Gameballs and Goats: DA, DA, DA

Browns quarterback Derek Anderson has set some team records in the past. This week, he sets another one: most goathorns for a single game, ever. Dwayne Rudd is off the hook. WARNING: Angry fans, adult language...


Player Gameballs
Jamal Lewis 257
Shaun Rogers 253
Eric Wright 126
Josh Cribbs 98
Entire Defense 65
Alex Hall 53
Brady Quinn 52
Brandon McDonald 43

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:   BroDawg (2), "Crennel going for it on 4th down twice", "THE fans for watching this c__p" (3), Bernie Kosar (2), "BEER - You made the game worth watching", Grady Sizemore, Lebron James, Terrelle Pryor, Howie Feltersnatch, C.C. Sabathia, "Romeo's belt", Ohio State, "my girlfriend, for never putting the browns down!", "Mike Snyder's cute daughter", The Kicking Tee, Frank Caliendo, "Winslow gets two big gameballs, with no sacks", Bill Cowher (3), Redskins Cheerleaders (2), Ted Nugent, John McCain, Joe the Plumber, "Lewis for keeping the browns in the game for as long as he did", Crestwood Red Devils 115# Team, "The Redskins Cheerleaders White Shorts (if you can call them that)", "The hope that Brady Quinn can provide", "Anyone who didn't play much", "Jamal Lewis' Heart", "Everyone that still cares about this team", Scott Player's Goatee (Never forget), Bru's Room in Margatem "The Bengals for making me realize it could be worse", Shaun's sore back, McDonalds Mcskillet burrito, "Everyone except DA", Gene Hickerson, Jesus H. Christ, Pepto Bismol, Me, Browns Backers of Greater Dayton , The Columbus Marathon, "Kellen Winslow telling it like it is", Colin Powell, Terrelle Pryor


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson 694
Braylon Edwards 317
Romeo Crennel 228
Terry Cousin 95
Rob Chudzinski 52
Kellen Winslow 26
Phil Savage 15

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: Run Defense, Fat Tub of Goo, OFFENSE!, "Scoreless Half Times with Staph Infectious Mutiny", Jay Knecht, Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Carson Palmer, Ceara Barr, Entire Browns Organization, DA's Mom, John Mccain's T-Rex arms, OL = stands for Old Ladies, NY Giants for prolonging Anderson's starts, "Brady- for not open hand slapping Romeo for not putting him in", Front Office, Joe Biden, Karl Marx, Tub of Lard, Solomon Wilcox, WTAM and their promotion filled broadcast, CBS for showing people hands when there was action on the screen, Me, for continuing to hope..., Browns Berea Practice Facility, "every d@%n person associated with the Browns", Edwards' hands, "The Mother f---ing MRSA BACTERIA!!!!", Special Teams Unit, Oregon State, Whiny melty fans, Thousands, 14 for 37, Me, for watching this sh#t instead of picking up leaves, The photographer who took the dirty pictures DA must have of RAC, "Anyone who still thinks DA is a capable starting quarterback in the NFL", Terry "Don' put me in man coverage" Cousin, Matt - The Pres of DA Fan Club, McDonalds regular breakfast burrito, Redskins fans, Every Gullible Dope otherwise known as a Browns Fan, Dick Cheney, the Bush family, and Satan, "My Loyalty to the Browns, I will believe next week.... again", Steve Sanders for going on the practice squad, Those guys on the sideline with the headsets, Drew Rosenhaus, Swagger, Beavers and the condom that broke on DA's father..., Charlie Frye, The Fan that kept raising his hands!

Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
- No gameballs for these losers.
FLADAWG1 Lots of good long snaps today. JL had some nice runs. Alex Hall continues to impress me, I'd like to see him more than McGinest, but then again we are paying more for less out of McGinest.
- I still haven't figured out who is worse at their job, Derek Anderson who can't even throw a quick WR screen pass or Romeo Crennel who doesn't have the cajones to pull him after throwing for 17 yards in a whole half! This coaching staff has forced me to not watch another Cleveland Browns football game this year, thanks.
- For how bad the offense played, I thought the defense gave us every opportunity to still win the game. Even though the offense played like crap, I thought the play calling was really good. Seems like we had many opportunities and the players screwed it up.
- Again I must give a Gameball to the Cleveland Browns fans for putting up with this kind of play. I can tell you this fan is sick of it already. A very winnable game down the drain. I blame Romeo and DA.
ARBrownsfan Rogers and Lewis are true pros. DB's look to be playing well.
- Put a check in Phil's plus column: Rogers is everything we could have hoped for and more: hopefully he will stay motivated. Jamal Lewis is just a solid pro, a hallmark of consistency. McDonald and Wright have multiple Pro Bowls in their futures, if this ever become the elite team it should.
- Quinn's stats were almost as good from the sideline than DA's on the field.
- Really, game balls for losing?
- The defense played well and Jamal gave it his all.
Greg from Akron Brady, Brady, where for out thou Brady. We need you!
- Shaun Rogers continues to be a one person wrecking crew. E. Wright made another big play at the end of the game.
iwillpierceyou The defense gets the kudos. Our Dline without the Smith's is still better than anything we've had the past 10 years.
- The entire offense besides Anderson and Edwards for having to be on the field with those two.  Brady Quinn.. It has to be killing this guy to standing there and watching that kind of QB play.. And it's not that he may be the next Joe Montana or John Elway or Bernie Kosar but there's no way that he or ANYBODY even off the street for that matter could be as bad as Anderson has been this year.. HOW can that man STILL be starting??????????????
Stephanie Infection The fans get 2 out of 3 votes for putting up with this crap for as long as we have.
sindustmark I hate the Browns. The End
- Defensive effort commendable, but they can't be out there every 5 minutes after offense 3 and outs!
- Vickers would have gotten one if he had decked DA. Brady gets one for giving me hope that better football is to come... someday...
loose cannon Zastudil had a great game. Rogers is amazing...we need more players like him on Defense. Lewis is tough. He plays hard every play of every game.
Naxos Vickers would have gotten one if he had decked DA. Brady gets one for giving me hope that better football is to come... someday...
- Jamal - I have a feeling if you touched the ball 4 or 5 more times, we would have won. Pontbriand - All your snaps made it back. Z-Man - The MVP of this game, a game dominated (unfortunately) by the punting game.
jsimmsy21 Shaun Rogers is really the ONLY players the deserves a game ball. Wright gets one for forcing a fumble in a clutch moment. Quinn gets one too. For knowing he SHOULD be playing.
muckfodell Jones - 10 tackles...that's hustle, Rogers hustled too..Defense worked hard
McBarker With this team, I suggest we only have 1 voting box for a game ball and 5 for goat horns. At this rate, the goat will be moved to the endangered species list by week 12.  Dear Chud: Nothing bad can happen when Cribbs is in the wildcat. Nothing.
- Jamal continues to be the best player on this team, the defense was the epitome of bend-but-don't-break, giving up lots of yards but only 14 pts, which should have been enough to win with an even slightly competent QB, and Vickers gets my last game ball, if only for telling off Derek the way everybody else wanted to. I just wish Vickers had gone Forrest Griffin on him and knocked him out so Romeo would have been forced to play Quinn.
jaw1dawg Another wasted performence by the Defense. I wish Winslow would be a good soldier and kick Anderson's a$$.
- Alex Hall is a monster athlete.
- Lewis is our only consistant Offensive player. Rogers is a beast. Warning Sarcasm Alert...Wow, did you see all those plays by Harrison??
- this is pathetic! I can coach better than these guys. 8 times we run on second and long.... wonder why they were not fooled? Romeo has to go, I like the good DA, but we can;t live with the bad DA. It's time to Quinn while we still have a season left
- great job defense. Great job holding the skins on 3 and out to give us a chance at the end. Still need to do better stopping the run. Jamal had a great game, oline did well and another positive no turnovers.
- Rogers was a beast and Jamal and Cribbs gave it there all. But the only things worth watching today were the Redskins cheerleaders !
- Lewis ran well again. He needs 20 carries a game no matter what the circumstances are. Shaun Rogers is earning his pay checks.
- 12321 Lewis a beast, as always. Wright is becoming a playmaker.
Didn't really notice the zebras today and I can't think of another worthy Brown, I could be wrong.
- Defense played a decent game. Had we had a QB we could have won this one. I gave Cribbs a game ball because he always plays with heart and contributes. Glad he got a TD in his hometown.
Slug69 Jamal: What a stud!
O-Line: Doing their job.
- The time for Brady Quinn is now I'm tired of trying to guess which da we're going to see each week!!!
WatchdogXC Jamal Lewis was one of the lone brightspots. Rogers contintues to impress me. Cribbs just gives it his all and should be used more on offense as the QB.

This was easily one of the most boring games you could watch. Anyone who watched the whole thing like I did knowing what the outcome could be deserves a gameball.
czarayn You've got to be kidding!
- Such a wasted effort and never say die defense. Great job guys at least YOU GUYS played and looked great.
DA and Romeo and Cousin Suck A$$ Corners kept us in the game, as did Jamal, as everyone else was trying to blow it.
- Quinn gets gameball from fans since Romeo won't give it to him in a game!
- Lewis seems to be the one player that cares about winning. Cribbs needs more touches. Heiden should start at TE,he gives his all,whwer as Winslow cries all the time
DAWGSHLONG Once again - Rodgers is a beast!
- The defense played well again.
- Browns fans for being passionate when most other fans would have walked away!
- The shots of the Redskin cheerleaders was the ONLY thing worth watching in this wretched display of "professional" football. Do the Browns need cheerleaders? Hell no. We need strippers to take our minds off the crap we have to see on the field.
grouse defense is fine
GentlemanJim Note to the Browns brain trust re: Braylon "Steve 'Hold On!' Holden" Edwards. If a college wide receiver's strength is NOT catching the ball (I mean a football, if that wasn't clear), then regardless of how gifted that player is an an athlete--or as a ballerina-- DO NOT draft that player in the first, second, or third round of the draft. Don't do it. Just don't. I mean it.
- Brady actually congratulated DA after the TD. Knowing that the one drive probably means it will be another week or two until he gets his shot at starting that took some doing.
srgcdawg Jamal, Thank you for 110% effort, every play. Shaun, you are beast. Brady, for somehow keeping you cool on the sideline while watching an over-powering 20 yards through the air through 3 quarter performance.
Vintage74 I'm short of words this week Jamal ran hard. Rogers is the only defensive presence we have. Zastudil kicked well (all be it, way to much, guess we had to make up for last week, but hey, we're Cleveland)
Iupuiguy82 Good job for Vickers getting pissed...Harrison continues to show some spark...
Spectre I feel sorry for us fans. How often are we going to have to watch crap splattered all over the screen as yet another "5 year plan" falls to pieces in front of our eyes?
Willy 15 Shaun Rogers and Jamal Lewis put out a great deal of effort every week. A lot of others need to follow suit. The offensive line protected Derek Anderson, but unfortunately, it didn't do any good.
- the defense for keeping them in the entire game
- Losers get nothing.
DazeDawg Leon Williams and Corey Williams quietly had solid games today.
- how long do we put up with this crap before we have an offense????
bffl14 Vickers get a game ball for yelling at DA when he was clearly not in control of the offense. Hall has been a surprise all season and he continues to produce week in and week out. Eric Wright and Brandon McDonald are stepping up and proving they are not the week link on this team.
- Vickers, Edwards, Winslow for being pissed of at DA
- Vickers for nearly knocking out DA!
- Enough is enough, I give up on this team
- The Def kept them in it...
- Randy, you profess to be a "BIG BROWNS" fan but you do not act like one. As the untimate leader, it falls on you to tell that idiot that DA MUST be pulled and Quinn put in when he....once again, does not take action.
As a lifelong fan, I would like to see a little emotion from the coach. I'm sitting in my house screaming so loud I am disrupting the neighborhood, and Crennel looks like he is waiting on his pizza to be delivered. PLEASE RANDY, SELL THE TEAM TO AN OWNER WHO CARES AND DOES NOT TOLERATE THIS SECOND RATE PERFORMACE. ANY COACH WOULD BE BETTER THAN THIS.
BobbyMo I cannot say enough good things about Jamal Lewis.
Paulmer19 Brady for NOT asking to be traded last week......Unbelievable that he has to sit through this.......
- Alex Hall is the steal of the draft.
Gmutch13 Eric Wright did solid job towards the end. To bad they missed the FG :(
Dawg Nuts Entire defense gets a gameball for keeping the Browns in this game as long as they could; Cribbs - KO returns are steadily improving, came back after getting walloped, and caught a TD; Shaun Rogers gets singled out for a gameball because he's a animal.
mckbuckeye Rogers is a beast, Lewis and Cribbs are full go and always give their all.
Bob H One man single-handedly screwed his team's chances of getting a W in a very winnable game.
- Shaun Rogers is a man in the middle. He has played well all year and deserves to get a gameball. The D-backs defended well and made alot of tackles in the run game. I gave the punter a goathorn earlier this year for poor punting, yesterday he hit the ball well, welcome back Dave.
- RIP Gene. You will be missed.
Exile in Packerland If the rest of the organization had half of the heart, guts and desire that K2 does, the Browns would be in the Super Bowl every year. The secondary is NOT secondary, they're great, except for the aging and vulnerable Terry Cousins. Jamal Lewis- an old school Brownie pounder.
- Cribbs for coming back after that hit. Jamal Lewis for running hard
NCbeachDawg If Zastudil punts on 50% of the drives does he get a roster bonus?
- The season isn't over. Look at the rest of the AFC.
- young corners are the teams strength.
- Lewis & Cribbs played their butts off, as usual. Without these two players, the Browns are EVEN 2-grades WORSE (than the D+ performance v. Redskins)
Past fan By far the most frightened, and worthless team that can only score a point in an excuse making contest. The
whole organization is a laughing stock of the N.F.L. and even the players know it and have QUIT for the fucking season.
grumpycoyote Phil Dawson for making it far enough even thought the offensive, and they really are, line could not get him closer or just score on their own!
DK BBGD had a hell of a party!!!!
brownsjim73 The play of the defensive backfield makes me realize how much talent Phil Savage has brought to this team on both sides of the ball in just a few years.
- Bend but don't break defense seems to work for this team. They seem to make big plays when everyone has counted them out.
- the D played well
Dawgpoundr Hell's bar is currently showing the first half of that game over and over.
ccclay57 Rogers played the whole game, so much for the big man not giving effort. Good for Vickers showing everybody what we know, even the team has had it with DA. Here's to KWII for telling it like it is.
GrandInquisitor For finally taking a public stand for what you think is right for our country.
- Rogers is a beast and has definately been worth the trade price.
Lewis is doing the best he can since opponents are stacking the line to stop the run.


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
- Derek Anderson Derek Anderson Derek Anderson Derek Anderson Derek Anderson Derek Anderson Derek Anderson Derek Anderson
- Romeo must go.
Griz13 Derek Anderson is the most maddeningly inconsistent QB I have ever seen. Ever.
Braylon Edwards is the most maddeningly inconsistent WR I have ever seen. Ever.
Romeo Crennel, as someone else already pointed out, cares more about avoiding quarterback controversies than he does losing ball games. Using back-up QBs as relief pitchers is sometimes necessary. But Romeo lets politics play over what's best for the team. His days are numbered.
- I sincerely can't take watching another pass from that bum. For God's sake...let's see what Quinn can do.
DkC80 DA can't throw, BE can't catch, RAC can't coach & Cousin can't cover. Nuff Said!!!!
Chas Dawg Derek Anderson's right arm is really the problem, we shouldn't blame the whole man.
FLADAWG1 Really the offense other than Jamal looked like they did in game 1 thru 3. RAC will continue to get the Golden Goat until he at least tries Quinn even if it's just to get the kid wet behind the ears. But we need to see if he is our future already, because DA is definately not!
Colddawg We have always known DA is inconsistent. Yet PS and RAC preach consistency. Why don't they get it? I wanted BQ to get a shot since Charlie Frye left.
cheshiredawg by far the worst job of throwing a football in the nfl i have ever seen get him out of there
F.U.Pittzburgh D. Anderson S*CKS!!!! A total of 5 yards passing by halftime!!! What does it take to pull this piece of sh*t out of the game? Crennel is loyal to what? The player or the Team?
- EDWARDS SUCKS EDWARDS SUCKS EDWARDS SUCKS!!!!!!!! My God how many times will he blow a game for us? I'm at the point where it might be better to just cut him than keep the dumbass. One good game out of 6 is not worth keeping him. DA, just has no touch. It's bad enough where Edwards drops passes, but he just makes it that much more bad. Why don't the coaching staff do this, if DA & Edwards stinks it up in the first quarter, pull them and put BQ and someone else out there. Seems like the two of them suck together all the time.
- Worst performance by a Browns QB that I have seen in 50 years of watching him-this includes the Mike Phipps and Jim Ninowski eras so I do not make this selection lightly. he was dreadful-an embarrassment.
- Again I am calling for Romeo Crennel to be fired for being Hard Headed and keeping DA in the game when he showed nothing once again. What is it going to take for the Browns to make a quarterback change? It was surely needed. Isn't Romeo seeing what the fans are seeing? We have seen more of Bad DA then Good DA this year already. This was a very winnable game. Problem today was Derek Anderson once again. Next Braylon Edwards needs to learn how to catch for he isn't what he thinks he is. It looks like once again the season is over. Randy Learner wake up! Last week was a fluke beating the Giants. DA ain't got it neither does Romeo. A change is sorely needed!!!!
ARBrownsfan The only thing DA needs to throw now are hand signals. Braylon is a mobile fence post - sometimes the ball misses him, other times it hits him and bounces off. Terry Cousin - so generous to the opponent in the Red Zone.
- Derek Anderson: should have got value for him when we had the chance. Why is Brady Quinn not playing?  Got to give the offensive line goathorns for failing to generate push so we could run the ball in; although Chud may deserve the horns for failing to disguise the intent to run.  Romeo Crennel: would you just please go away?
- What more can we say? A very winnable game goes out the window. For starters, can we finally admit after 4 1/2 years that Romeo's 3-4 run defense sucks? And how about Derek Anderson? Can we admit that last season was a fraud? That Derek Anderson cant hit the side of a barn with a boag of rice.How can your "All Pro" qb struggle to hit a swing pass, not once, but 4 times? And finally, "Big Mouth" Braylon. Perhaps he should try catching a ball with his mouth open? Its certainly big enough and might be a decent substitute for his "stone hands"
- Derek Anderson gets two votes here. Derek it's not funny you can't complete a screen pass. My write in for for romeo for not putting in Brady. At some point (now) we need to see what he can do. The season is pretty much over as long as we continue with a quarterback that is this inconsistent and receivers who can't catch the ball when thrown right at them.
- They better find out before it's too late if Brady Quinn can play. We already know Derek's not the answer. Looks like we will be high in 2009 draft. Do we need a quarterback or not?
- Anderson stinks he's a bum it time for Brady Quinn
Greg from Akron Anderson played terrible once again. I don't know how one player can have one good game out of so many bad ones and still be starting.
Ukdawg How much more of this??????????????
- DA x 1,000. He is done! Stick a fork in him. Braylon obviously forgot his 5 hour energy shot....
iwillpierceyou The top three guys that are supposed to be the face of our team each get goat horns. That's shows how pathetic this team is right now.
- Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Romeo Crennel hands down.. When a QB is allowed to play that poorly and the back up still isn't even warming up on the sidelines then the coach needs to GO!!!!!!!!! And Edwards needs to just shut the hell up and catch the damn ball or sit his a$$ too!
But let there be no doubt about the fact that this lose is the result of Anderson's play and on Romeo for allowing him to stay in that game! Both should be gone!!! And a fourth for who ever the idiot was that made Mike Adams inactive and left no other option than Terry Cousins in the nickel.
- Throw in Phil for not firing Romeo ,who could not coach a mini football team.
Stephanie Infection DA sucks bad, Braylon has always been overrated, and Romeo is in way over his head.
- What a bargain Stallworth is tuning out to be NOT
Bill from Lima. They should be embarrassed, week in and week out for that matter year in year out the quality of the product on the field is poor. I don't know about you but this organization is losing me. I am to the point I just don't care anymore because I have been burnt way too many times. Football is not rocket science, make the freaking change now.
- Somewhere in greater DC Terry Cousin is still three steps behind Santana Moss.
- Three picks for Anderson! My 2nd place would be Terry Cousin, I'd rather see my cousin Hoopy Joe from Kokomo at corner!
sindustmark I had more fun watching the Gladiators this year. That's not a joke. I honestly did...
- What is DA's problem? He seems dazed and confused. He's 6'6" and can't do a 2 step to view the passing lane and insists on throwing darts which get batted or dropped. Is the coaching staff in denial or not observing? If DA doesn't have it or has to warm up for 3 quarters, give Brady or Dorsey some reps to change flow or to have DA view from the sidelines rather than in the game.
- Anderson is simply not a starter at this level
- WTF was that! How can you look so good one week and so terrible the next? DA must go. His ratio of one good game to five putrid games is unacceptable. Sit this turd on the bench before I have to wait 5 more weeks for a decent game by A QB. Braylon, catch the fu**ing ball. Kellen, shut the fu** up. I can't take much more of this team
- DA for all the same reasons as usual. RAC for leaving him in and not being able to coach himself out of a paper bag. Edwards because he had a chance to make some plays and did not. Though most of those were DA's fault as well.
loose cannon Time to bench DA. He is too inconsistent.  Braylon "Butterfingers" Edwards needs to be disciplined or fined for his continued dropped passes. Romeo needs to stop being so stubborn and play Brady Quinn.
Naxos DA for all the same reasons as usual. RAC for leaving him in and not being able to coach himself out of a paper bag. Edwards because he had a chance to make some plays and did not. Though most of those were DA's fault as well.
- Why is Romeo Crennel still the HC!!!!! Why is DA still the QB!!!! Why do Randy Lerner and Phil Savage allow RAC to be within 50 miles of this football team!!!!!
- Romeo must go and take his boy DA with him.
- DA - Horrible game (again). DA - You sucked so bad I had to give you 2 goats. Speaking of goats, you were in quite a goat*** in this game. BE - The drops have got to stop. Phil - I know this would have been a career long, wasn't even close to being good.
atldawg725 Even Eric Wedge knows when it's time to go to the relievers. I knew in the first quarter that D.A. was going to suck all day long. Brady Quinn must be horrible in practice to have this crap to go on without even taking a look at him. Even so, 5 out of six weeks D.A. has been the worst QB in the league.....
jsimmsy21 how many incompletions does DA need to throw before Crennel puts Quinn in?! and once again, our LB's suck.
- Derek Anderson will never succeed in Cleveland and he'll never be appreciated or wanted. It's time to end this experiment or it will end up another classic example of Cleveland sports shooting themselves in the foot.
brownsfan88 Gave Vickers the 'horns for not kicking DA's ass when he had the chance. Would have been the play of the season and future for this organization. He'd do what romeo and the FO don't have the stones to do.
muckfodell Gotta put the ball where it can be caught...gotta CATCH the ball!
McBarker Nice clock management by team and Klump! We wait until the 4th quarter to stretch the defense? You are a genius, Chud. Love the way DA and Braylon were on the same page - do they even attend the same meeting? Please put Braylon on Ritalin. Show the game tape to any doctor and you will get him a subscription with unlimited refills. All those tries and the OL can't push the DL back a yard at the goal line? So the solution is to run slow developing plays. Chud, did I mention you are a genius? McGinest needs to drink an extra can of Boost before the game; however, I still vote for EUTHANASIA.
- Phil Savage gets the goathorns for not FIRING Crenell. Randy Lerner get the horns for not FIRING Phill Savage who should have FIRED Crenell
oldeguard RAC, don't ya have to make it a one score game with 5 minutes left?
- Anderson played one of the most pathetic games I've ever seen a profession QB play. The rest of the team was good enough to win, but DA ensured they wouldn't. Romeo showed he simply isn't head coaching material by leaving Anderson in there. I am convinced all 31 other head coaches in the NFL would have gone to their backups if their already-mediocre starting QB was 3-14 for 21 yards in the first half, but Romeo rolls him out there yet again while a kid who was good enough to draft in the 1st round just rots on the bench. And it was great to see Braylon back to his old form again after that aberration last week when he actually caught passes and made plays.
- We are now officially playing for draft position.
jaw1dawg What does D.A. have to do to get pulled. 20% completions in the first half, what a joke. How do we know what Brady can do if he can't get on the field. Please someone shoot Cousins and put him out of his misery. All the coaches deserve to be slapped. How can the play calling go so bad so fast, after Monday I expected more.
dawgin horrible clock management again. DA is not the guy, put him out of our misery. BE- do I have to say it?
- Fire Romeo Please.
- Why does Terry Cousin exist? Nice touch DA. Nice hands BE. Finally, once again, great clock management after the QB sneak.
- I will not watch another Browns game while RAC is in charge and DA throwing the ball. Fucking sick and tired of being hung over Sunday afternoons after watching these disasters... I almost went to this game...
- What happen to the offense??? It was not all DA. But please work on the simple dump offs. Edwards had 4 or 5 drops??? Stallworth looked like he gave running out his route. guys not reading the defense and adjusting their routes made DA's passes look worse. They need to get there act together. Must win the next 2 weeks and get to 4- 4 to have any chance. This team has to much talent to be 2 - 4, but do they have the mental toughness????
- Ok so both DA and BE stunk. Romeo can't coach and Phil didn't call Winslow at the hospital. He's also traded 3 of our picks for 2008. Great job everybody. You should have traded DA in the offseason, now you'll get nothing for him. Bad job Phil.
- Braylon Edwards needs to remember this- BALL FIRST. Too often he is looking upfield before he catches the ball- this accounts for the vast majority of his drops. The run defense was pathetic once again and is showing itself as a chronic problem. You rarely win when your opponent runs for 193 yards. That Ian Eagle is a jackass and Wilcots is dumber than a gross of hammers. The guys overblew everything and were unable to provide the viewers any insight into the events of the the game whatsoever.
- Why have a backup QB if you are scared to use him???? It couldn't get any worse!
- Terry Cousin is a serious liability!!
- Chud's call for qb sneak late in 4th qtr. that 1st down came at the expense of too many precious seconds. no points for 1st downs chud.
12321 Anderson just misses too many easy passes.
Braylon can't catch the easy ones.
Offense was bland and the playcalling near the goaline the first time was horrible and also the playcalling on the last drive, plenty of time to sneak in a draw to Lewis or Harrison from where we were on the field.
- I gave RAC and Savage horns because I'm not privy to which one is backing DA. Total absence of leadership on offense. INMHO Vickers was just frustrated with his fragile qb.
mike Romeo said there is no hard evidence that Brady was any better in practice than Anderson. Well what about the game. Does 17 yards passing in the first half not tell him anything?
- can't we find some plays specifically for Brady like we do for Cribbs at QB? Haven't we learned by now that DA is fully capable of performing poorly for an ENTIRE game?
bhiser Bench DA! Give another QB a chance to stink it up.
bhiser qb sneak for a meaningless 1st down broke momentum in what could have been the winning/tying scoring drive.
Slug69 Solomon Wilcox: What a homer! Referred to the Redskins during the broadcast as "We need..." What an unbiased mother!
- How long will Anderson and Edwards be spoiled. They both should be put in Timeout!
- Trade Anderson and "Stonehands" Edwards for #1&2 draft picks. They are too inconsistant.
Gravy I'm done watching the Browns until either Romeo is fired or DA or Braylon get benched.
- DA he's not a dependable nfl quarterback,he'll only give you headaches and heartaches, and once in a while play like a super star
WatchdogXC Anderson - beyond terrible. Cousin - automatic first down. Crennel - completely clueless and overmatched. Practice facility - yet another staph infection, who would want to come play here?
czarayn Back down the sh**ter where they came from. When goes Savage,Crennel, and their merry band of coaching imposters? By the way, is Quinn on the inactive list, or isn't his nose brown enough?
- Against Dallas he shuns the TD try and with game on the line he shuns the FG. He's right up there with now typical lackadaisical play of Anderson and Edwards. I'm officially joining the play Quinn and bench Edwards.
DA & Romeo & Cousin Suck A$$ Why even have Quinn on the roster? Romeo, quit tomorrow. DA, quit tomorrow. Terry Cousin, you suck
- Anderson SUCKS! Cousin SUCKS! Edwards only THINKS he's good -- he SUCKS!
- big mouth edwards... vickers... RAC
- Edwards could not catch a cold. Winslow is a head case. Crennel is over his head. This years team has no pride,no guts and no players who step up when times get tuff. Anderson has to be one of the all time bust.One or two good games cant make up for his lack of skill. The D line cant stop the run/  I have been following the Browns since 1959 and this years team is one of the worst.They just seem to lack a desire to win. Time to get rid of Anderson, Winslow and Edwards, if you dont give 110% all the time, move on.
DAWGSHLONG Funny how the same group seem to earn Goathorns after every embarrassing loss.
- I can understand Crennel starting Derek Anderson, but like last year in the games that were lost, when Anderson is off like he has been all year except the Giants game, the coach need to try Quinn. It is about winning games.  Braylon Edwards needs to block more when he is in the slot position, to allow the backs to get outside. Anderson has no confidence, even with the Giants game. ! 1 good game out of 6 is not cutting it in the win column. I am not saying to switch starting QB's but when Anderson is off, you have to go with Quinn or even Cribbs at QB.
- It seems like every big downfield play was Terry Cousins receiver. It says a lot about the state of our secondary that he has a Job, much less sees playing time.
- Can anything be said that hasn't been already.
- sick.
grouse you gotta be frickin kiddin me. It could not have been worse for the offense
- I am done with this team until Romeo is gone or Brady Quinn starts, whichever comes 1st.
- I could smell that crap last night from England!!!
- Why is Terry Cousin on this team? More often than not, if a WR is open there is good ol' #25 about 2 steps behind. DA feel free to put a pass within 3 feet of your receiver and you don't have to throw a 5 yard pass as hard as you can. are a pro-bowl receiver make the easy catch and read the blitz! I wish I had 4 votes to add the ILB to the list, this D is set up to have them make plays and they just don't, or not nearly enough.
srgcdawg Only 2 goats. Maybe if next week Derek's total yards through 3 quarters is in single digits, #10 might make an appearance. (Obviously running plays only!!) Romeo...Are you watching the same game we are? Whatever Brady Quinn did CANNOT be that bad!!!! Let him out of the doghouse!!!
- I cannot express how much I wish that Derek Anderson does not play another down for the Cleveland Browns. I would goathorn some other well deserving people including Savage for his treatment of Winslow, but theres just no room. 3 FOR ANDERSON! GO AWAY PLEASE!!!!
stonecolddawg Derek Anderson is, by far, the worst starting QB in history. I wonder if Marcus Washington ran to the sidelines in horror wondering how to defend against Charles Ali at the goal-line! Good call, Chud!
The SAGE Anderson and Edwards...what a joke. Start Quinn and trade Edwards for Tony Gonzales. We don't need a TE, but he would add more to this team than Edwards.
- Romeo, you are not a head coach. Sorry, but you are in over your head. DA, you should have been replaced.
Vintage74 DA...I have no words other than you suck except every once in a great while. Go Away. B.Easy...see the stone hands returned. How many game season are we down to now big guy? RAC...Go Away. I cannot stand your stubbornness any longer. Take DA and just go away.
Iupuiguy82 Damnit Lerner fire RAC!!! We should've mopped the field with these guys...Anderson is a lost cause...
Spectre Can we PLEASE pull the plug on Derek Anderson for pete's sake? It seems the only ones in Cleveland that aren't fed up with his hot/cold Jekyll/Hyde act are the clowns in the front office and coaching staff.
Willy 15 The only way to get Derek Anderson to be consistent is to paint a big X on the bench and tell him to sit there until the Season is over. Hopefully, his rear end will be able to hit the X every week. The Coaches' not pulling Anderson is a travesty of justice and should be investigated by the Attorney General. When you have a "Change of Pace" Back, it would be a change of pace if you used him before 11 minutes to go in the 4th Quarter. And you know I'm talking about Jerome Harrison, who ALWAYS contributes when put in. When Otto Graham was the QB, Paul Brown didn't hesitate to pull him and put in George Ratterman, when Otto was having a bad day, which happens to all QB's. Paul Brown had guts, not like today's coaches, who are afraid to hurt the players feelings. What about the fans who pay all of their salaries. Don't we count?
- the idiot phil savage for signing DA. we could of got a first and a thrid for him. now we get nothing!!
- D.A. is terrible and that lard azz won't play Quinn. Edwards gets a new contract next year. Trade that loser to Detroit and get some LBs that aren't pu$$ies.
DazeDawg RAC sucks, DA sucks, Terry Cousin helplessly chases 3 yards behind receivers like the slow kid in a game of duck-duck-goose and I wish we could fast forward to 2011 already.
- pro bowl receiver???????????????????????
bffl14 Terry Cousin gets burnt at least 3 times a game. Every time a team moves their 1 or 2 receiver to the slot they burn Cousin on a quick slant or out route. He cost the defense getting off the field on third downs and last week a TD. DA and RAC need no further explanation we all saw the game.
- Derek Anderson experiment needs to be OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
drbrownsfan Anderson - are you kidding me... Edwards - what planet is he on ... RAC - worst head coach in the NFL, not even close
- Cousin was thrashed like a rented mule! Time to cut this dude and let Adams play the slot. Time for Brady to play. DA will never be a consistent QB. Braylon Edwards' four drops didn't help either. This team needs to knock off the silliness and start playing NFL level football.
- Where is Quinn?
- Romeo it's time to end the DA experiment and see what we can have with Brady Quinn. Out of 6 games DA has only looked good in 1 game.
- Jump Randy!
- It's time for Brady.
- I am now officially on the "Play BQ" bandwagon.
BobbyMo DA lost us this game, period. He missed on some potentially game changing throws.
Dogstep Edwards single handedly blew up this game!!!! Anderson opened the coffin but Braylon drove the stake! Just cut Cousins and his experience at getting burnt!
Paulmer19 How long do we have to wait for Romeo to make the QB change? Very frustrating and in fact infuriating.....
- DA is terrible, enough said.
Gmutch13 My goat for Sunday is the Randy Lerner and family. Because they simply brought back this choke team.
- It was obvious from the second time he attempted to complete a second screen pass and couldn't that he should be yanked.
- DA is a joke. No chance to win with this idiot.
Dawg Nuts They made a movie about gameballs and goats once - it's called The Usual Suspects: DA - horrible, embarrassing throws; from now on he shall be referred to as The Blind Squirrel because every once in awhile he finds a nut (see NY Giants game), but typically he can't see a damn things; Braylon - horrible, embarrassing drops; where's your F'ing Pro Bowl now, hot shot? RAC - no ability to coach an NFL team. The HC's main job is to have his team ready on game day, and this man cannot do that. pathetic; lastly, I was at this game yesterday and there were many, many classless Redskins fans; one major douche bag was harassing Browns fans and yelling at us even as we were standing at the urinals.
mckbuckeye Romeo, Take off your DA colored glasses and play Quinn. BE - CATCH THE BALL!!!! DA - your a nice guy, but......
Bob H Everytime we spend our time and/or money on this organization, they are encouraged to put only minimal effort into providing us a competitive team.
Cougar Brown No show
No Go
- Anderson was terrible. I am a fan, but enough is enough. I got to believe Quinn can hit a back in the flat. Braylon is not himself, is he pressing to prove he deserves more money? Soloman Wilcots is the biggest Browns hater since Bob Trumpy. He wasn't good as a player and worse as an announcer. He should be banned from Browns games, let him do Bengals games. I believe Braylon will be OK, Derek not.
Exile in Packerland Braylon's had more balls go through his hands than Liberace and Elton John combined. DA- Ya can't coach stupid! DA's Wonderlic scores are within a point or two of Vinny Testaverdes, but Vinny threw to many of the wrong-colored helmet because he was colorblind. RAC Good God, coach kick that dumb DA in the ass and yank him- job insecurity brings out the best in all of us!
- Everytime the Browns secondary got burned who was in coverage? Cousin
- Anderson will never be a pressure guy, he shines when way ahead or behind and team feeds off his success or failure. start Quinn and use Anderson in relief, you can always send Anderson in when he doesn't have time to put pressure on himself. his mechanics are great but the most important aspect of a qb's game is mental.
- How about we start the Quinn era, which is waaaaayyyyyyy over due!!
- cousin's a huge liability, anderson is just plain bad....
adkil I have had it DA as all he has proven is that he can be great on occasion, but sucks otherwise...
- and was Sean Jones 'really ready' to come back?
Past fan Not Anderson, Why he was pro-bull 2007.
Not the D. Only allowed 175 yards rushing to 1 R.B.
NOT THE HEAD COACH, cause there aint one
Not the owner or general managers, they only pick and teach, they dont play.
Not Edwards, he gots other important things to think about.
Not the great and powerful WINSLOW,cause no one said good morning to him on Sunday.
Apathy Never mind. Who cares. Nobody is paying attention.
grumpycoyote Who ever those guys are on the sideline with the headsets, they seem to be really distracting to the players...maybe we should get rid of them! Then the players can focus on playing football.
brownsjim73 I get angry at DA then I realize that if it weren't for that SOB HC he wouldn't be playing. I get mad at that SOB HC then I realize that if it weren't for Phil he wouldn't still be HC. Phil has done more for correct for this team than any single person since the return, but if he fails to fire Romeo by the end of this season it will negate all the good he has done.
- DA should have come out of the game after halftime. Edwards needs to learn (again) how to catch a pass. How many drops does he have now? I've lost track.
- Chud, what kind of call is it to bring your X receiver towards the ball, hoping that he can make a crack back block? Didn't you see after the, oh 5th time that the Deadskins ran their corner thus adding another player in the box? Did you really expect to get positive run yardage out of that strategy? And Terry Cousins. Where did you learn that the proper technique for a nickel corner was trailing the receiver?! It is clear that opposing offensives want a nickel package so that they can pick on your sorry ass.
- This guy sucks
Dawgpoundr We're not even halfway through the season and I'm completely out of goathorns to give. What will I do with this 9 year backlog of gameballs?
ccclay57 DA continues on his quest to have every one of our receivers killed by defenders. Way to leave Josh out to dry.
Hey BE, did you go to a Quincy Morgan football camp this summer?
And what exactly were we trying to do on that last drive? Score a TD? Kick a FG? Have we decided yet?
nmtrader Anderson sucks, Crennel and Savage for leaving him in there to save their jobs and Lerner for not having the balls to do the obvious!!!!!!!!!!!
GrandInquisitor For never taking a public stand for what you think is right for OUR football team.
- Anderson can't hit the side of a barn!!! Edwards needs to have a drug test because he acts like he's on something.  Crennel is just Crennel enough said.
- At your job, at least 40 hors a week do need patted on the butt constantly to get your confidence back? Come on DA grow up and be a man. If not sit your arse on the bench and shut up for the team. BQ is doing just that. Bill
- I'm tripple picking Braylon Edwards this week and giving the 4th possible goat pick to DA. Did these two actually read the same playbook? Poor Chud. With head-cases like these two "Pro Bowlers" it is a wonder the OC is not in therapy. A few more weeks of this shit and he might pull a Butch Davis on us.

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