Browns Scoutwatch: Update

The Cleveland Browns apparently decided to scout another college game this weekend. Without informing us, no less! We've skirted their evil plan with sources of our own. Here's who they're checking out on Saturday...

The OBR has learned that the Cleveland Browns will have scouts in attendance at this weekend's South Florida vs. Louisville game. 

Also in attendance will be the Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, and this week's opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Here is a list of the draft-eligible players they will look at:

South Florida

OLB, Tyrone McKenzie, Senior
DE, George Selvie, Junior
DT, Aaron Harris, Junior
CB, Carlton Williams, Senior
FS, Nate Allen, Junior
QB, Matt Grothe, Junior
WR, Taurus Johnson, Senior
WR, Jessie Hester, Jr., Junior
TE, Cedric Hill, Senior
C, Jake Griffin, Senior


DT, Earl Heyman, Senior
CB, Woodny Turenne, Senior
QB, Hunter Cantwell, Senior
FB, Brock Bolen, Senior
C, Eric Wood, Senior


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