What We've Been Told

You know where to find the inside buzz prior to gametime, of course. It's provided by Lane Adkins, who lets you in on the latest we've been told about K2's health, what's happening in those closed practices, and how the Browns match up against the Redskins

- Speculation regarding the illness suffered by TE Kellen Winslow has been all over the map. While this column has not gotten down to the bottom of the issue and have no desire to invade Winslow's privacy on the issue, we have been told by a well-placed source that the young man does not have cancer; some continue, though, to speculate on the specific nature of Winslow's illness in and around the media, as well as on message boards and NFL-type gossip sites.

- Though Winslow is expected to play on Sunday against the Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Browns' offensive scheme will again consist of looks incorporating the blocking abilities and under-appreciated receiving skills of TE's Steve Heiden and Darnell Dinkins. The coaching staff liked the toughness and possibilities the TE's brought to the table in the Browns' victory over the New York Giants.

- WR Donte Stallworth was about 85-90% for the game against the Giants. The speedy WR has had a good week of practice as the timing aspect with the QB was improved. Look for Stallworth to be close to 100% by game-time, barring any setback on Saturday.

- How did the Browns' organization view the effort on Monday night against the New York Giants? Simply this: the effort was anticipated for the 2008 season and there was little surprise in the ability when this team executed. Health and a redirected focus were attributed to the success, as the defense did not give up big plays and the offense executed and attacked a physical Giants team in the trenches. The Browns' physical play actually exceeded that of the perceived mighty Giants.

- Onto the Washington Redskins. The Redskins pose a serious challenge for the Browns, as the ball-control, short-passing game Washington team makes few mistakes. The Redskins are banged-up on the defensive side of the ball, especially in the defensive backfield. Offensively, starting RB Clinton Portis is not 100-percent, but remains a legitimate threat. Washington TE Chris Cooley figures to be a consistent presence for the Redskins, especially against a Cleveland defense which struggles against athletic TE's. The Browns plan on being physical at the point to get the running game going, while attempting to attack the perimeter of the Washington defense early to establish a downfield presence.

- Starting QB Derek Anderson has a solid week of practice and has reacted quickly to scout team recognition of the Washington defense. For Anderson, quick and decisive decision-making had been an issue until late in the Cincinnati game a few weeks ago. The turn of events in Cincinnati, the bye-week and a gameplan based on getting the ball out of the pocket quickly on set designed plays were keys to the success of the QB. Against the Redskins, much of the same is in order, with the Browns looking to see how advantageous the issue will be against a Washington defensive backfield at less than 100-percent.

- The Browns defensive staff loves the effort and production coming from NT Shaun Rogers. Rogers has been credited as being a dominant force within the line, but the staff wants to closely monitor his play as the big-man could wear down and be susceptible to injury due to prolonged play. As the season progresses, if the staff can keep Rogers fresh, they anticipate even better things coming from the standout lineman.

- The other major defensive line acquisition in the off-season, DE Corey Williams, has not made the impact Rogers has. Williams got off to a slow start in training camp due to a shoulder issue and has made steady progress in the regular season. By far, Williams had his best game against the Giants and those within the organization note the lineman has improved with each passing week. Now, Williams is beginning to play instinctively on a consistent basis, which could be a prelude for impact coming from the talented lineman.

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