Taylor's Tales From A Notebook

CROW! WE GOT YOUR CROW HERE! FRESH OFF THE GRILL, WE GOT THE CROW! Taylor predicted, Taylor watched, Taylor still can't believe what he witnessed. But his A-1 sauce is at the ready, even though he's still not certain it tastes like chicken just yet...

-- Mr. Taylor, your table is ready. Serving you tonight will be Mr. Crennel and Mr. Anderson. Our main course consists of beer-battered crow, your choice of crow fries or crow pilaf, and some buttered crowlls. Could I interest you in a Crowona with lime as your beverage of choice? Maybe start you off with a salad lightly topped with crowtons?

-- I am not here to bury the Browns. I am not here to crown the Browns. I am here to… WOW! WTF? No, I mean seriously, WTF???

-- I am shocked. I am stunned. I am stunningly shocked. And loving every last bite of the meal served up for me.

-- It still doesn't taste as good as chicken. Not yet, at least.

-- All props to this Cleveland Browns football team. On this night, they deserve any and all plaudits they get. I tip my hat to the players, the coaching staff, the entire organization. A 21-point win over the undefeated and reigning Super Bowl champion New York Giants? Yup, saw it coming. From a mile away, I saw it. Now where's that A-1 sauce again…

-- All of the sudden, this team is 2-3. "Riding" a two-game winning streak. All of the sudden, this team is tied for 2nd in the AFC North, two games behind the division-leading Pittsburgh Steelers.

-- Unzipping and taking a leak on the parade, Part 1: 1-2 in the division, including a home loss to the division leaders. In a division that has almost no shot at getting a wildcard spot.

-- THAT was the Derek Anderson of the first eight starts of the 2007 season. Oblivious, confident, gunslinging. O-B-L-I-V-I-O-U-S. He didn't outthink himself; he didn't go out of his comfort zone; he did what he does well. Which is, play the game of football with very little thought. Sounds odd, the thinking man's position being manned by a QB who does his best when he doesn't. He is what he is, and what he was tonight was the best player on the field.

-- Unzipping and taking a leak on the parade, Part 2: which DA will we see next week? The one from tonight or the one from the first four games of the 2008 season? The one from the first eight games of the '07 season, or the one from the last seven? Therein lies the rub. And why it's such a shaky proposition for this coach to hitch his cart to a horse that looks good if/when he gets into and out of the gate, but is nervous and bucks each and every race when it's time to post. The Browns don't know what they'll get; if they are fine with that, it's on them.

-- Me: "So, does DA still stand for ‘dumb ass'?"

The wife: "Yes"

-- My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter was unavailable for comment.

-- Technically, it was a penalty on the Browns late in the first half that negated a fumble recovery. However, the play was breaking down before the illegal contact occurred. Swallow the whistle. That little bump had no bearing on the play. Officials attempting to justify their jobs are taking on a more prominent role, and that is not a good thing for the National Football League.

-- Unzipping and taking a leak on the parade, Part 3: what, nine or ten procedural penalties? I covered a high school football game this past Friday night, where there were 13 of those by one team. Never thought an NFL team would come close to approaching that number, let alone get into the same neighborhood. The lack of discipline is still an issue, in spite of the win. You don't come back from a 0-3 start doing that game-in, game-out.

-- Rob Chudzinski, YOU are a madman. That game, where you opened up the offense, with all of those different looks? I wanna party with you.

-- Jerome Harrison gets multiple touches, does positive things. Ho-friggin'-hum. Been there, pleaded for that. It's getting old – and obvious – right about now.

-- Eric Wright, now THAT'S when you high-step and celebrate. The super-slo-mo did your pick justice. It's exactly why Phil Savage did his damndest to trade up to get you. You and Brandon McDonald will never be the original Dixon/Minnifield, but you two have the talent to be even better and make your own mark. And this is coming from someone who has deified the originators of the whole Dawg Pound moniker. Yeah, you guys have that kind of God-given talent.

-- One thing this game showed me: even when Kellen Winslow is healthy, some two-TE sets would not hurt the cause. In fact, having Steve Heiden on the field at the same time as Winslow, in passing situations, may actually open things up for KII. Just a thought, as greater offensive minds know better than me.

-- Great, great route by Braylon Edwards on his 70-yard catch early in the second quarter. Somewhere, Wes Chandler was smiling over that subtle deke, knowing that all the one-on-one work he's put in with #17 might be paying dividends.

-- Great, great game by Braylon overall as well. I'm the first to criticize the talented receiver, and I'll also be the first to praise the immensely-talented receiver. Perhaps the fact that he is so talented plays into his "lulls", and how the general public perceives said "lulls".

-- You reap what you sow, Corey Williams. That tiptoeing all across the CBS field is on you.

-- Steve Young was the only ESPN personality to pick the Browns? Obviously, the NFL does not need to expedite their studies on how concussions affect players in their post-professional football lives. And that read a whole helluva lot different than it did when it was written before the game. You go, you Mormon you.

-- Bocephus doing the Monday Night Football intro will never, ever get old to me.

-- Lacie's Corner:

DA: Doesn't Accomplish anything. That (gratuitous bad word) did tonight! Finally. I was getting tired. Probably a fluke, though. DA: Don't Expect Anything (DA… Is his middle initial E?...just curious.) (Really bad word) Plaxico. I hope he has to pick his son up from school again and miss GAMES, so that Braylon can trace HIS number.

-- And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my very intense and rabid Browns fan wife. God bless her. I think.

-- All of this, and you think I've begun drinking the two-win Kool-Aid? Feh, far from it. I'm still from Missouri. They showed me something tonight, though. A helluva lot more than I thought they would. But I'm still not sold. Not buying just yet. Sorry, still not ready to go all-in. Encouraged? Yes. Sold? Not even close. But, I'll take this over yet another loss to bitch about any day of the week, and especially on Monday nights.

-- To recap, the Browns just beat the undefeated, defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants by three touchdowns. Knock me over with a feather. From a crow, of course.

-- WOW…

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