Tales From the Inbox

Lane Adkins answers the latest questions to hit his message board in-box: How safe are RAC and DA? How close - really - were the Browns to pulling Derek Anderson? And more...

Q: Rumors continue to swirl that the Browns may do something with the head coach and QB if they lose to the Giants. Do you see this likely or as a possibility?

LA: No on the head coach and depends on the play of the offense and the QB. If the offense struggles and the issue is not strictly QB related, I can see the head coach remaining steadfast behind the QB.

To me, this game is it for the Browns. If the Giants come out and run over the Browns, at 1-4 the season is close to being done - at least as far as those playoff aspirations were concerned. While the head coach has not lost his team, a non-competitive loss would only create increased intensity within the locker room and organization.

A win would only build the confidence of the organization, as well as show some promise that staying-the-course is ultimately the right decision.

Q: How close was Romeo Crennel to pulling the plug on Derek Anderson against the Bengals? And, did the coach stay with him longer due to how well the Cincinnati defense played?

LA: I have been led to believe Anderson was a poor series away from being pulled. It is difficult to say with 100% certainly, but I was told Crennel was as close as he'd ever been to pulling his QB for the 'other guy'.

And yes, the Bengals have been competitive - but still find ways to lose games.

Q: I have read a couple reports that the Browns and Kansas City Chiefs have talked about a deal for QB Brady Quinn. Is this true and what are the odds of something occurring?

LA: Yes, we have been told the Chiefs have indeed inquired about Quinn - and they have not been the only team that expressed some level of interest going back to the off-season.

With the state of the Cleveland offense right now and uncertainty coming from the starter, I would be surprised to see this organization deal the second-year player unless we run into one of those offers that are too good to pass on.

Q: Of all the injuries which do you see as being the one which has had the biggest negative reaction on the team to this point?

LA: The quad strain of WR Donte Stallworth stripped this offense of experience and a much-needed threat at the position and provided the opposition an easier task on game day. The loss of offensive lineman Ryan Tucker has been bigger than many realize, as this line is much better with the veteran manning a position along the right-side.

Q: It seems like there is an injury that could or should have been avoidable every season. Has there been that type of injury for this Browns team this season?

LA: I guess we could note OLB Antwan Peek as fitting into this category. Peek, coming off knee surgery in training camp, returned to the practice field prior to the season opener. The veteran was limited in practice and proceeded to blow his patella tendon while running special teams drills - limited... special teams drills... sprinting? What is wrong with this picture or the coach of this unit,Ted Daisher? It was poor judgement to say the least.

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