End of First Quarter: No Score

A great play by Leon Williams derails the only decent drive of the first quarter, as both the Redskins and Browns offenses are struggling. No score as the Redskins start off the second quarter on offense...

Beautiful day in Maryland, believe it or not. The temp is just under 60 degrees, and the wind is relatively light at 5MPH. The melodious tones of Ian Eagle are coming through on CBS.

The Browns win the toss, and Josh Cribbs battles, but only gets out to the 22 from the kick at the goal line.

FIRST DRIVE (BROWNS): The Browns get off to a poor start at DA drops deep and gets good protection, but flips it short to Jamal Lewis on a screen. Lewis drops the ball. On second down, Lewis gets the ball deep in the backfield, seems to slip a little, but quickly recovers and gets four yards. Winslow comes onto the field on third down, and Anderson throws about five yards beyond him downfield.

Dave Zastudil appears, finally earning a check after a couple of weeks off. His punt to Randle-El, who is backed up to the 27, and dances forward to the 38. Good field position for the Redskins, but Leron Landry is called for a block in the back, which forces the Redskins back to the 22.

SECOND DRIVE (REDSKINS): Jason Campbell's first pass is awful, and is nearly picked off by a lurking Brandon McDonald. On second down, though, Portis quickly blasts through the right side of the line for six, where he's collared by Andra Davis. On third down, the Browns blitz, and Campbell hits Cooley running across the middle for 12 yards. Pool was behind Cooley and frustrated.

With the fresh set of downs, Campbell hits Cooley again for six yards to the 46, and then Portis carries Wimbley for five yards and another first down.

The Redskins offense is clicking. Run, short pass, play-action, just like Lane said it would prior to the game.

Another first down, now in Cleveland territory at the 49. Portis is held to three on first down, but Shaun Rogers is called for holding, which takes the ball down to the 41 and gives the Redskins another first down.

Cartwight takes a turn running right for the Redskins, and gets five down to the Browns 36.

But then the Browns get a good defensive play. Campbell drops deep and tries to through a screen to Cartwight, but Leon Williams reads it, gets in the backfield and drops Cartwright seven yards deep.

With the third-and-twelve at the Browns 43, Campbell gets back eight of it to the Browns 35, but it's fourth down. The Browns get lucky, as the punt bounces at the two and the Redskins gunner can't down it before it bounces back to end zone. Browns ball at the 20, no harm done, but the Redskins offense looked solid in their first drive. Leon Williams deserves a game ball for short-circuiting that drive.

THIRD DRIVE (BROWNS): Rob Chudzinski goes back to the ground game, and two handoffs to Jamal Lewis gets nine yards. Lewis' driving legs gives the Browns a third and short. FB Lawrence Vickers gets the call in that situation and powers forward for the first down to the 31.

Anderson starts the new series with an empty backfield, and he hits Stallworth short for six yards. With two tight ends and Lewis deep in the backfield, the running back gets the rock up the middle and gets clobbered by London Fletcher for no gain, making it third and four. From the gun, DA eyes a well-covered Jerome Harrison but the ill-advised pass is knocked away. Zastudil in to punt again. He gets off another nice kick, and Randle-El fair catches at the 18.

FOURTH DRIVE (REDSKINS): Uh-oh. Clinton Portis tears upfield for 19 yards, but the Browns get another helpful penalty, as the play is nullified. Mike Sellers (he's still around!) gets called for holding, taking the ball from the 37 to the 10. Ouch.

Backed up, the Redskins can't amass the yards they need. A five-yard run by Portis is followed up by an incomplete pass to Fred Davis. Then Portis gets just one.

The Redskins have trouble when they have to get a lot of yards. The play by Williams, the penalty, both killed the Redskins.

Cribbs grabs the punt at the 48, and gets hit quickly after just two yards. There is 3:23 left in the first half, in a scoreless game, but the Browns have excellent field position.

FIFTH DRIVE (BROWNS): On first down, Anderson drops, has time, and flicks a swing pass to Lewis which is overthrown. On second down, Lewis can only get a yard, and on third down, DA looks to a wide-open K2, but throws it to the wrong spot on the field. Horrible… Bad DA is present today, but throwing to empty spots rather than defenders, so the pain is minimized so far.

Zastudil has to punt, and it's downed at the Redskins nine. The Browns blew an opportunity there. There is 2:24 left in the first.

SIXTH DRIVE (REDSKINS): The Redskins start off poorly as well. Portis runs into Shaun Rogers on first down, a battle which Rogers will usually win. He does, and Portis gets just one. The Skins rethink this, and run left on second down, which gets four. On third down, Campbell drops deep and Santana Moss is the target, but Brandon McDonald again jumps the route and knocks down the ball. Three and out.

Plackemeier boots to Cribbs at mid-field. He gets six yards on the return and the Browns have the ball at the 45.

Again the Browns have a great opportunity, with less than a minute left in the first quarter.

SEVENTH DRIVE (BROWNS): Anderson gets clobbered on first down thanks to a delayed blitz by London Fletcher and the ball bounces again in an empty spot in the field. Lewis gets the ball up the middle on second-and-ten and gets just two.

On third and eight, DA hits a backwards falling Braylon Edwards, who drops the ball. It wouldn't have been close to a first down anyway. Zastudil punts again as the quarter comes to a close.

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