Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Another terrific chat with Adam this week... here's the transcript!

Adam Caplan: hi all

<LittleBuzz> Prediction for monday?
Adam Caplan: LB: You don't want to know, lol

<racdawg> Hi adam

<brianshf> Can the Browns oline, assuming Tucker plays, keep DA relatively clean?
Adam Caplan: BRI: Tucker's return would help but he hasn't been seeing the field clearly, he moves away when pressure isn't there
Adam Caplan: bad sign

Adam Caplan: I was at NFL Films yesterday, watched NYG offense, they are really good

<brianshf> nerves frayed?
Adam Caplan: BRI: I think he's a little frantic

<racdawg> Anything to the rumers of Chiefs wanting too give up two #1s for Quinn?
Adam Caplan: RAC: No way
Adam Caplan: makes no sense

<LittleBuzz> Adam, should i start Plaxico Burress in my fantasy league?
Adam Caplan: LIT: Hell yes
Adam Caplan: he has like 7-8 inches on their CBs

<brianshf> so how do we stop them?
<brianshf> does it start with getting pressure or stopping Jacobs?
Adam Caplan: BRI: They have to find a way to get pressure on Manning, it won't be easy, they have perhaps the best OL in the league as a unit
Adam Caplan: they rarely make mistakes
Adam Caplan: They have to control the run as well
Adam Caplan: and Derrick Ward could be the best backup RB in the league
Adam Caplan: NYG OL is very cohesive, they have been together for three years

<samdawg32> Will Jerome Harrison see more snaps on Monday nite?
Adam Caplan: SAM: I think he's getting chance of pace touches now
Adam Caplan: saw that in the last two games

<LittleBuzz> Any chances we see Quinn in the game aside from injuries?
Adam Caplan: LITTE: Only if DA plays really poorly

<NapEsq> why is romeo afraid to play quinn
Adam Caplan: NAP: They are still in the hunt at 1-3 so he sees no need to pull the plug yet

<dogguitars> Ex Brown on that OL also
Adam Caplan: DOG: O'Hara is good, but RG Chris Snee could be the best at his position in the NFL

<racdawg> Any chance of Trader Phil making a deal before the deadline?
Adam Caplan: RAC: Only thing I could see is a future pick for a WR or depth at CB or DL

<samdawg32> Will the Browns Def. gamble with pressure and blitzes or play bend & break v the Giants?
Adam Caplan: SAM: I would blitz Manning a lot, he turns his head at the sign of pressure and also back peddles a little bit still

<NapEsq> in your opinion do you see browns making up 3 games on Steelers based on the schedule?
Adam Caplan: NAP: Not with that defense

<dogguitars> Is it realistic he would give up picks? To make something happen now
Adam Caplan: DOG:I can see giving up conditional late rounders only

<ramllov> Hey Adam, Jerome Harrison, what is his contribution on Monday night?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Maybe 5-7 touches

<BigDaddy78> Did I miss the part about how bad its gonna be yet?
Adam Caplan: BIG: My prediction is....31-10 CLE

<BigDaddy78> Nice man, good one, I hope it comes to pass....
Adam Caplan: I mean 31-10 NYG
<BigDaddy78> crap
Adam Caplan: NYG is so well balanced on offense

<NapEsq> that's my point; it makes sense to use quinn and run the more controlled west coast offense they've shown this year; really have nothing to lose; continuity for losing is not the way to turn this team around
Adam Caplan: NAP they don't run the WCO

<brianshf> is ny the best team in the NFL right now?
Adam Caplan: BRI: Yes then TEN

<ramllov> Adam, could JL and JH work in the same backfield, with JH catching passes out of the backfield to loosen up the opposing defense?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Anything is possible but I'd rather see Harrison come in on third downs or as a change of pace

<BigDaddy78> Romeo said something about making tthem concerned, how is he going to get our boys to do that?

<brianshf> Ten... even with Kerry Collins?
Adam Caplan: BR: He's been fine so far, problem they have is at WR
Adam Caplan: they may make a move there

<brianshf> would they take Stallwoirth?
Adam Caplan: BRI: Lol, he did play at U of Tenn
Adam Caplan: Browns actually need Hurtworth
Adam Caplan: badly actually
Adam Caplan: to stretch the field

<samdawg32> OH I want Tennesses' O & D lines for Christmas!
Adam Caplan: SAM: And their secondary
Adam Caplan: too
Adam Caplan: NYG WRs are really deep

<boozer2> do you think Savage really believes the bs he stated in the last address or is that pure spin on our lousy situation?
Adam Caplan: BOOZ: I really tend not to pay attention too much to what he or other GMs say in season
Adam Caplan: half of what they say is damage control
Adam Caplan: And I don't think some of his comments about RAC were exactly backing him up
Adam Caplan: especially in the radio interviews I heard

<youngcouple442> do you believe with a better coach that we would be in the same spot as we are now?
Adam Caplan: YOU: Problem is you can't control injuries
Adam Caplan: but I think some players are still underachieving

<NapEsq> isn't opie himself on the hot seat for poor drafting i.e.kamerion "gumby one move" wimbley
Adam Caplan: NAP: Wimbley had a great first season, can't dispute that but last season and so far this season he has regressed.
Adam Caplan: No one has an answer
Adam Caplan: and they have no pass rush
Adam Caplan: that hurts the coverage
Adam Caplan: front seven is starting to play a little better though
Adam Caplan: overall

<hpschlos> Adam what is one glaring weakness of the Giants that the Browns will need to exploit on Monday Night?
Adam Caplan: HP: They don't have one
Adam Caplan: you have to pressure Manning into mistakes

<DawgHowl> adam: do we have any chance against the giants?
Adam Caplan: DAW: 15% chance
Adam Caplan: to lose by seven or less

<NapEsq> is there any thought to switching to 4-3 defense since talents seems better suited and lb's are weak?
Adam Caplan: NAP: None at this point

<hpschlos> outside of the Redskins, who have they really played this season?
Adam Caplan: HP: I could care less who they have played, I go by what I see
Adam Caplan: they are the most balanced team in theNFL
Adam Caplan: you have to see their tape
Adam Caplan: really blown away
Adam Caplan: by what they do schematically

<BigDaddy78> If thats the case, how did Cincy take them into OT?
Adam Caplan: BIG: Bengals went with a short passing game which worked but in the end, NYG found a way to win
Adam Caplan: they destroyed SEA last week
Adam Caplan: wasn't even competitive

<BigDaddy78> So Romeo sees these tapes?
Adam Caplan: BIG: Yep

<DawgHowl> adam if DA has another bad half against the Giants will Crennel finally pull him in favor of Quinn?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Depends how close the game is
Adam Caplan: And CLE has to commit to running the ball early and often
Adam Caplan: even if they don't get a lot of big gains
Adam Caplan: they must find balance

<ramllov> Adam, what do you expect from Donte Stallworth's contribution on Monday?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They will get him deep a few times
Adam Caplan: to make NYG respect the pass a bit
Adam Caplan: that's really why they signed Stallworth

<ramllov> Adam, Have you heard this week if the Browns passing game is finally clicking?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They haven't played in two weeks so hard to tell, we should know prett early on Monday night, good thing they are coming off of the bye though
Adam Caplan: to get timing back

<samdawg32> Alex Hall--how is he grading out & how high do you see as his ceiling?
Adam Caplan: SAM: I think they are happy with him so far, he could continue to play a decent amount
Adam Caplan: they are very desperate to find a pass rush some how

<BigDaddy78> BLITZ BLTZ BLITZ, take some chances for once
Adam Caplan: BIG: I agree, that's their only chance to stop NYG passing game

<ramllov> Adam, Jamal Lewis does not look like he did the second half of last year. What is wrong?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I think he was better in last few games
Adam Caplan: and injured OL hasn't helped either

<hpschlos> Will Sean Jones be back on the field Monday?
Adam Caplan: HP: Outside chance.
Adam Caplan: today was a light practice, key is Friday and Saturday

<BigDaddy78> and bring those corners up, and hit them, knock them off their routes.
Adam Caplan: BIG: Wouldn't hurt
Adam Caplan: CLE, according to the tape I watched, plays mix of zone and man
Adam Caplan: I have to think they go zone
Adam Caplan: they can't handle Burress and their deep WRs
Adam Caplan: and Domenik Hixon is very underrated
Adam Caplan: I think he did well against CLE in preseason
Adam Caplan: too

<wsu99> Can RAC do enough on Monday to get canned?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Doubt it.

<BigDaddy78> Hixon did leave last weeks game , a little banged up?
Adam Caplan: BIG: I think he will play
Adam Caplan: concussion
Adam Caplan: wasn't that bad

<Chidawg> Adam, can Turner (Atl) keep up his current pace?
Adam Caplan: CHI: He does well against bad run Ds, struggles against tough ones

<hpschlos> You think the Browns will execute the Wildcat ala Ronnie Brown with Josh Cribbs??
Adam Caplan: HP: Not a bad idea actually
Adam Caplan: they had a similar play when I was at camp

<Bizzizz> Do you think Tucker will play monday? And would he fill in at RT or RG if he did?
Adam Caplan: BI: RG I would think if he gets cleared.

<isentintheclowns> everytime the do something with cribbs its always run, when will we see a pass? they almost seem too conservative playing not to lose instead of playing to win
Adam Caplan: IS: I'd like to see them pass out of that
Adam Caplan: BTW, that layoff could help Cribbs' ankle
Adam Caplan: heal
Adam Caplan: he hasn't been the same since he got hurt
Adam Caplan: not explosive
Adam Caplan: on tape

<wsu99> If you were running the Browns, would you start at the top and replace everyone starting with Savage on down or start at the head coach on down?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Ask me later in the season when that's more relavent

<ramllov> Adam, how well can JL run against the Giants, with the addition of Ryan Tucker?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I think if they are more committed to the run they can run inside
Adam Caplan: when Tuck is at DE

<ramllov> Adam, the Browns have missed a healthy Cribbs for their lack of good field position after various kicks?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He hasn't been himself so the bye could help him there
Adam Caplan: field position and just explosive plays

Adam Caplan: ALL: good chat, see you next week

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