Taylor's Circling the Browns

John Taylor has been digging. Here's what he's come up with regarding Quinn-to-KC rumors, K2's medical issues, and the mesh of the net which is under Romeo Crennel right now. Must reading.

All of this Brady Quinn-to-Kansas City trade talk needs to cease and desist right now. Barring a major shift in organizational philosophy – i.e. a package delivered to the same zip code as the Herschel Walker trade a little more than 19 years ago – neither Quinn nor Derek Anderson are going anywhere in 2008. Within the last 24 hours, two Browns sources have told The OBR the Browns have repeatedly rebuffed any attempt at a trade for one of their QBs and "will continue to do so if and when the next team calls."

One source intimated that the Chiefs, under fire from both their fans and the media due to the state of their QB situation, have floated these rumors to certain members of the national and Kansas City media in an effort to appease the angry mob that's growing around them.

-- Now, as to the Kellen Winslow "nether regions" story…

Multiple sources The OBR has spoken to over the past three days have refused to comment one way or the other on the recent Pro Football Talk report regarding the tight end's "situation". On- or off-the-record, no source – not a single, solitary one – would even hint that "Doubtful (swollen testicles)" was the reason behind Winslow's extended hospital stay.

It's also been rumored that Winslow underwent surgery during his stay at the Cleveland Clinic, but, again, no source would either confirm or deny a medical procedure had taken place.

Of course, the silence on the issue from all of the camps involved tends to – right or wrong – lend credence to the report.

-- Yes, Joe Jurevicius is eligible to come off the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list; no, he is not remotely ready to get back on the football field. That being said, there are no indications from those close to the situation that Jurevicius has any intention of retiring at this point in time. It is likely, however, that the wide receiver will be placed on season-ending injury reserve at some point in the next two weeks.

-- Over the last month or so, this space has reported that firing Romeo Crennel before the end of the regular season is not off the owner's table. When asked yesterday if said table still had a place-setting for Randy Lerner, a source told The OBR that "the possibility of (an in-the-season coaching replacement) is still there." That doesn't mean that Crennel will not be fired at some point this season. That doesn't mean he will, either. All it means is that any and all options regarding the head-coaching position are still on the table for the organization.

-- Interesting comment from a NFL front office-type regarding the supposed support Romeo Crennel has received from Phil Savage: "If Crennel is fired, where does the onus for the last four years shift to?"

Asked for further explanation on the above, the source obliged: "You have a general manager in Cleveland who has the exact same (won/loss) record as the head coach. It's exactly the same. (Savage) is pretty much insulated from the heat so far though. You remove that head coach from the equation, and all eyes will be focused on a person who doesn't have the greatest personnel track record. (Savage) can talk publicly all he wants (about supporting Crennel), but behind the scenes (pause) (longer pause) what's good for fan consumption doesn't (pause) I'll just say that the public speak (coming from Savage) doesn't necessarily match the buzz going around the league (when it comes to the state of the Browns' head-coaching position)."

When told of the comments, a Browns source said, "A league source, eh? I guess opinions are like (rectums). Listen, (Savage) will publicly back anyone who is his head coach. But that doesn't mean it's the dreaded ‘vote of confidence' some people see it as. Let this season play out a little more before letting people outside the organization shape how the team's hierarchy thinks."

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