Third Quarter: Browns 20, Giants 14

The Browns offense continues to click, overcoming even their own penalties...

This is a copy of the OBR live blog, which sacrifices proof-reading for speed. Please forgive typos and other errors which come with speed-blogging.

FIRST SERIES (GIANTS): The Giants come out on the 20 after Phil Dawson kicks the ball out of the end zone. ON the first play, Manning tries to stretch the field deep to Plaxico Burress. But the ball is played perfectly by Brandon McDonald, who picks off the ball at the Browns 33. McDonald runs the ball back to the Giants 46.

Brodney Pool is down on the field for a bit, but is able to run off the field after a few minutes.

SECOND SERIES (BROWNS): On the first play, Jerome Harrison gets his hands on the ball on a reverse from Josh Cribbs. Harrison tears down the left sideline for 33 yards behind Hank Fraley and a nice wall of blockers. The Browns have a first down on the Giants 13.

With the first down in the red zone, the Browns run twice for five yards. On third and five, DA just overthrows Stallworth, who dives the ball but can't pull down the arguably catchable pass. The Browns have to settle for a 26-yard field goal.

Dawson nails it and it's BROWNS 20, GIANTS 14

A STATISTICAL NOTE: Some stats worth considering: Anderson's QB rating at this point is 117.2, compared to Manning's 63.6. Edwards has 129 yards receiving on just three catches, and Heiden/Dinkins have pulled down four passes for 53 yards and a TD in K2's absence.

One stat that isn't as good, but is lost in the Browns mix of turnovers and big plays: They haven't really stopped the run. Ward is averaging 6.2 yards a carry, and Jacobs is averaging 5.8. If you're the Giants, you can run the ball with success. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Giants go to the ground.

THIRD SERIES (GIANTS): After a four-yard run by Jacobs and another incomplete deep pass to Burress, the Giants have to take a timeout. New York seems a bit flustered right now. Those people asking Mel Tucker and Romeo Crennel to show some new looks on defense should be happy.

On third-and-six, the Browns fire off a safety blitz which is picked up well and Manning drops. With time, Manning sees the middle of the field wide open and runs. The gain of 13 gives the Giants a first down at their 37.

The massive Brandon Jacobs gets around the corner and shows nice speed. Remembering my high school physics… mass times acceleration divided by the square root of pain. Yep, I wouldn't be anywhere near him.

With the first down, the Giants go to the run and aren't as successful as usual. Jacobs loses two, and then gains two, handing Manning a third and ten. With the Browns blitzing the defensive backs again, Manning has no time and accepts a sack at his own 44. Alex Hall gets credit for the sack, and the Giants punt. Cribbs is brought down quickly at the Browns 13.

There are eight minutes left in the third.

Just threw another four photos into the photo gallery

FOURTH SERIES (BROWNS): After a false start with a neutral zone infraction, the Browns get to try to build on their lead. And they do it on the ground. Runs by Lewis (2), Harrison, and Wright get the Browns two first downs to their own 40.

With the fresh set of downs, Anderson's pass to Dinkins is incomplete, and then another false start (Edwards) creates a second and fifteen. But then Anderson hits Heiden twice to get out of the bad situation, and gives the Browns another first down at the Giants 37. There are four minutes left in the third and the Browns are putting together a very good drive.

The Browns offense is clicking, which is important because they're making so many mistakes in the penalty department. A holding call on Joe Thomas is answered by a 14-yard pass to Braylon Edwards. A short pass to Wright gets six and another first down at the Giants 27.

Then, penalty after penalty after penalty.

Delay of game on Anderson, False Start on Hank Fraley, and it's second and 12. But it makes no difference. Anderson fires to Jerome Harrison for 18 yards and a first down at the Giants 11 as the third quarter ends.

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