"Whatever It Takes"

Another bad showing in front of the home crowd has veterans Tim Couch, Kenard Lang, Corey Fuller, and Jamel White trying to pin down the problem. Meanwhile, Kevin Bentley gears up to return, and Wali Rainer remains angry at his old coach. David Carducci brings us the very latest...

COUCH PRESSING AT HOME ... Tim Couch thinks he knows why he has struggled this season at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

"I'm trying to do too much," said Couch.

His desire to make the big play and get the fans on his side has led to his consistently trying to force the ball into tight situations. The result - seven interceptions and just four touchdown passes in leading the Browns to just one win in four starts at home this season.

"I am going out the next home game and try to be more calm," Couch pledged.

"There is no excuse for not performing as well in your home stadium as you do on the road. We will get it figured out. I'll do whatever it takes."

BENTLEY BACK? ... The Browns should get rookie linebacker Kevin Bentley back Sunday in Jacksonville. Bentley missed the last three weeks after breaking his hand in a Nov. 3 loss to the Steelers, but is not listed on this week's NFL injury report.

Bentley said he expects to return to his old role as a nickel linebacker, but then he thought he would be back last week, too. He said he has no idea why the coaches decided to put him on the inactive list against Carolina.

"I could have played," said Bentley. "The first week, I was coming off surgery. But last week, I honestly don't know why I was (inactive) ... To my knowledge, before I broke my hand, I was playing well. I've done everything in practice."

RAINER STILL MIFFED ... The Browns will face an old friend Sunday in Jacksonville in Jaguars' middle linebacker Wali Rainer.

Unfortunately, the relationship between Rainier and his former team is not very friendly. The Browns dumped Rainer in a draft-day deal, and Rainer still has bitter feelings for the way he was dismissed by Butch Davis.

"I'm a man, and I feel like I can handle the good with the bad," said Rainer. "I really wanted the respect to tell me to my face before I had to hear it in the papers. My wife had to hear it, everybody had to hear about it before it got to me."

SENSE OF URGENCY ... Defensive tackle Kenard Lang said he has noticed a change in the Browns locker room since Sunday's disappointing loss to the Panthers.

"It's more serious," said Lang. "It's always be serious, but it's not the same playful atmosphere. It's more like everyone is on pins and needles.

"Everyone knows that if we don't play well and we don't make the playoffs, the first people to go is the players. The coaches aren't leaving, coach Davis isn't leaving."

According to Lang, the sense of urgency that players' jobs might be on the line could lead to a new sense of urgency on Sundays

"You know that your job is not secure if you don't do your job," said Lang. "If the fear factor is not enough (to motivate you), then you are not a human being ... If not, then you are in the wrong profession."

RELYING ON FANS? ... None of the players in the Browns locker room can put their finger on why the Browns have struggled at home and played so well on the road.

Jamel White said attitude could have something to do with the Browns' road success.

"On the road, there are just 46 of us, and it is just us," said White. "We know that we have to rely on eachother ... and that gives us an attitude."

White said the Browns don't have that same us-against-the-world attitude at home.

"We rely on the fans," said White. "Like on third down, we rely on them to get rowdy."

Corey Fuller said the fans should never be a factor, at home or on the road.

"We are professionals. You have to gear yourself up for a football game," said Fuller. "When we walk out on the field, we have to know we have to win.

"At home or away, the fans shouldn't help or hurt you. They can't come out on the field. All they can do is scream and holler. If it affects you, you are in the wrong business. You should be in the insurance game."

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