Berea Report: The Saga Continues...

Fred reports from Berea on the ongoing soap opera that is the 2008 Cleveland Browns as the head coach attempts to deflect the KII line of questioning. Oh yeah, there's also some trivial injury updates tossed in as well...

Kellen Winslow's suspension dominated Crennel's time with the press, despite his trying to stifle it.

"My job and focus is to get ready for the Jacksonville game," Crennel said. "The way things are playing out in the AFC, this game is huge. My concentration and focus needs to be on Jacksonville."

Crennel was asked about playing without one of their best offensive players, even though the Browns played their best game of the season against the Giants—without Winslow.

"That was just one game," he said. "Last year, he played in 10 games that we won and he was a big part in that."

Crennel said that the Browns and Winslow had agreed not to talk of the specifics of his illness.

"There was a mutual agreement to not disclose the nature of the illness."

Winslow will miss a game and a paycheck for the game which totals about $235,000.

Most of the players declined to talk about the issue.

"The organization made a decision and we'll move forward," Derek Anderson said. "We'll miss him, but we didn't have him against New York. We have (Steve) Heiden, (Darnell) Dinkins and Martin (Rucker).

They're all good players."

Andra Davis said the Browns can't afford to lose focus.

"We have to win as we can't afford another loss."

Crennel was asked why Braylon Edwards wasn't suspended when he took a helicopter to the Ohio State/Michigan game a couple years ago and was late getting back.

"Braylon was fined for his offense, but he was only late for a meeting."

Crennel said the Browns as an organization sat down and made the decision on Winslow, not just Phil Savage.

"I said the organization would sit down and make a decision," he said. "I'm part of the organization."

Crennel said it doesn't bother him that he has to be the face of the Browns.

"They told me the day I took the job that I was the face of the organization," he said. "Organizationally, we try to deal with the situation the best way we can. Sometimes, in hindsight you might do things differently."

Crennel said he addressed the team about the situation.

"They can talk to me or anybody in the organization anytime," he said. "The only thing I told them was to air their grievances with me, not the media, because I don't think that does anyone any good."

Crennel said he talked to Winslow personally about the situation, and felt the situation with Winslow will not linger.

"He was disappointed," he said. "I think (the relationship is) repairable. Kellen is not a bad kid. I have a pretty decent relationship with Kellen and I think it's repairable."

Crennel was asked with the limited amount of practice Winslow had prior to the Redskins game, should he have even played, "He was only going to play some plays in a limited basis," he said. "But, he's a good player and we thought he could handle it."

With Winslow out for this week's game and Heiden questionable with a pectoral strain, that leaves Dinkins and possibly Rucker.

The Browns traded up to get Rucker in the fourth round and he has not played since having knee surgery in training camp.

"I feel good and if my number is called, I will be ready," Rucker said. "I'm just getting back into it, but always would want the chance to play."

Crennel was asked about Rucker.

"He's working and trying to get ready," he said. "We'll see if he can help us."


Status Quo at QB: Crennel said Monday that QB Brady Quinn was on ‘high alert' and he couldn't answer the situation at quarterback. On Wedneday, his answer was pretty much the same.

"The situation is still the same with the quarterback," he said. "I still can't answer that right now, because there's been too much other stuff to worry about."

Anderson was asked about getting the offense back on track.

"We just have to work hard and have a good week of practice."

Say it ain't so Joe: Crennel was asked if any decision has been made regarding WR Joe Jurevicius.

"He's not ready this week," he said. "We haven't made any decisions on him." Jurevicius is on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list and there's a window to activate him between the sixth and ninth weeks.

There has been speculation he will be placed on Injured Reserve.

Injury Update: Crennel said the following players would not practice on Wednesday: DB Mike Adams (hamstring), TE Steve Heiden (pectoral), LB Shante Orr (foot), DL Shaun Smith (hand), OL Ryan Tucker (knee) and DL Corey Williams (shoulder). Crennel only ruled Smith out for game, and said everyone else is questionable.

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