Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Scout's Senior NFL Reporter joined us again on Wednesday night for another terrific chat. Here are Adam's thoughts on the Cleveland Browns big MNF and more from around the league...

Adam Caplan: Hi all.
Adam Caplan: Glad I was wrong about the last game.
Adam Caplan: I need to pick against them every week.

<ramllov> Adam, when are the Browns going to start playing Beau Bell at the ILB position? There is no ILB now playing who can stop the run.
Adam Caplan: RAM: He should get into the rotation at some point but he has to earn that time in practice.

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, are you picking against them this week?
Adam Caplan: BR: I wouldn't go that far but they have to do it again on the road.
Adam Caplan: The key is the OL on offense, run D on defense.
Adam Caplan: Coverage as well.

<tony4228> So Adam does Tucker really make that much of a difference for the OL?
Adam Caplan: TON: Yes and I'm told Hadnot graded out well BTW.
Adam Caplan: Tucker is banged up though, hopefully he can play.

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, what's going on with the injury front? What do you know regarding Winslow and S. Jones?
Adam Caplan: BR: Unless Winslow practices by Friday, I don't expect him to play.
Adam Caplan: He doesn't have to practice fully.
Adam Caplan: He just has to do something to show he can move around without any issues.
Adam Caplan: Jones will probably play
Adam Caplan: whether he starts or not will be a decision on game day probably.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Tucker that bog of an upgrade?
Adam Caplan: BR: His versatility is key.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: Who has the power in KC and runs their draft and other personnel decisions, Herm or Carl Peterson?
Adam Caplan: CD: Peterson runs the whole deal.
Adam Caplan: It's my understanding the Eagles had the best chance to get Gonzalez.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is the secondary starting to settle down?
Adam Caplan: BR: I think the communication is better.
Adam Caplan: They are playing with more confidence too
Adam Caplan: that helps.

<racmpc> Heiden did a great job filling in for K2 and Dinkens too!
Adam Caplan: RAC: He's very underrated and can still catch
Adam Caplan: heck of a blocker too

<RDawg99> For the Super Bowl Coughlin credited Romeo's defense against the Patriots for the Giants success....How much if at all did we
change our schemes?
Adam Caplan: RD: They did some unorthodox stuff on Monday night, the DLs actually did some standing up

<BRAD638> will tucker play on Sunday
Adam Caplan: BRAD: We'll know later this week

<tony4228> So assuming Jones is back Sunday, do they play Adams at nickel corner to get him on the field more and get cousin off the field
Adam Caplan: TON: No idea yet, they have two more days of practice.
Adam Caplan: Friday is when we get a better idea on personnel.

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, in your estimation, was this win by the Browns a season changer or just a fluke?
Adam Caplan: BR: Coming off of the bye helped, you saw the confidence they had as a team.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: How do you feel about Cory Williams so far with the Browns, was it still a good move to get him?
Adam Caplan: CD: He hasn't provided what they wanted so far, pass rusher up front
Adam Caplan: In the 3-4 the DEs have to stop the run first but for what they gave up, he has to rush better,.

<ramllov> Adam how did you like the performance of Louis Leonard as the starting DE on Monday night? He should continue to start
against Washington. Do you see him as the better long term option than Shaun Smith at DE?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I think for what they asked him to do, he was ok.
Adam Caplan: Smith, when healthy, is a better player.

<branc> adam is tucker better guard or tackle?
Adam Caplan: BRAN: RT probably but he's versatile enough to play at guard and do just as well.
Adam Caplan: Look at what he did last year
Adam Caplan: inside.

<racmpc> What did you think of Stallworth's contribution. Did he make a difference that didn't show up in the stats?
Adam Caplan: RAC: He clearly wasn't full speed but he's getting there.

<RDawg99> Will we see more scheming (defensively) like we did on Monday night?
Adam Caplan: RD: Each opponent brings different game plans

<ramllov> I like Shaun Smith as the backup NT and DE, but Louis Leonard starting at DE, looks better, but I appreciate your feedback and
respect your opinion.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Smith, when healthy, can help them more.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: Whose the best of this group in your opinion: Larry Fitzgerald, Braylon Edwards, or Andre Johnson?
Adam Caplan: CD: Johnson
Adam Caplan: did you see that catch he had last week to save their game?
<cdunfee1289> then who?
<cdunfee1289> Fitz or Braylon?
Adam Caplan: CD: Fitz is more consistent

<racmpc> Are you hearing anything about Bell getting heathy enough to start help in the middle?
Adam Caplan: RAC: I think he eventually will get in the rotation.

<RDawg99> oh Btw...Can we sign Jacobs next season? lol
Adam Caplan: RD: Derrick Ward actually makes more sense.
Adam Caplan: He's a UFA as well.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: Prediction for the Redskins game
Adam Caplan: CD: 20-17 WAS.

<ramllov> Adam, how do you like the Browns/Washington game. The Sports News Weekly see Washington winning 27 - 21. How do you
see this game?
<ramllov> I was a little slow.
Adam Caplan: RAM: That's ok, my wife told me that once, I was nervous after I saw the postman leave....

<NFLNooB> Besides the OL protecting better what do you think changed in DA? Do you have any more confidence in him than a week ago?
Adam Caplan: NFL: Running game was better and Edwards didn't drop the ball.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: How do you feel about Jason Campbell, do you believe he will progress into a top tier QB or his ceiling isnt much
Adam Caplan: CD: He's getting there, he still is a split second late on his throws because he pats the ball too much.

<racmpc> I really think DA made more of a difference in the lack of pressure than the OL. He didn't waste any time and moved well..
Adam Caplan: RAC: DA saw the field better, he planted his foot and got rid of it this week.
Adam Caplan: I like how they got him doing more three step drops
Adam Caplan: smart for a struggling QB.
Adam Caplan: BTW, I'm told Quinn didn't take one snap with the first team offense last week

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: What's the deal w/ Vernon Gholston? He's been a ghost so far.
Adam Caplan: CD: He's lost, they are really down on him
Adam Caplan: he has no idea what he's doing yet.

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, do you genuinely think that Derek Anderson will be the QB of the future and that Quinn will dealt?
Adam Caplan: BR: No but from what I understand, he was not going to lose his job like everyone thought,
Adam Caplan: I will be addressing it in my blog tomorrow Friday.
Adam Caplan: I have some good scoop there.

<NFLNooB> you think DA is doing just good enough to keep the QB controversy over his head? (I'm not a BQ lover by the way)
Adam Caplan: NFL: Anderson is a week to week player, confidence is key with him
Adam Caplan: and getting off to a good start in games
Adam Caplan: he has to play well on the road this week

<BrownsGettinBetter> Can we expect to see more and more of Jerome Harrison?
Adam Caplan: BR: I think 5 touches/game is pretty much what they are looking for.
Adam Caplan: He's handling what they are giving him well and he's doing ok in practice.

<NFLNooB> Adam you notice he never hold his head up high? Always looking at the ground when trotting on/off the field. Is he a TEAM
Adam Caplan: NFL: He's that way off the field
Adam Caplan: I wouldn't read into it

<racmpc> Cribbs was a big help in just changing things up it was refreshing, can it continue?
Adam Caplan: RAC: My concern is on KR/PR, the return game has to be better.

<zoso197> Adam, any coaches on the hot seat? I know a couple have turned over already, Marvin Lewis? Rod Marinella?
Adam Caplan: ZO: Like 5-6
Adam Caplan: Nolan, Childress

<racmpc> Re: PR/KR do you think he is aqll the way back? Seems to still be a step slow....
Adam Caplan: RAC: He's not the same as before the injury, it's clear as day.
Adam Caplan: That's my concern with him at WR.

<NFLNooB> From what you've heard. Is DA a TEAM LEADER?
Adam Caplan: NFL: I don't know if he can be called that because he's not vocal, when his play is solid they play better.

<vonbock> adam, so, you think they will play DA out the rest of this year then trade him away in offseason for draft picks ?
Adam Caplan: VON: It's about how well he plays then they make a decision at the end of the season.
Adam Caplan: He has a roster bonus which is sizeable, he has to play well to get it.

<vonbock> how can they make an intelligent decision when they have never seen BQ play ?
Adam Caplan: VON: Quinn has nothing to do with it, they think he can do ok, it's about Anderson's progression.

<NFLNooB> Would you agree Shawn Rodgers is playing his heart out this season. Should we fear a regress if we're not performing?
Adam Caplan: NFL: He's been solid for the most part.

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, what is your opinion of the Monday Night Football crew? Do you enjoy them?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, I know Jaws pretty well, saw him last week at NFL Films.
Adam Caplan: We did a show together for years back.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: Will Houshmandzadeh be a Bengal next year? If not, could you see him in a Browns uniform if Stallworth is cut?
Adam Caplan: CD: Good question, I think he would be a great fit in CLE
Adam Caplan: they need a possession WR who can work the hashes
Adam Caplan: and he does that great and the middle of the field.
Adam Caplan: CLE badly needs a sure-handed WR who works well underneath.
Adam Caplan: Stallworth will not be back because of his roster bonus, it's $4.75 million as I reported a while back.
Adam Caplan: They could bring him back on a different deal.

<igotid> hey adam - any news on JJ?
Adam Caplan: IG: Not yet, we'll hear something soon I suspect.

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, are the Cowboys in trouble?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, secondary is bad, pass rush isn't there

<ramllov> Adam, what did you see on Donte Stallworth on Monday night? Did his presence help Braylon Edwards.
Adam Caplan: RAM: NYG did have to keep an eye on Stallworth so that helped.

<wsu99> what do the Browns need to do this week to beat the Redskins
Adam Caplan: WSU: Anderson must play well again and they have to stop the run
Adam Caplan: make Campbell beat them

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: anyway we could have Houshmandzadeh and Stallworth?
Adam Caplan: CD: Stallworth at a much lower cap number, sure

<NFLNooB> Don't you think Stallworth fits that once he's back in the groove?
Adam Caplan: NFL: Later this season Stallworth will help more once he's 100%.

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, what are your impressions of D'Qwell Jackson? Is he a guy that will be wearing the brown and orange for a
Adam Caplan: BR: Kind of mixed, they need bigger bodies at ILB

<wsu99> is the washington OL strong this year?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Jon Jansen is the problem at RT
Adam Caplan: he was terrible last week

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: I noticed Chris Gamble is set to become a free agent, would he fit in with the Browns defense?
Adam Caplan: CD: Sure, I have a full list of FAs, should be posted by next week.
Adam Caplan: Barry and I are working on it.

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, do you feel the Redskins are legit or have they peeked a bit early?
Adam Caplan: BR: They're a 9-7 team on paper
Adam Caplan: they may not get into the playoffs
Adam Caplan: They don't have much of a pass rush but they are physical on both sides of the ball.

<kevinmackfan> any news on Rucker?
<racmpc> Will our speed down the field with BE and Stallworth be a big plus this week then?
Adam Caplan: RAC: I'm not sure of Stallworth can really open it up that much yet, that I want to see.

<cdunfee1289> Hey Adam: The Browns biggest position of need on offense and on defense?
Adam Caplan: CD: WR depth, ILB who can stop the run, more pass rushers, CB depth\.

<USSPARGO> DA should do well against a weak pass rush, No?
Adam Caplan: US: WAS blitzes a lot

<wsu99> J Lewis looked healthy for the first time all year, is he back to last years form?
Adam Caplan: WSU: He ran hard and the holes were there too, surprisingly against solid NYG front seven.
Adam Caplan: Good sign.

<racmpc> Any signs of life in Wimbley?
Adam Caplan: RAC: Not yet.

Adam Caplan: All, see you next week.


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