at this juncture of the season. You have to give the people a chance to pull themselves out of the situation."

"This isn't the start that we wanted, but at the bye we are going in with better momentum," Savage said. "We have enough good players, enough people around (Anderson) and he's a good enough talent with his ability that we're going to pull out of this and have our best football in front of us with him as the quarterback. We have got to help him play better. We have got to put him in positions to be successful."

I hate to burst Mr. Savage's bubble but this isn't dry spell of a couple weeks. It's in fact a 3-year (going on 4) dry spell.

I was willing to give them a pass after season 1. Even season 2. Season 3 was looking up but they still missed the playoffs. Season 4 it should all come together.

Has it?

Correct me if I'm wrong but does the product on the field resemble a team on the rise?

Have the Browns ever ranked statistically high in defense? Did they really beat anyone of any consequence last year? Do they continually fail to get up for big games? Have they beaten Pittsburgh in the whole Savage/Crennel era? Do they make stupid penalties that are born out of a lack of discipline by the coaching staff? Has the team looked absolutely abysmal the first 4 games, including the game where they actually won?

I'm sure you could ask rhetorical questions of your own and depress me just like I've probably depressed you.

Check out the rest of their schedule with a cold, hard look at reality. Tell me how many wins you see.

In fact, let's try this together and I'll be super easy on them as well.

New York Giants at home. Big stage. Game they should be up for but won't be against the defending Super Bowl Champs. Do you see 1-4 after this game? I do.

At Washington. Let's see. Dallas waxed the Browns at home and the Redskins just beat the Cowboys at home. My math says Browns are sitting at 1-5 after this tilt.

Baltimore at home. You gotta figure having a rookie QB will catch up with the Ravens at some point. The Browns aren't as good as Baltimore but let's be nice and give them this game. They'll claw up to 2-6 after this.

Denver at home. Do you see the Cleveland D containing the explosive Denver O? I can't really see the Browns hanging with the Broncos in a shootout. The record will stand at 2-7 after this game.

Buffalo away. The Bills are playing tougher defense and improving every week with a punishing ground game,a young improving QB, and a group of skill players that are coming into their own. Wasn't that supposed to be the script of the Browns this year? The Bills have stolen the Cinderella Moniker from Cleveland and by the end of this game will have sent the Browns to a 2-8 mark.

Houston at home. Houston always finds a way to be even worse than Cleveland most years. I'll be nice and assume they'll help the Browns get back to their winning ways. It could go either way but like I said, I'm being super nice. 3-8.

Indianapolis at home. Peyton Manning versus Derek Anderson. Pass Rush Specialist Dwight Freeney versus Pass Rush Specialist Kamerion Wimbley. Reggie Wayne versus Braylon Edwards. Joseph Addai versus Jamal Lewis. Kellen Winslow versus Dallas Clark. Hey, the Browns are (barely) better in one of those battles. They won't be better after the final gun. 3-9.

Tennessee away. HA! I can't even type anymore because this is way obvious. 3-10.

Philadelphia away. See above. 3-11.

Cincinnati at home. They're actually worse than the Browns. 4-11.

Pittsburgh away. Do you actually think the streak ends as the Browns limp into Pittsburgh for the season finale? Nah. 4-12.

Do you disagree with any of my evaluations above? Fine. Let's be SUPER SUPER SUPER nice and let the Browns steal 3 of the above games.

That means the Browns have to find 3 victories among the losses I counted among Pittsburgh away, Philadelphia away, Tennessee away, Indianapolis at home, the Bills away, Denver at home, Jacksonville away, Washington away and the Giants at home.

Honestly, can you see 3 additional wins squeezed out of the group above based on the play of the team weeks 1-4?

For sake of argument, let's say miracles of miracles happen and they do beat 3 of those teams.

That still leaves them at 7-9. 3 full games below where they were last year.

Year 1- 6-10. No playoffs. No Pittsburgh wins.

Year 2- 4-12. No playoffs. No Pittsburgh wins.

Year 3-10-6. No playoffs. No Pittsburgh wins.

Year 4- 7-9. No playoffs. No Pittsburgh wins. (Remember, I was being SUPER SUPER SUPER nice in giving them 7 wins but I still can't see a Pittsburgh victory this year).

So, the BEST we can hope for in year 4 of Savage/Crennel is 7-9.

Seems to me that the ones that brought the current product (better known as "the pig") into town should ride it out of Cleveland along with all their empty lipstick cases and make room for someone that can actually bring something more than a below average football product to the North Coast.

Too bad that probably won't happen anytime soon.

Phil Savage is sounding more and more like Carmen Policy every day. I wonder if he's scouting winery locations in CA during the bye week?

I wish he would.

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