Death Chat Returns!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the chat room... In a new and alarming 2008 edition, Fred Greetham, Barry McBride, Rich Passan and John Taylor go at the toughest Browns questions. Which, if any, will emerge alive?

Rich: Boss!!
Barry: Hey Rich...
Rich: Taylor!!
John: Old fart!
Rich: Stop talkin to Barry like that.
John: My bad
John: So, how are you Rich?
Rich: Delightful, thank you. And you?
John: I'm dandy.  Thanks for your concern.
Rich: Now can we get on with the throat cutting?
John: I haven't sliced you in a while; I'm ready.
Rich: I've had plenty of time to heal.
John: Good. Jugular wounds tend to linger.
Rich: Just be prepared to receive as well as give.

Barry: QUESTION ONE: Do YOU think that Winslow's conduct has been "detrimental to the team"?
Rich: Absolutely.
John: I think DA's on-the-field conduct has been detrimental to the team. 
Fred: Yes. You can't blast your boss in any business and keep your job, unless it's us blasting Barry
Barry: I just store all that abuse up and later get back in petty, mean-spirited ways.
John: F Barry.
I'm gonna lose a game check over that one, ain't I?
Barry: Check?
John: :-)
Fred: You can always appeal
Rich: Winslow knew something like this would happen.
Rich: The least he could have done was let the team know what he was going to do so it could be prepared for some sort of a sycophantic response.
Barry: Seriously, John, would you call it "detrimental"?
John: In my eyes, kinda.  But not to the point where you suspend someone a game for a first offense.  If this was, which I think the arbitrator will look at during the appeal.

Barry: Rich and Fred, do you agree with the one-game suspension?
Rich: Under the circumstances, yes.
Rich: Savage had no other choice.
Fred: I would fine him but not 235k
Rich: If he lets Winslow get away this, others will try to take similar advantage of him.
John: I'll say this: the front office-types I've talked to across the league are surprised by the suspension.
John: They wonder if there are other non-public issues that resulted in this.
John: And that will come out in the appeal, if there is such.
Rich: Such as...?
John: I have no clue what those might be, Rich.  This just seems like a very severe punishment for a first offense.  Where was the punishment for Braylon's sideline and helicopter escapades?
Rich: This isn't the same thing, John. Winslow came out and blasted the club.
Barry: Exactly... went after the front office.
Rich: Edwards didn't.
John: Do either of you need to share a Kleenex with Phil, or do you have your own?
Rich: I don't feel the least bit sorry for Savage.
Barry: He can afford his own.
John: Neither answered the question, of course.

Barry: Alright, follow up...
Barry: Do you believe that the Browns will be dumping K2 during the off-season?
Rich: I believe he's as good as gone.
Rich: I think they drafted Rucker as insurance for two or three years down the road. All this does is hasten that scenario.
John: Yes, the Browns will attempt to dump KII in the off-season.  That's a given.
Fred: If they let Bentley go when he asked, they might with him, but I think they'll have to get value. That is why they drafted Rucker
Barry: Interesting point, Fred... was something developing earlier than this?
Fred: They envisioned a holdout with Rosenhaus brewing and wanted to have backup
Barry: My take, if anyone cares (NO!), is that K2's talent will cause the team and player to kiss and make up.

Barry: It's been months since our last Death Chat. What in the WORLD happened to Derek Anderson?
Barry: Is it mechanics? Confidence? Loss of skilled players around him? Explain this!
Rich: All of the above. He's a fragile enough quarterback where he needs all the right pieces and parts to be in place in order to be successful.
Rich: And don't discount the absence of Joe Jurevicius. That's huge.
John: DA = water finding its level.
John: He was this way in college.  he was the way the last seven games of '07.  Why is anybody surprised?
Rich: But the team was 5-2 in those last seven games.
John: Look at his numbers, Rich.  They won in spite of him.
Fred: I think his true problem is between the ears. He is what he is a great physical talent with no confidence and inconsistency
Fred: If he's hot, he's hot.
Fred: I think six games is a good gauge of what he is.

The very definition of "career year", it seems. None of you have faith that he'll come roaring back?
Fred: I don't thinks so
Rich: His performance the rest of the season will dictate whether he comes back.
Barry: By "roaring back", I mean consistently good over a five+ game span
John: He may come out and string together 2-3-4-5 games in a row of great play, but he will always find his level.  Every single time. His track record proves it.  Is that what you want from a QB in a 3- or 4-game playoff drive?

Barry: It's 20-20 hindsight, but why didn't the team see this and get what they could for him during the off-season? Just seems they were fooled as much as anyone.
Fred: They saw 29 TDs and no one had done that since Sipe
John: They did see this, which is why they gave him a three-year deal that basically equates to a series of one-year contracts.
Barry: Good point, the contracts essentially said "we don't trust this yet".
Rich: Because Savage believed keeping him would give the club strength at a key position. He didn't want to gamble that Brady Quinn was ready and, at the same time, weaken the position.
Fred: I think there's an multi-million bonus in March if he's on the team
Rich: In believe it's a $5 million roster bonus.
John: People brush off that three-year deal like it's nothing.  It may not seem like it sometimes, but the people in Berea are not completely asinine.
Rich: No, but they're working on it, John.
John: They need a new coach, Rich.
Rich: Bingo. I've been saying that for a while now.
Barry: Between DA and Stallworth, those are some big bonuses the team won't be paying.
Rich: Stallworth won't be back. Period.

Barry: Forget the playoffs... do you believe that the Browns can claw back to a .500 record? Why can/can't they?
Fred: No. Dug too big a hole.
John: Yup, they can't dig and claw out of the Grand Canyon RAC, DA, BE, RAC, DA, BE, RAC, DA and BE have created.
Rich: It's going to be tough. They've lost games I thought they'd win. No, don't think so. 
Rich: And if the bottom really falls out, Crennel could be gone and then who knows what chaos would ensue?
John: If the bottom falls any further, RAC will be gone.
Barry: Man, that team that played the Giants looked unbeatable. Hard to believe we won't see that again at some point.
John: Depends on DA, Barry.
Fred: I think you'll see it again when it seems like all hope is lost,.. just enough to not make changes
John: EXACTLY Fred!!!
Barry: That seems to be the case, Fred.
Barry: You had a great point the other day, John: How can the team possibly gameplan with DA as the quarterback?
John: You can't game plan when you don't know which QB will show up.

Barry: We love quick fixes. Other than making a change at quarterback, what would you suggest to turn around the Cleveland Browns 2008 fortunes?
John: Fire the head coach?
Barry: Well, it worked for St. Louis, I guess, but that's pretty rare.
Fred: Switch to a 4-3 and hopefully, you won't need the inside linebackers making the plays
John: The two biggest issues on this team are the HC and the inconsistency at the QB position.  Yeah, the run defense is crap, but that will be resolved in the off-season in the person of a LB or two who can actually utilize what Shaun Rogers brings to the table.
Rich: Having Rob Chudzinski return to the same offensive philosophy that worked so well last season. We saw that in the Giants game. Why not the Redskins game?
Fred: I agree with that. Chud seems to be not the same... or is it teams have figured him out?
Barry: First down: Incomplete flare pass. Second down: Lewis run for five. Third down: Incomplete intermediate or deep pass.
Barry: I don't see a problem with that strategy.
How can he do that, Rich, when he doesn't know which DA will show up?
Rich: What's wrong with playing the type of game that suits your talent rather than game plan according to the talent of the opposition? That makes no sense.
Fred: The QB change should be made, if nothing more than a spark
John: Agreed, Fred.
Rich: And suppose Quinn fails. What then?
John: Then this team is FUBAR'd
Fred: Cribbs
Rich: Chudzinski's philosophy does not match with Quinn's talents.
John: Horse(expletive deleted).
Rich: Quinn is not a solid vertical passer.
John: Chud wouldn't need to dumb-down the playcalling.
Rich: He's already done that now with Anderson and I can't figure out why.
John: Over the last 13 games, DA's ability to go vertical has gotten them where?
Fred: Nowhere?
Barry: 2-4? Or 1-4 with an asterisk for the Bengals game?
Rich: This season, the Browns have gone vertical on a consistent basis in only one game. Need I point out which game that was?
John: How many of those games did they attempt to go vertical?
Rich: How many times did Anderson bail the offense out on second and long and third and long in that game?
John: There's a difference between "going vertical" and "going vertical successfully"
John: Chud can't make the reads for DA; all he can do is call the plays.
Rich: The key word is consistently. And the Giants game was the only game where they did that on a consistent basis.
Fred: Consistency or lack of it is the whole deal with DA
Rich: And why doesn't Anderson have the latitude to change the play at the line of scrimmage?
This all falls squarely on DA's shoulders when it comes to the offensive struggles.  Chud didn't become a dumb(expletive) in the offense.  However, DA finding his level sure has made him look like one.
Fred: Not savvy enough
Rich: Oh, so it's not Chudzinski's fault.
John: You want that (colorful colloquialism) changing plays???  ROTFLMAO!!!
John: Nope, it's DA.
Rich: Is that the reason he's not allowed?
Fred: He's not quick on his feet
John: His football acumen is not exactly world-renowned.
Rich: His feet have nothing to do with it.
Fred: Thinking-wise, I meant
John: When he actually has to think, THAT is when he gets into trouble.
Rich: Then he should have been benched by now.
John: NOW you are getting it, Rich.
Barry: Rich... what's your answer? Change the coach?
Rich: No. Change the quarterback if that is what everyone thinks
Rich: That's not going to solve any problems.
Barry: But if Quinn stumbles the season gets flushed fast. From two quarterbacks everyone wants to zero.
Rich: You betcha.
John: No, benching DA won't help.
Fred: You can always go back, but you don't know until you give it a try
Barry: Interesting discussion on my question about what we could do other than changing quarterbacks, LOL. I take it the answer is "Nothing".

Barry: Alright... let's move on to the Lightning Round.
Rich: Whoa. Fireworks./ I love it.
John: Your copy/paste/enter button stuck?
Barry: Just tryin' to get everyone's attention. Me = cat herder.
Barry: Alright. Keep you answers short, simple, and pithy.

Barry: ONE Other than Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards, name a player whose 2008 performance has really disappointed you...
John: Kamerion Wimbley
Fred: Stallworth or lack of it
Barry: Those are good answers.
John: Lightning, Rich.  That means fast.
Rich: I'm thinking, I'm thinking. There are so many candidates.
Barry: Willie McGinest for me. I thought he would go out with a bang, but it's nothing close to that.
Fred: He lost his bang
Barry: Instead of a future Hall of Famer finishing out a great career on a high note, it's "that's the guy taking plays away from Alex Hall".
John: ROFL @ Barry.
John: There goes another game check, eh?
Barry: By the end of this chat, you're gonna have to pay me.
John: :-)
Rich: I'll take D'Qwell Jackson.
Rich: He ain't the ILB I thought he'd be with the improved defensive line.
John: Put a real ILB next to D'Qwell.
Rich: Like Leon Williams?

Barry: Percentage odds that Romeo Crennel is the Cleveland Browns head coach in 2009
Barry: Answer... Now!
John: 20%
Fred: 30%
Rich: Zero. Less than zero. Sub zero.
Barry: 50-50
Rich: Optimist!
John: Wow, Rich.  Wham with the right hand goes Passan.
John: Your pimp hand is strong for an old-timer.
Rich: He's not a good head coach, John. He's not even in the same area code.
John: Amen Rich.  Amen.
Fred: He's a second-in-command Defensive Coordinator
John: Yup Fred.

Barry: Assuming that Derek Anderson has a first half comparable to all games save the Giants answer the following: 1) Will Brady Quinn come out to start the second half?
John: Yes
Fred: I hope so
Rich: No. I think Romeo will give Quinn a start rather than bring him into to a bad situation.
Fred: Against the ravens?
Barry: I'm remembering the guy who stuck by Mo Carthon forever. DA stays in.
Fred: That's true
John: But, like Fred said earlier, he'll do juuust enough to validate RAC trotting him back out.
Rich: The Ravens game? Sounds about right.
Fred: They'll boo DA off the planet if the Jax game is lousy

Barry: The two teams who will represent in the Super Bowl... NAME THEM!
Fred: Tennessee and NY Giants
Rich: Who cares?
Rich: And if that's not the definitive answer, it should be.
Barry: Not a fan of the Super Bowl, Rich?
John: Wow, I don't even know...
John: Browns vs. Rams?
Rich: Yeah. What he said.
Barry: Wrong!
Barry: Wow, you guys are focused. If it ain't Browns, it doesn't exist.
John: Amen.
Barry: It will be the Steelers and Giants, if anyone cares. We'll have a 1-2 2008 record against those teams.
John: Things are too muddled right now to even hazard a guess.
Fred: Thanks for your input
Rich: Can I take that to the bank?
John: Yes

Barry: BEST HEAD COACH (Choose one, no "None of the above"): Romeo Crennel, Brian Billick, Marvin Lewis
John: BB
John: And now I will retire to puke.
Rich: None of the above.
Fred: None of the aboue
Barry: Wrong!
Rich: Right!
Rich: Put down the bottle, John.
John: Cans, Rich.  Cans.
Barry: See... I said no "None of the above". This is conduct detrimental to the death chat.
Rich: Are we suspended?
Barry: One week.
Fred: For two death chats
Rich: Oh goody.
Barry: Wait, that's a reward isn't it? Damn.
Barry: Anyhow, we're done. Thanks for attending!
John: I do owe you money now, don't I Barry?
Fred: See ya
John: Thanks Fred.  I guess you too Rich.
Rich: I'm not sure, but I believe this is spiraling out of control.
John: That's what happens when you are on time, Rich.
Barry: Thanks guys... we'll do this again... sometime... later.

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