What We've Been Told

EXCLUSIVE: Lane talks to players and sources within the organization about the K2 situation and how the media has handled it. If wheels aren't off the wagon, then the ride has, at the very least, gotten bumpy.

- One unnamed Cleveland Browns player tells The Orange and Brown Report that the Kellen Winslow situation should not be taken lightly by the organization - or by those in the locker room.

"Kellen (Winslow) is his own man and he is a team guy. What happened with him and how he was portrayed by the media was uncalled for. The front office did nothing to protect him from the wide-spread speculation.

"There is nobody within this organization that can sit here and tell you without lying to your face that the perception of the staph infection issue is not troubling or plays into the minds of some. When you see guys like Jurevicius, Bentley, Winslow and Baxter have the issues and then the organization basically keeps some injured guys away following surgery - something is more than a little bit in question.

"The team frowns on us (players) talking to the media in anything other than a point blank-type of manner. Kellen stood up and talked about what was bothering him, which is right. Sure, a couple of the leaders tried to get him to settle down and keep it in-house, but that was Kellen being Kellen - he is emotional and wants to win terribly; he is as competitive as anybody. The way he has been treated and the way this team has played obviously has taken a toll on him."

- As for the organization itself, head coach Romeo Crennel commented on the Winslow situation. Crennel acknowledged Winslow had undergone treatment for a staph infection, but wished the star player would have kept the issues he has in-house.

According to a Cleveland Browns source, the solution is not as clear-cut as many would like to lead us to believe.

"Kellen has been a team player and is an outstanding talent. His wanting to re-do his contract hasn't been a huge issue to date, but is something which is expected to become an issue a some point. His expressing his wishes in the media certainly will not be something Phil (Savage) will welcome and could ultimately be the first significant move as to the direction his situation will take.

"The player is under contract for a significant period of time and there is no reason for this organization to jump in and change the dynamics of the team cap at this time. We could see the same issue with some of our other players under contract; we have to be wise and selective in dealing with the immediacy of the situation. Anything else would be financially irresponsible."

- On the state of the organization following the disheartening loss in Washington where the offense did not play well and QB Derek Anderson struggled:

"The most disappointing facet of the game was our inability to raise the level of play. Against the Giants we came out and executed, against Washington the opportunities were there, we did not make plays.

"Washington really did nothing we hadn't viewed on tape. They played within their tendencies and our anticipation of their game plan was correct. Our offensive line did not play with the same intensity, our receivers dropped passes and our quarterback was not in the flow. This was a combined effort and another wasted effort by the defense in keeping us in the game.

"Right now, I do not expect to see any change at the QB position. There were things in the game Derek (Anderson) did well, things I am sure he wishes he could take back and things that were out of his control. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves in a positive situation. Derek did not play well, as was the case with some other players - we'll have to look at it and see exactly what happened."

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