Halftime: Browns 17, Giants 14

The Browns continue to find their offensive rhythm, but can't shake the Giants, who execute a perfect two-minute offensive series to close to within three at halftime.

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FIRST SERIES (GIANTS): After taking over after the missed field goal, Eli Manning immediately hits Kevin Boss for 24 yards to the Browns 34. Then Derrick Ward runs for seventeen, three, and three yards, pushing the ball to the Browns eleven. Manning toss short to Smith for another four and a first down.

Then Brandon Jacobs just runs over the Browns. He plows over them. It's not fair. Seven yards and a touchdown.

All of a sudden, the Browns are losing. No turnovers, no big plays, just an offense that executed its way down the field and made it look easy. After the play, Jacobs mocks the Browns by tiptoeing off the field, echoing comments from Corey Williams earlier in the week.

Yeah, the Browns are going to talk even less to the media now. Great. GIANTS 7, BROWNS 3

SECOND SERIES (BROWNS): Cribbs can't break through the first wave of the Giants special teams, and runs the kickoff back 22 yards to the Browns 26.

Anderson drops, fakes the handoff, and bootlegs to his right. CB Aaron Ross stumbles and Edwards breaks free! Anderson connects deep to the wide open Edwards who is dragged down on the four after 70 yards!

Turnovers and big plays by Edwards are keeping the Browns in the game against a team that clearly has an edge in personnel.

On first down, Anderson throws to Syndric Steptoe is clearly suffers interference in the end zone, which is waved off because the ball is tipped.

But on second down, Lewis cuts back and runs behind Ryan Tucker for a touchdown! BROWNS 10, GIANTS 7

THIRD SERIES (GIANTS): Dawson's kick takes Ahmad Bradshaw back to the goal line, but Bradshaw runs it back nicely to the Giants 30.

The crowd is very loud and starting to think the Browns could win this one, and are making noise to try to disrupt the Giants.

On first down, it seems to work, Manning's pass to Toomer is tipped and falls incomplete. On second down, the Giants seem to have difficulty communicating, and have to take a time out. Jacobs pushes the pile for four after the break, giving the Giants a third-and-six. From the gun, Manning hits Burress wide-open downfield, who cruises well into Cleveland territory.

Now the Giants make a mistake: Pre-season nemesis Dominek Hixon blocked Wright in the back during the play, so the Giants only get 15 yards to their own 48, but it's a first down.

With the new set of downs at mid-field, Ward runs for four before the Giants commit a hold during an incomplete pass, creating a second and sixteen from the Giants 43. The deep throw to Burress on second down is read perfectly by Brandon McDonald and broken up. This created a third-and sixteen for the Giants. The Browns use this as an opportunity to throw a confusing defensive look at the Giants, who react by throwing short and gaining nothing.

The Giants have a false start on the punt, but on the second kick, Feagles kicks it out of bounds at the Browns 23, as Cribbs is unable to field the ball.

FOURTH SERIES (BROWNS): With the ball and the lead, Vickers gains two, and Hadnot is called for off-sides, creating a second and thirteen. Anderson bails the Browns out with a quick toss for eight to Heiden, and then Edwards makes a terrific catch in traffic for another ten to the Browns 38 and first down.

Two runs by Lewis sandwich a 14-yard pass to Heiden, and the Browns are moving the ball effectively, and now find themselves with a first down at the Giant 45.

From the "flash formation", Cribbs hands off toe Lewis for two yards to the Giants 42. There is 3:39 left in the second quarter.

Anderson is now in the groove… he hits Steptoe for 20 yards and then his Darnell Dinkins over the middle for 22 yards and a TOUCHDOWN!! BROWNS 17, GIANTS 7

The Giants take over at the 20 after Dawson boots the ball out of the end zone. With a little over two minutes left, Manning hits Smith for 13 and then hands off to Ward for three after the two-minute warning. Manning then gets a first down with an eight-yard pass out of the gun to Smith.

With the Browns blitzing their cornerback, Manning knows that Steve Smith will be open and hits him for 21 yards to the Browns 35. There is 1:25 left in the half and Manning is executing the two-minute offense very well.

After using their second timeout, Manning hits Smith yet again for 14 to the 21. Smith is abusing Brodney Pool in coverage.

From the gun with one minute left, Manning's pass to Hixon is broken up by Wright, slowing down the Giants for a bit. Then the Browns rush six at Manning on second down at the 21, and the quarterback throws out of bounds, creating a third-and-ten.

Then, on third down, Corey Williams hits Eli Manning as he's back to pass, knocking the ball free, where it's recovered. But yet another penalty on the Browns kills the turnover. Mike Adams had illegal contact in the secondary, and the Giants get an automatic first down at the Browns 16. That is a killer penalty. Ouch.

There are 45 seconds left with the Giants at the Browns 16 thanks to Adams miscue.

After a review of the previous play, they hand off to Ward, who gets eight up the middle after crossing up the Browns. A quick slant to Hixon gets the ball to the Browns three with seventeen seconds left.

Manning reads the Browns defense nicely from the three, and hits Burress on the fade. Burress was being covered by a guy about ten inches shorter in Terry Cousin. Candy from a baby.


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