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Last night, a fan on the Watercooler asked the OBR to bring the hammer down on what he considered inept play and direction on some parts in Berea. Consider the hammer swung. WARNING: Adult language. Seriously. You're been warned.

(Editor's Note: Courtesy of no Internet, this piece was not able to go live in its normal slot immediately following the game. Thank you, Windstream!!! You rock!!!!)

-- This past Monday, the Browns were the hot chick at the bar at closing time following a drinking spree in which the beers went down like spring water. Yesterday, they were what you rolled over to the next morning after the beer goggles had been replaced with a sober reality.

-- It was a clever ruse, that win six days ago that might as well be six years ago. One well-played game in the six contested. Nice. Very nice. I'm sure you are all damn proud.

-- I'm washing my hands of the quarterback situation. I'm done with it. If Romeo A. Crennel wants to let the best player at the position FOR THIS TEAM rust and rot on the bench, have at it. If Romeo A. Crennel wants to put his job on the line by failing to make the right move, have at it. You do what you gotta do, Romeo A. Crennel. I'm done.

-- OK, I'm done after this: six quarters of good-to-great play vs. eighteen quarters of crappy-to-shitty play. On the heels of seven games to close out the '07 season that were suspect at best. Hmmm, what should I do, what should I do?

-- And how exactly is Rob Chudzinski supposed to do come up with a game plan week-in and week-out when he doesn't know which Derek Anderson will show up? Does he need to devise one plan for Good DA, and one for Bad DA? This has gone beyond the ridiculous. You simply cannot win on a consistent basis with a QB as erratic as Anderson.

-- And for the fans opining that Brady Quinn must really blow if Romeo A. Crennel has yet to pull the trigger on a QB switch: it's hard to see said trigger when you have your head that far up your ass.

-- Congratulations, Braylon Edwards! You are one step closer to the Hall of Fame. Just don't drop your wallet when you go up to the window to pay for your admission.

-- What an obnoxious, inconsistent, non-football-catching twit you are, Braylon. Your QB has struggled for the better part of six games, and you go and do… that? Stick with your gymnastics and Eddie Van Halen impressions; you're a lot more suited for that than catching footballs on any type of consistent basis.

-- Bench him. Stick him on the bench for a quarter or a half or an entire game or whatever. Do something, because you cannot have your "top" "playmaker" dropping balls and making mental errors at the rate he has this season. Again, especially when your current starter at QB is fragile and needs everything damn-near perfect to have any chance of succeeding.

-- And now, you have your most consistent, hard-working and reliable playmaker pissed off at the entire organization? When players start airing the team's laundry publicly – as Kellen Winslow did following the loss – it's the first sign that a head coach may be beginning to lose control of his locker room.

-- I understand DA blew it off after the game, but there is something alarming about the on-the-field incident between the QB and Lawrence Vickers. This isn't the first time there has been an issue between Anderson and another member of the offensive unit. He and Edwards had to be separated on the sidelines a couple of weeks ago, and there was at least one other occasion that's escaping me at the moment. There's something brewing in Berea, and it's not good.

-- Did you happen to catch Andra Davis being blown back 10-15 yards from the line of scrimmage? Twice??? The day Davis is replaced will be the day the Browns begin to upgrade their play against the run.

-- Stay off Phil Dawson's back. With solid play from the QB position, this game never would've come down to a 54-yarder to win it.

-- And lay off the defense as well. They played well enough to win. More than well enough, actually. Sure, they have issues – yeah, Andra, I'm looking at you as I type – but, overall, they have played much better than anticipated, even given the injuries that have decimated the defensive line.

-- It's just too bad the offense doesn't take a cue from the defensive side of the ball when it comes to how to deal with injuries. Excuses aplenty flow out of the Berea mouthpieces as it pertains to the offense.

-- For the most part, both Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald had solid games, albeit not nearly as spectacular as in the win six days ago. It appears the Browns may be set on the corners for years to come.

-- Randy Lerner? Hello? You out there? I think there are a couple hundred thousand fans who are interested in what you are thinking right now. It wouldn't have any bearing in turning the season around, mind you, but it sure would be nice to hear from the HMFIC. Even if it's just to blow sunshine up our collective asses.

-- Where would this run defense be without Shaun Rogers? If you shudder as you think about the possibility, you are on the correct path to the right answer. He's having a Pro Bowl season, and it's being wasted on a 2-4 team going nowhere fast.

-- Memo to DA: You don't need your fastball on the little swing passes to the backs. Take something off it. Go to your off-speed pitch. Then again, who cares. Just keep doing what you're doing. It's gotten you this far.

-- I'm really becoming apathetic toward this organization, and in particular this head coach. And I don't think I much care to write anymore right now…

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