1st Quarter Ends: Browns 3, Giants 0

The Browns have looked surprisingly good against the Giants and lead by a field goal after one quarter. The big play - a 49-yard catch and run by WR Braylon Edwards...

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KICKOFF: Browns get the ball first as Carney boots to Cribbs, who can't catch the ball, which bounces into the end zone for a touchback.

FIRST SERIES (BROWNS): DA does a three-step drop and fires the ball somewhere in the general vicinity of Donte Stallworth. It's not caught, so the Giants can turn down the offsides penalty. Great start, fellas. On second down, Lewis bulls his way up the middle for six.

Then DA drops and hits Braylon Edwards on a short pass, where Edwards has a step on Aaron Ross and he tears it up for 49-yards, by far the longest play of the year for the Browns.

With the ball on the Giants 25, Lewis again cruises up the middle, this time for eight. Then he bangs for six. First down.

Apparently, Jamal Lewis has confused himself with Brandon Jacobs. He's getting some nice holes to run through.

Then, the Browns blow themselves up. With a first down on the twelve, the Browns get called for their second penalty, illegal procedure on Steinbach, which gives them a first-and-fifteen at the 17. DA pulls out a little early on second down, drops the ball, and falls on it for no gain. On third down, DA hits Stallworth short for only six, so Dawson comes in to punt.

The Browns have their biggest play of the year, but they settle for a field goal. BROWNS 3, GIANTS 0

SECOND SERIES (GIANTS): After a short kickoff, the Giants start at the 28. Jacobs starts by slashing for seven, and then Manning hits Smith for a quick ten. Jacobs pounds for another five off-tackle. Chunk, chunk, chunk… Nothing flashy, and the Giants are already in Browns territory.

Manning goes 2-for-2 hitting Matthews for another 13 and a first down to the Browns 36, but then overthrows Kevin Boss for the first Giants play where they've gained less than six yards.

On second-and-ten, Jacobs bulls for five, and it takes every Brown on the field to stop him. Man, he can wear people down… but the Browns finally get a third-down situation.

And they get a turnover! Brodney Pool steps in front and end-zone bound Plaxico Burress, leaps and picks the ball at the five! Not only that, but Pool takes it back 24 yards to the Browns 29 until Chris Snee drags him down. Only the second turnover all year for the Giants. First down Browns!

THIRD SERIES (BROWNS): The Browns are pulling out all the stops. Cribbs (who played some QB "in his high school days" according to the announcer) is lined up deep, takes the direct snap, fakes to Lewis and tears off 12 yards around the left tackle.

With the first down at their own 41, DA throws short to Lewis for four, and the RB then gets another couple on a run off right tackle, making it third-and-two. Lewis then hurdles for three and a first down at the Giants 48.

Big plays and turnovers… the Browns are putting a little scare into the Giants.

Then… another stupid mistake. Penalty number three on the Browns, as Hadnot is called for a false start, creating a first-and-fifteen. Anderson kept his eyes on Stallworth on first down and Webster breaks up the pass, making it second-and-fifteen. With an empty backfield, DA throws middle to Donte Stallworth, which gets thirteen and creates a third-and-two at the Giants 41. 

A short pass to Heiden on the right side gets nine and a first down at the Giants 32.

With the fresh set of downs, Lewis bulls ahead for two to the Giants 29 and the Browns are in Dawson's field goal territory already, but undoubtedly thinking of more. Then the Browns are called for another penalty, illegal shift, which will push the ball back to the 33 and give the Browns a second and thirteen. Anderson's pass is then batted down, creating a third-and-long at the Giants 34.

From the gun on third-and-thirteen, Anderson throws over and behind Stallworth crossing the field, putting Dawson onto the field for a 51-yard field goal. He hooks it left, and it remains 3-0 Browns. There are 33 seconds left in the first quarter.

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