Exclusive: Browns Scouting Three Games

EXCLUSIVE: While all the local buzz is around the Berea soap opera, the hard work of talent evaluation continues. This weekend, Browns scouts will fan out all over the country to look at potential draft picks. We've learned where Browns scouts will be parked this weekend...


While Browns fans locally are focused on the team's preparations for Jacksonville and the soap opera the team is staging in Berea, the team's scouting staff is fanning out all over the country to check out draft-eligible players. Here are some of the latest games where we've confirmed Browns scouts will be in attendance. 



Other teams in attendance: Atlanta Falcons (2 scouts will attend), Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals.


Players of interest



OLB, Clint Sintim, Senior
MLB, Antonio Appleby, Senior
OLB, Jon Copper, Senior
DE, Alex Field, Senior
SS, Byron Glaspy, Senior
RB, Cedric Peerman, Senior
FB, Rashawn Jackson, Junior
WR, Kevin Ogletree, Junior
TE, John Phillips, Senior
OT, Eugene Monroe, Senior
OT, Will Barker, Junior


Georgia Tech:


DT, Darryl Richard, Senior
DT, Vance Walker, Senior
DE, Michael Johnson, Senior
CB, Jahi Word-Daniels, Senior
FS, Dominique Reese, Redshirt Sophomore
OT, Andrew Gardner, Senior


Note: Keep an eye on sophomores Morgan Burnett (SS) and Derrick Morgan (DE), as well as freshman Rashaad Reid.




Other teams in attendance on Saturday: Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers.


Here is a list of the players they will look at:


Virginia Tech:
MLB, Brett Warren, Senior
OLB, Cody Grimm, Junior (son of Russ Grimm; he's played very well as a situational player)
OLB, Orion Martin, Senior
OLB, Cam Martin, Junior
CB, Victor "Macho" Harris, Senior
CB, Stephan Virgil, Junior
FS, Kam Chancellor, Junior
SS, Dorian Porch, Junior
OT, Ed Wang, Junior
OG, Sergio Render, Junior
C, Ryan Shuman, Senior
P, Brent Bowden, Junior


Florida State:


MLB, Derek Nicholson, Senior
DE, Everette Brown, Junior
CB, Tony Carter, Senior
FS, Myron Rolle, Junior
RB, Antone Smith, Senior
WR, Greg Carr, Senior





Other teams in attendance: Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings.


Here is a list of the players they will look at:




MLB, Jeff Smart, Junior
OLB, Brad Jones, Senior
DE, Maurice Lucas, Senior
DT, George Hypolite, Senior
DT, Brandon Nicolas, Senior
FS, Ryan Walters, Senior
C, Daniel Sanders, Senior




OLB, Sean Weatherspoon, Junior
OLB, Brock Christopher, Senior
DE, Stryker Sulak, Senior
DT, Evander Hood, Senior
FS, William Moore, Senior
QB, Chase Daniel, Senior
QB, Chase Patton, Senior (Daniel's backup; highly regarded)
WR, Jeremy Maclin, Redshirt Sophomore
TE, Chase Coffman, Senior
OT, Colin Brown, Senior
OG, Kurtis Gregory, Junior
K, Jeff Wolfert, Senior
P, Jake Harry, Junior





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