Fan View: Bye Bye "Good" Browns

Jeff Biletnikoff is sick of a Browns team that quickly reverts back to sub-mediocrity...

Well, you were there for a week. The team we all expected to see when the 2007 season opened.

What a difference 6 days makes.

Derek Anderson for one sweet week didn't aim the ball and stare down receivers letting the D. linemen knock down pass after pass.

Braylon Edwards looked like a Pro Bowler devouring most everything thrown his way.

The offensive line provided ample protection so DA could scan the field and find his WR's.

The opportunistic defense showed why it was important to have pressure up front on their way to 3 turnovers.

Cleveland's playcalling was sharp and imaginative.

For one week.

Not this week.

It's a shame that the last Cleveland offensive play was a Phil Dawson miss. While I'm not happy he missed, that kick was at his extreme range and the game was lost way before he trotted onto the field.

The Washington Redskins are NOT the 2000 Ravens on defense. Heck, they're not even the 2008 Ravens.

This was a very winnable road game with Cleveland's defense playing decent for much of the game (until they got worn down).

With what Cleveland's offense is "supposed" to be, a defensive effort where you give up 14 points on the road should be good enough for a win.

Not with this offense.

You can't make that many mistakes. I think the Browns have dropped more balls in a game than Hines Ward does all year. Come on guys, are you professionals or not?

I'm leaning towards "not."

Just wait for Romeo's press conference.

We played hard. We're not out of it. We ran up against a tough team.

Blah, blah, blah.

Your QB didn't have it today Romeo and TODAY was your season. You think 2-4 is going to be good enough in the AFC to sneak into a wildcard berth? Good luck.

Forget about the division unless the NFL pulls an NCAA and bans the Steelers and Ravens for the rest of the year.

Why Derek Anderson wasn't pulled at halftime is beyond me. Could Brady Quinn have done worse?

Does a total output of 11 points on the road justify leaving him in?


Also, let's stop calling the Cleveland O. line "great" from now on. They're simply "ok."

Great offensive lines on playoff caliber teams punch it in from inside the 5. They had 7 tries to get a couple yards and finally got it on #8 with a DA bootleg. Not very impressive.

The punchless Browns now go to 2-4. The season, she is over, before all the bye weeks have been completed.

As usual.

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