Tarcy: The Mirage

Today, we welcome Brian Tarcy back to the pages on the Orange and Brown Report, as he has offered to bring some sunshine into our gloom-and-doom proceedings of late. He sees something good. It's a mirage, but he sees it...

Yum, Kool-Aid!

I am virtually alone on what I still believe is a perfectly good bandwagon wondering if there is new bridge construction in Cleveland, or perhaps an unusually large surplus of cheap rope?

What other reason could there be for so many people prematurely jumping off of this moving bandwagon.

Okay, it's not currently moving.

But it can move, and it will.

While the Cleveland Browns sit at a pathetic 1-3 preparing for a Monday Night match-up against what appears to be the best football team on the planet, my rose-colored glasses are still working fine and I recommend you come aboard this bandwagon while there are seats available.

There are lots of seats available on this Browns bandwagon.

The losers and whiners have jumped off already. Some who wear a #10 jersey to church refuse to get on, while others who always want to fire everybody won't get on until everybody is fired and replaced by a new group that they will want to fire.

But that doesn't mean all of the doubters are right. It merely means - to use a current metaphor - that the market is in a downturn and once some healthy bodies are infused into the system, the bailout will be ready to work.

This is the week for that to happen.

Plus Derek Anderson isn't as bad as he's looked. Braylon Edwards really can catch the ball and Romeo Crennel, despite evidence to the contrary, has taken at least one math class in his life.

It's a 16-game season, darn it.

The defense hasn't been bad and it is going to get better. And all those injured guys are on their way back just like the cavalry in a John Wayne movie.

This brings me back to Derek Anderson. Last year, for the first time since I was singing "Bernie, Bernie," - which I did as a decades- (plural) younger man - I found a quarterback who provided real excitement.

Better yet, he provided 29 touchdowns.

I know that you can't live in the past. But sometimes the present is too painful and the future is too scary so if I find solace in the recent past of my choosing to help me deal with the present and look to the future, then please allow me my delusions which are at least as good as anybody else's.

I am drinking straight from a keg of Kool-Aid on the bandwagon and loving it!

This is mostly because all other alternatives stink.

Here's the deal. I am sick of new coaches. I am tired of new quarterbacks. I saw a lot of success last year and I've seen some really bad play early in this season.

But enough of the bad play is understandable for all of the reasons cited by those who cite reasons, although none of it is excusable.

Still, I contend that if Braylon Edwards caught that bomb in the first quarter of the first game, the entire first part of the season would have turned out differently.

There is plenty of time for the team to catch some momentum. And it starts this Monday Night against the world champions.

Beating the team that humiliated them on national TV in the preseason would be just the right way to turn around the Karma and the season and prove that the Browns just started preseason four games later than everybody else. The season begins this week.

And if not this week then following week… probably.

For sure the week after.


Brian Tarcy is the creator of www.Whatzgonnahappen.com, www.freecheezeburgerz.com and the author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide To NASCAR."

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