Browns-Giants: Gameballs & Goats

The fans have spoken, and the fifth game was the charm for DA and Braylon Edwards. ESPN and yellow flags got the goathorns. Here's how the fans hanging on the OBR viewed Monday night's game...

THE WEEK'S RESULTS: Your friendly neighborhood webmangler didn't have to edit nearly as many words as in past weeks. Lots of love for two guys - Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards - who had assembled quite a goathorn collection in the first four weeks of the season. Still... Dave Zastudil - you got some 'splainin to do, but you're probably alright with Browns fans as long as you never go to work for ES "We love New York!" PN.

Player Gameballs
Derek Anderson 266
Braylon Edwards 180
Eric Wright 105
Offensive Line 60
Entire Defense 51
Steve Heiden 48
All Defensive Backs 41
Entire Offense 39

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  "Get well K2!", Eli Manning (5), Tourette's Syndrome, Steve Young, BYE WEEK, Crowd, "Mevins aka whatever his new name is", Reggie Langhorne, "Steve Young - only ESPN Dolt that pickes the Browns! LOL!!" (4), The weatherman!, "Whoever got Braylon to wake the F(*& up", Dave Zastudil!!! :), RAC's stability!!!!!, Bill Cowher, The Hunter's Moon, "Everyone that picked a Manning pass", "The warm bench under Zastudil's a$$", Kornheiser Hissyfit, Chris Mortensen (Green Box), Winslow's Expanding Balls (2), Terrelle Pryor, "Whoever called for the 2 point conversion (couldn't have been RAC)", Nickelbacker, Ryan Tucker's Tatoos, "Paul Felsen---seriously, thank you Fast!", BroDawg (2), Kornhieser, Sam Adams Octoberfest, Scott Player's Goatee, "Tight ends that block", Jessica Simpson, Eli Anderception, "The team who wore Browns jerseys - They weren't the Cleveland Browns", Thane Gash - for having the coolest name for a safety - ever, Tony Kornheiser's beard, "The Giant Fan who got his @ss kicked in the stands", Joe Flacco's 4th Quarter Heroics Against the Colts, "The Rockin' Stadium", Tom Coughlin, Grady Sizemore, LeBron James, Chad Boyles, CC Sabathia,


Player Goathorns
TV Announcers 123
Terry Cousin 99
Romeo Crennel 53
Kamerion Wimbley 45
Officiating Crew 37
Offensive Line 34
Mike Adams 30

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: Tony Kornheiser/Cornholer (8), ESPN (Variations, 9), Penalties/False Starts (22), Kellen Winslow's Inflamed Whatever (6), None (9), Jeff Hostetler, DPMike, mrc338 (3), Art Modell (just for being alive), Brandon Jacobs, "The throwback helmets are bush league", Ron Jaworski (2), Phil Simms, Buckdawgeye, The "Overated" Chant, "My neighbor steve for leaving early", "Cheerleader captain, Willie McGinest", "Giants last 4 minutes of game play selection", "Whatever penalty-inducing drug they were passing around in the huddle", "My employer for making have to work and miss a part of the game!!", Joey Porter, Hines Ward, Mevins, BuckDawgeye, Steve Marshall, Eli Manning (2), Nancy Pelosi, Bruce Arians, "Jaba the "HUT" on 2 no 3! WTF?", "The Magnitude of Charlie Frye's Suckitude", Dallas Cowboys, "Cleveland Clinic and their decision to not let Winslow play!!", Elton John, Michigan

Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
naxos #17 for catching the ball. The ghost was sited. Finally the DBs all get a ball for reading the QB. Great game. Great win by the Browns
brownsfan91171 Great game. Now this week work on the damn penalties
akrondawg Have to give a game ball to Tucker, he made a huge difference on the line.
bitcheswaveyellowtowels Dave Zastudil for doing exactly what we want him to do. Hopefully he earns a few more gameballs this way. Too many players to give game balls to.
shrooney This truly was a team effort, big plays on both sides of the ball, contributions from almost everyone - Steptoe, Dinkins, Harrison, Wright as well as the big guys. Still haven't forgotten about the penalties, but winning has a funny way of making everything ok. Write in for Young for picking the Browns. 8 minute 16 second drive was awesome!
jaydawg74 gotta give a gameball to zastudil for not punting !
fuedawg did not hear justin tuck's name or any giants d-lineman's name allnight!
amp4319 Lewis and Braylon
lenke08 I have to say that DA is finally on track and the entire offense and defense are awsome now. Even without shaun smith and K2 but i want them back though lol
phelix17 Wowwie wow wow wow!
appraiser This game rocked!
hockeyman88 Browns unbeaten since Mevins re-revealed himself to the Cooler
optidawg Who are these guys? Better test them...can't be our Browns.
chefeman17 great all around game. can we stop with the procedure penalties please? great game calling by chud, best of the year
jabroni143 Gameball for DA - but it means nothing if he doesn't repeat that performance on the road in the next two weeks.

Jamal Lewis did his job - Wear down tacklers and keep the defense honest.

DBs - bended but didn't break. 3 INTs is good any day.

Chud - his best offensive gameplan ever. No punts, no turnovers.
number1brownsfan Too many to name.
section 527 dawg The fans were great - Loud, proud and enthusiastic the whole game!! Especially loved the "overrated" chant towards Eli. Overall, a complete team effort - excellent game all around and this team should be proud.
billybongwater Zastudil gets a gameball for holding those field goal and extra points... Tucker gelled that line together tonight. No sacks!!!! DA was making good throws and decisive reads... GREAT GAME!!!
egillen Hats off to the coordinators. Great offensive play-calling kept the Giants defense on their heels. Good defensive strategy and execution putting pressure on Manning. Rogers was a beast and the DB's played good coverage. Heck, even the LB's made a play or two.
normaldawg When does the Quinn Era begin? When DA says so, that's when. How about Dinkins showing up with K2 infirmed? And, yes, the fans... Glad to have you back. "Jamal is going to make me Lewis my mind." Not quite classic... but it'll do.
idrthrbncleve The offense owes Chud and the O-line a debt of gratitude. Add DQJ to the mix on defense.
bsuhands88 As much I like Brady Quinn as a quarterback, I like the Browns quarterback the most. I will always first and foremost be in favor of the guy that can move the ball and put up points like DA did last night. I still have reservations as to whether or not he can perform like this on a regular basis. BE looked like the BE we all know and love and I like to think my switch to my Authentic Orange BE jersey had something to do with it (ha ha). The secondary continues to improve, especially Brodney Pool, he is closing in on making Phil Savage look like a smart man for taking him in the 2nd round!
bomeister Fans have been pummeling Browns now time for lots of COMPLETE game since we returned in 1999. Keep the mojo going, don't let up or listen to the drive by media....get the O penalties under control and you will be invincible....
mfabrams Give Hall some credit - I think he's a keeper!!!
vegasdan Heiden was perfect in the JJ ball-control role. D'Qwell is a stud- he's always around the ball. O-line was magnificent. What a difference when Tucker is in there...
manoafats UFO defense and flex offense!!!
gelsingerj I called my dad to make sure that someone was not playing a dirty trick on me and substituting my cable feed with a farce. Is that the team that we can expect for the next few weeks? God I hope so.
iupuiguy82 Offense let me introduce you to the Browns...Browns this is offense...Why don't you mingle for a bit...
gentlemanjim A gameball write-in to Steve Heiden because he reminds me so damn much of Milt Morin. Not flashy, not fast, just a pretty good blocker who you can also count on to rumble out there and make key 3rd down receptions to keep drives alive, and dish out some punishment after making the catch.
reverendvargo I know most people will say RAC had nothing to do with the win, it was the offense or Chud or whoever, but time and time again we complain about him not having the team ready to play, well outside of the penalties he had this team ready to play last night.
writerdawg Heiden and Tucker made a huge difference last night. Huge. It allowed Good Derek to surface, and helped free Braylon for the game of his career.
zkramp I am so happy he makes intelligent decisions instead of listening to the outside. Good job RAC!
brownies DA and Braylon had it going on. Shaun Rogers is the man. We need to see more of the UFO D. The crowd was just electrifying, i wish i could of been there. Dave Zastudil cheated the browns, how can he cash his paycheck this week, he should give it to me,lol
buddycowley The entire RB unit should get credit, as all three players contributed postively to the game.

Jamal pounded out the winning 1st downs at the end of the game.

Jason Wright had one carry and one catch, and they were both for 1st downs on 3rd down.

Harrison was electric, and also responsible for first downs on (I think) every play he touched the ball.
jsimmsy21 hate on DA all you want, he did everything he was supposed to do.
mistofdeath dont wake me if it was a dream
buckeyedawg317 Forced a few delay of games and no one sat down the entire game. Amazing atmosphere.
narpig The Team came together and everybody contributed. Best game in recent memory!
Good Job!
czarayn At last, a glimmer of hope. I was overly impressed because I thought the NYGiants would just trample this team.
jaw1dawg what can I say, a total team effort. great play calling
snoopdawgydawg The MNF crew never mentioned anything about Ryan Tucker. Do not underestimate how Tucker's presence assisted the O-line. He was tough despite the line's tendency to commit penalties.
karelnemecek Entire team played well, DBs did great, even O-Line in run & pass protection but way too many penalties. Great game planning by the coaches but we had 2 weeks...can we do it in one week liek every other professional team.
spicydeigo Best game played as a team since the Steelers game in 03. This is how I and most Browns fans thought this team would play since day one. But better late than never. But before I start making and drinking the koolaid need to see it continue.
Also to the fans at the the game, great job!!!!
drunck WOW. 3rd down conversions were key, especially from the passing game. One of the most complete wins that I've seen as a Browns fan, and against a quality team. Glad to be able to wear my Browns tie with pride tomorrow!
james_t_h Man, this was a great night. I remembered how much I love the Browns.
billling great team effort offensive line still needs more time together and a lot less stupid penalties
colddawg Good TEAM effort
dawghowl I think everyone deserves a gameball tonight. From the coaching staff to the players, everyone did a great job tonight.Aside from the penalties this was the most complete game I have seen the browns play since there return.
willy15 I could also add Eric Wright, Shawn Rogers, Alex Hall and many others,especially Ryan Tucker. The whole team played the way we've always expected them to play. It's not too late to get to the playoffs, but the schedule ahead is not easy.
drbomb Without Winslow, the Browns could give DA protection and that made all the difference. Congrats! We looked like the Browns from last season. Kudos to Dinkins and Heiden! That was the team I knew we had! Now let's tak
e care of the Redskins on a short week! FOCUS! (...and someone tape up Corey Williams mouth)
taipeidawg DA, that was a long time coming... But GOOD job!!
Braylon, that's more like it - now keep it up (I really hope I didn't see you slow down thinking you had the touchdown before you were dragged down from behind.....)
Jamal, The Man - always tough!!
Also, honorable mention to Steve Heiden, Brandon McDonald, Eric Wright, Jerome Harrison, Darnell Dinkins, Alex Hall, Brady Quinn for not taking Anderson's job yet,and whoever called for the 2 point conversion (couldn't have been RAC).
1greatscott What a great game on a national stage!
slambar I think Derek Anderson played the game of his life putting up those kind of numbers against a great defense.

Chud called a great game, mixing in up like we haven't seen since last year.

Eric Wright gets one for sealing the deal with the pick6 though the whole D gets honorable mention for playing physical all night.
silly5 Way to mix up the Defense. I would have said great game by the Offense, but have to clean those up. All coaching.
piginthemiddle Finally...we ran to set up the pass...way to go Chud! More J. Harrison!
mdoogal Now thats the High-Powered Offense that we saw last season. Anderson took what the defense gave him, and looked great in the pocket. Defense as a whole looked good. Turnovers helped seal this game. Great play-calling by Chud!!
tochigi Derek played perhaps his finest game (ever)?
zero1071 I know he won't win because people that frequent this board hate him, but DA had one hell of a game tonight.
azbrowns I would also like to add the following to the write in - Steve Heiden, Darnell Dinkins, Joe Thomas, Ryan Tucker, Brodney Pool, Mel Tucker, Shaun Rogers, Corey Williams, Jerome Harrison, D'qwell Jackson, Alex Hall, Rob Chudzinski and the fans.

There were simply too many positives in this game to limit the gameballs to just 3 or 4, and I belive the units had their clear standouts. The fans were rockin' in the stadium.
playbrowns Nickelbacker deserves a write-in for successfully breeding a legit NFL corner.
marjax Heiden stepped it up. With Kellen Winslow out, he really had some big balls to fill. SHOES! BIG SHOES TO FILL! Sorry.

Anderson gets a gameball for returning to last season's form.

Eric Wright gets a gameball for that amazing INT return
brownsbacker Still can't believe what I saw, where did that team come from?
tosquare thank you, thank you!!!!!
naplesrbr Not expected but cetainly thankful. OMG they played like a team. Cut out the penalties and it was a fantastic performance. Eric Wright save the season!!!!!!!
theunsinkableclevelandbrown Steve Heiden - made some big plays to both get first downs and dig us out of holes created by penalty yardage. Also handled Tuck. Although he doesn't draw the attention Winslow does, he did all we could ask of him and more.

browndawgsteve Chud - Had an excellent gameplan which was excuted nicley by the whole offense
Tucker - 1st time I have seen the defense actually confuse someone get solid pressure
Entire Defense - Not real happy with the amount of rushing yards allowed but they played fast and aggressive
Entire offense - No turnovers, no sacks(Anderson falling down on fumble), and no punts...pretty much sums it up
apvic i am so proud of the game our browns played. tucker and chud had wonderful game plans. the entire defense was to be commended. the o-line was superb against the best pass rush in all of football. i think this was a game of individuals playing like a team.
aarondawg Tucker great game along with DA and Braylon!
hounddog409 The Browns out coached the G-men....meaning the Girly men. give credit were credit is due.
jmidd44 No one believed you could do it (except Steve Young) and you went out and got it done anyway.Well done!
chowdogg our 2 young CB
dawgonit0207 It's about freakin time this team showed up. Hat's off to their efforts!
nybiggdawg Lotsa gameballs-secondary played very well-offensive line also gets a nod,except for penalties-BE played well,but muffed ball and stupid offsides negates a gameball-Steve Heiden was a horse,and we ran with him-Jamal Lewis showed why at the end of games he is a tool-great game by DA!
plymale01 Total team effort. Most impressive victory in recent memory.
jab A lot more can be given game balls
shrew Deiken and Donovan are great radio announcers.
pumawolfe POC the Pride of Cleveland. It's a start. They must have read my comments last week. My advice to you for the future? Read my comments from last week. Way to go Kornhieser for going after Jaws' lame takes.
froggy60 Braylon finally showed up for a game. let's just hope he continues to play well rest of the season.
Steve did a very nice job filling in for Kellen.
Jamal continues to play hard and maybe his hard work is rubbing off on some of his team mates. I hope so anyway.
Ryan did a great job. Someone who has not played in a long time after a injury came out and played very well and i do believe no penalties. Welcome back we missed you.
griz13 If this marks a turnaround, color me excited. Most complete regular-season team win I can remember.

Great football game.
bobbymo Great game all around. I don't have enough gameballs to give. Finally, a team I love doesn't get embarrassed on National TV.
dawgbown Dinkins and Hieden are twice as good as a no blocking Winslow
thehollismaniac Anderson and Edwards lit it up while the secondary schooled Eli. Crennel salvaged the season by having his team ready to go.
strain456 way to go steve, great call
clevelandfan D.A. - I'm not a D.A. fan, but got to give him his props for this game. Still throwing into tight coverage, but a remarkable improvement over the previous 4 games. Saved his job for at least another game.

Entire Offense - take away the stupid offsides penalties, this was one of the greatest offensive showings in quite a while.

Entire D - Held the G-men to 14 points, and none in the second half. Nice TD return by E. Wright!

Coaching Staff - I'm upset that they didn't seem to have it together to start the season, but the play calling on both sides of the ball were prove to us that this is the norm, and not the exception.
sindustmark "Were 2-0 in a 14 game season"
iwillpierceyou Holy Hell, I pooped myself during this game. I'm still at a loss for words.
rutger You have to give the whole damn team and coaching staff game balls for this one!!! They ALL deserve them..

But I'm sure that I'm not the only one who wants to see this kind of effort and team play every week and every game from now on..

GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!
adamkilgore Zastudil for not setting foot on the field for anything other than extra points
djw333 Tucker is back! DA is back! Braylon is back!
dawgnuts1 First of all, the whole team gets a gigantic gameball for a completely dominating performance. But to break it down: all DB's - great performance, three interceptions with one for a TD, against the champs; DA - we burden you with horns when you deserve them, so we'll bless you with a gameball when you deserve it. Nice game, where has it been so far this season?; Braylon - same as DA, when you finally earn a gameball, you get it. Great plays, held onto the ball with only a few exceptions. Now that's our pro-bowl receiver.
bleedbrown Big props have to go to Savage and RAC for staying the course with Derek and the offense.
markbucki Was fun to to be able to cheer, relax and enjoy for a change... even the chat room was rocking and rolling. Where has this team been? Hope they are back and by the way was fun to listen to the pundits talk so positively about the BROWNS..... GO BROWNS!!!!
rubix60 the O line for keeping anderson clean
harpster Defense looked solid for the most part and finished the game strong. D-Line did a great job.

Ryan Tucker made a huge difference in the running game.

vintage74 My lord, I can't speak today, but I can type. Wow, Why can't we get that kind of effort week in and week out?

Good game DA & Braylon, I been riding your @sses all year but you stepped it up last night, props. Eric Wright, killer pick, thats how you stick the dagger in and twist it. Props to JL for running out the clock. Fans get yet another game ball. I have never, never heard CBS rocking like it did last night. Kick @ss game.

dixiedawg Dear Lord Baby Jesus, I want to thank you for this wonderful meal, my two beautiful sons, "Walker,Texas Ranger," and my Cleveland Browns winning.
jsinct Great mix of coverage and blitz pressure calls by Tucker. It's as if the Patriots send him Manning's playbook and they know what was coming.
dawgin Great offensive game plan.
mfabrams Best performance in years!! Play calling on both sides of the ball was excellent. Let's keep this going and drive towards playing game #17 this year!!!!
confuseddog we have coaches! holy sh*t!!!
bulldogdad So many that deserve a gameball! DA looked like Eli's brother: a breakout performance against a great team on a national stage. The OL rocked, whether protecting DA or manhandling the Giants in the running game; Ryan Tucker the difference? Wright and McDonald looked like Dixon and Minnifield reborn. I have to give Tom Coughlin props for channeling RAC with his expressionless, dazed stares from the sideline and his exquisite clock management in 4Q.
mamfamily Ryan Tucker should be our permanente starting RT.
jerseybrownfan Great Game but unexpected. Nevertheless it felt real good to be a Browns Fan for a change. It would be nice if they continued to play this way. Great to see Steve Heiden and Jerome Harrison contributing to the win. Hopefully this woke up a few sleeping coachs that should look at this and play both of them a little more wouldn't that be a good idea? Duh!
80sboy We might run out of gameballs this week!
dawgpoundr I just about went out of my mind with joy when the UFO defense made a return. The creativity on both sides of the ball was great to watch. This was a huge when the team and fans needed it the most. Let's hope it springboards to bigger and better things!


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
gingerdeadman Zastudil just stole a game check.
naxos Winning cures all ills.
brownsfan91171 I picked Zastudil. Guy was so bad, he didn't even see the field.
occhilupo Really I have to listen to this guy for 2 more games Cleveland this season.
bitcheswaveyellowtowels Hard to find faults with the game, but sorensen pissed me off every time he saw the field. especially when he came in to blitz off the edge. He showed blitz way too soon and then ran right into the block of an offensive lineman. Terry cousin got burned a couple times by plaxico.
ikickcats John Madden - for by comparison - making the ESPN guys sound halfway coherent.
shrooney just because!
jaydawg74 only one horn to give by me, and that goes to the o-line for having so many stupid penalties.
fuedawg where is wimbley?
amp4319 It was hard to pick 3 guys here
lenke08 The only reason for cousin is because off all those catches burress had but thats the only reason. The TV announcers for saying that we would lose in the beginning and the radio announcers who thought we would lose also.
phelix17 No goats. Go Browns!
appraiser Nobody. Nice game!
hockeyman88 They tried to ruin this game but could not! get well soon K2.
b0wman MNF announcers suck...
optidawg Too many preventable penalties still reflects negatively on coaching.
debooen1 especially Tony Kornheiser
chefeman17 o-line stop with the penalties, weak ass penalty call on the manning fumble, announcers for sucking romo's d%$k the whole game and his little pinky finger
jabroni143 If NYG didn't have to start passing the ball, we would have gotten run over... We could not stop the run.

I didn't know a bunch of guys who went to college for at least three years could not get a snap count right! We would have hung 50 on the Giants if we wouldn't have stalled drives because of dumb penalties.
number1brownsfan Even though the Browns won, Crennel still gets a Goat-Horn because of all the inexcusable penalties. Pathetic.
section 527 dawg Only reason that the O-line would get a goat was for the 6,371 false start penalties!! Oh yeah, and goathorns to Zastudil.....lazy @$$ bum didn't even play!! :-)
grouse no goat for individuals, but the Browns won inspite of the stupid penalties. High school games a crisper!!
billybongwater Holy crap with the penalites on offense. Can we limit the pre snap motion or something to prevent this? TV announcers for sucking. Okay... Tony Romo this, Tony Romo that... ummmm a game on now?
normaldawg Romeo always gets horns. Always. Never ever have liked him. I almost put Braylon in here... Dude does a handspring-flip before the game, the un-original-might-get-hurt goalpost dunk, and also had a 1st down go through his hands and off his facemask. Braylon, seriously, I know what the numbers say but you still need to improve. The O-Line dodged all kinds of bullets with those penalties. Yikes. And last, of course, DPMike. Please go away. We don't want you on the MNF promo videos.
munilotmadness Dave Zastudil, what a goat. He did absolutely nothing.
idrthrbncleve Did Andra Davis actually play? Terry Cousin, the new useless nickle corner (how many have we had now).
bsuhands88 This was flat out the best game I have seen this ball club play since 80's championship teams! No goats this week for me, well, maybe a shout out to Romeo for still not having these guys under control with the penalties coming off a bye! Go Browns!!!
atldawg725 5 year-olds are more disciplined than these guys. On the other hand they did a tremendous job overcoming their self inflicted wounds. It's like watching a suicidal schizophrenic with a tremendous will to live.
bomeister Ticky tacky D penalty on Adams was a joke, guess that ref lost his Vegas bet! Browns haters are having conniptions and we hope the rest of the AFC North saw the game tape esp. them Squeelers. Be afraid, be very, very afraid!
mfabrams Keep the penalties down!! Otherwise nothing else to say for goats this week.
blantonc C. Williams "Goat Honorable Mention" for his stupid remarks about B. Jacobs last week.
mddawg28 This guy is a nickel back?! You have got to be kidding. He got beat like a red-headed step-child who stole something. SOMETHING has GOT to change in that particular package.
vegasdan All three- penalties. STUPID penalties. They should fine each procedure offender $1000 each time. High school teams don't have that many...
manoafats stop the offside penlties!
gelsingerj OK...we need to change the fact we get more penalties then the Raiders.
iupuiguy82 O-line way to many penalties...Espn analysts=Tools....Terry man, you gotta turn them hips!!!
gentlemanjim Too big of a win to nit pick. If you can commit 10 penalties and still beat the defending Superbowl champs by 3 TDs, perhaps it's time to consider whether penalties are actually a bad thing.
writerdawg I normally don't chose goathorns off a win, but all those penalties by the O line last night deserve a huge set.

Also, Mike Adams' penalty on the fumble could have been a huge turning point in the game (thank God it wasn't).

Until I see a team that looks disciplined like an NFL unit should, I will be on the fire Romeo bandwagon.

Like the announcers said, why isn't he throwing his headset and getting furious after (I believe) the sixth motion penalty.
zkramp MNF Staff...please shut up. You sound ridiculous and dont have the knowledge to make the statements that you do.
jsimmsy21 we need rey maualuga!
buckeyedawg317 There is no reason, after a bye, this team should still be this undisciplined.
other bjk no goats tonight
czarayn No goats today; just the undisciplined O-line for all those miscues and penalties. But, no one will ever convince me that Crennel should not be shoved out the door.
slug69 Jaworski needs to get rid of the Sarah Palin classes, and just wright boring blogs that no one will read.
karelnemecek O-Line for penalties ONLY. When is Wimbley going to show up? We'll never be a True top 10 team unless we minimize mistakes. Desperately need for discipline. God Bless Shaun Rogers.
spicydeigo Still to many stupid mistakes, need to correct them.
drunck Mr. Anderson has cooked you up a delicious bird to eat. Enjoy it.
osujoe Don't yell the "overrated" chant. We just showed we can be a damn good team. Yell the "underrated" chant!
billling t v announcers all you heard before game was how great giants were and how bad the browns were and almost none of them gave browns any chance of winning
dawghowl No Goats this time, I just cant do it, such a great win that I cannot find anyone who really deserves a goat.
tkpbrowns Wimbley continues to be invisible. This guy blows
willy15 All who made those stupid penalties need help in focusing. They're going to cost us other games.
drbomb Corey Williams is an IDIOT. We are coming off a bye, and the Giants are looking past the game. UNTIL CW accuses the most physical RB in the league of being soft. Clearly Jacobs put a number of Browns in the ice tub. BTW, Wimbley is worthless. Sad - because he is a nice guy. McGinest should be put down like Big Brown.
houndfromhell All the over confident Giants players
and coaches, along with all the E.S.P.N.
crew on predicting a game that was suppose to be unwinnable for the overmatched Cleveland Browns.
ncsdawg Anyone who false started.
taipeidawg Goathorn to Adams for getting caught on the penalty.
Also, to Dainty Stallworth for his long awaited and half-hearted debut.
Finally, a resounding goathorn for whatever penalty-inducing drug they were passing around in the huddle.
bigswoll61 I only picked the OL here because of the bazillion false starts. Other than that, they played lights out.
1greatscott Boy I can't stand Kornheiser and Jaworski, even if they are giving credit to the Browns.
slambar Romeo still runs an undisciplined ship, had to call a TO after the first big play and all of the motion penalties
The O line for all the penalties, though BE got in on one of them.
Kamerion Wimbley is still being outplayed by a 7th round rookie.
We have Goats and we give KW2 "Goatballs" for missing our best game since the return?
silly5 Penalties and dropped balls. Braylon still can't catch and have to stop the mental mistakes. That is your #1 job. Know the count.
piginthemiddle Can't cover my grandma!
clevelandcraig stop all the dumb penalties
mdoogal Penalties were the result of a lack of focus. Goathorns to Mike Tirico for calling Stallworth Cribbs on several occasions.
tochigi Dainty Stallworth - should have caught the TD; plus goat horns for his sitting ou the first four games
azbrowns The only player who gets goathorns is Kevin Shaffer. After seeing Tucker back in there, Shaffer can be a permanent backup and they can re-work his contract or release him.

The officiating wasn't really consistent in terms of illegal contact and holding calls. They GAVE the Giants that second TD.

BTW, Someone should tell the MNF crew that the Cowboys weren't playing Monday Night so there really wasn't much need to talk about them in this game.
playbrowns WhosGonnaDriveYouToTheInsaneAsylum? MuckFawgeye, your sig should follow you to the nearest local dump.
footballwave Had Brady Quinn been playing, we would have scored 60.
marjax I mention the OLine for Goathorns because the number of penalties was quite atrocious. BUT WE WON GODDAMNIT! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Goathorns to the fans who threw in the towel before the bye week. Faith = important
mcgruder6363 Penalties, penalties, penalties!!! We need to be more diciplined!!!
theunsinkableclevelandbrown Crennel and the Offensive Coaching staff- The game plan and blocking were great, but the procedural penalties are unacceptable.
browndawgsteve Cousin - Defense played extremely well but Cousin was the weak point for the most part
Williams - Not for the game but for the pregame talk
TV Announcers - Thought they all may have been sleeping with members of the Giants the way the initial love fest was going on.
aarondawg Wimbley is he even on the field? No pass rush from 95 and Jones - how long are you going to be out of action?
hounddog409 Zastudil is paid alot of money to punt the damn ball. Are you telling me he cant get one kick in????? :)
jmidd44 Remind me what practice was for?
dawgonit0207 No goats.. a win is a win baby!
nybiggdawg TOO MANY PENALTIES!At home,offside penalties show poor focus-I blame offensive coaches-Despite great plays,BE still cost team yards,guess we just gotta take the good with the bad,I don't know if he'll ever have the preparation and focus to be a great WR-Cousin burned all day by Smith,we really need another top corner-front seven allowed over 4YPC,but no big plays and looked respectible all game long.
plymale01 We won in spite of stupid penalties which we need to stop right now if we want to continue to win.
tedingr All but Steve Young picked the Browns to lose the game. Homer announcer Jaws sleeps with Eli.
shrew The only goats around here came from ESPN!!! What a bunch of talking head buffoons....LOSERS!!!!
pumawolfe Jaws sucks with his jaws. I am ashamed that he was my YSU quarterback and Ohio gave him the money to buy food to stuff his gut and make his current fat ass. He has to be the biggest Cleveland hater around.
froggy60 Terry you need to not get turned around like a spinning top so much.
someone please tell Kamerion we are playing football.
Offense need to go to a USMC boot camp and get some discipline. How the heck can you have so many stupid penalties. Your professionals for gosh sakes.
Kellen you need to get your "illness" taken care of.
Gee Rob nice to see you finally got some good play calls. What these were not in the book before this game. Open it up all the time.
bobbymo I gave a goathorn to the offensive line for all the false starts, and I gave one to Terry Cousin for letting Plaxico Burress beat him on his TD.
dawgbown 11 offensive penalties after a bye week? AT HOME?
thehollismaniac Illegal contact should not be an automatic first down. Kornheiser is a maroon. The announcers spent more time talking about Tony Romo than Derek Anderson.
clevelandfan TV Announcers - my only goat for this game...the MNF crew...ugh, yes, we know that the Brownies has some really stupid penalties. Stop pointing it out. How about just calling the game, and stop trying to rip the Browns every chance you get.
jb42776 If it were not for all the yellow flags on the field we would have won by 40.
sindustmark I have no Goathorns this week! Unbelievable
iwillpierceyou The O-Line deserves some horns for all of the penalties, but since they played so well otherwise, they get props.
rutger Only goathorns are for all the unforced penalties..
dawgnuts1 Hard to feel bad after this one, but how can we not award a goat to the entire offense simply because of all the idiotic penalties. If this doesn't stop, it will cripple us later in the season; the second set of horns goes to RAC, because if he had any balls at all he would crack down on this sh*t in practice. this is all about discipline, and RAC has no concept of it.
brownsfan1508 Just for the penalty at the end of the 1st half. Coulda held em to 7!
newjerzedawg Too many procedure penalties, and those gearbox announcers on Monday Night Football suck in massive proportions.
drumslayer Kornheiser actually wept everytime Jacobs was tackled, he is the reason we need to reform our immigration laws.
rubix60 who ever is in charge of teaching and learning about illegal procedure/offsides
harpster Terry Cousin... How does he end up in single coverage on Burress on 1st and goal from the 4??? His coverage sucked, his blitzing sucked, he, well... he sucked. OK?!?
vintage74 Can't give any goats this week. That was the most complete team effort I have seen since this team came back. Sound victory. Slammed the door right in there faces.

Tempted to give to OL a goat for all the false starts, but they overcame all of them. So I can't.

I'll give a goat to the announcers cause I heard they still had a Jints love fest going on even at 28-14
dixiedawg Stallworth gets a vote because I still think he should've caught the ball in the end zone...
brbbva No way anyone gets a goat from me.
jsinct My God, that is the absolute worse broadcast crew. They were fawning all over the Giants till Mannings' final INT... THEN they spent 10 minutes TALKING COWBOYS on the Browns drive to put the game out of reach. PATHETIC, I had to turn on Browns radio just to stay sane.
dawgin Can we play Harrison more? and can we avoid stupid penalties?
mfabrams I'm so surprised with the effort I can't think of any goats this game. Keep the same intensity against the DeadSkins!!!
confuseddog no goats, this win was just too good
semitruck Braylon was being held by the Giants DB's all night. He could have had 200 yards easy. Officiating has been horrendous throughout the league this year. Hadnot and Fraley get goathorns for their false start penalties. How does a center false start?
bulldogdad I am loathe to goat anyone after this game, but what's up with all the illegal procedure penalties?
mamfamily We Need Better Inside Linebackers.
jerseybrownfan Luckily for the amount of penalties in this game by the Browns it didn't cost them the game. ESPN annoucers where laughing about the Browns penalties saying you don't see that many penalites at a High School Game.
dawgpoundr Great game by everybody, but I put the onus on Romeo to get those stupid penalties eliminated. Also, Kornheiser and Tirico need to shut up a little more often.

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