First Quarter: Browns 7, Jaguars 0

Donte Stallworth's first touchdown as a Brown gives Cleveland a 7-0 lead...

Let's get this party started.

FIRST DRIVE (BROWNS): Josh Cribbs continues his 2008 of not returning kicks for touchdowns with a 23-yard return to the Browns 26. The Browns special teams are losing their luster a bit. Is that the Rosberg effect? We'll see.

The Browns go three and out on their first drive. Lewis gets his usual four up the middle on first down, and Anderson completes a short flare pass on second down to Stallworth. On third-and-one, however, Derek Anderson collides with the ball carrier on the handoff and Lawrence Vickers is stopped short of the first down.

I'm sure those two had a nice, calm chat about it on the sidelines.

Zastudil punts to the Jax 11, where Nick Sorenson downs it.

SECOND DRIVE (Jaguars): From the 11, Dennis Northcutt bails out the Jags on a third and nine with a thirteen-yard completion. He wouldn't look too bad in a Browns uniform right now, would he?

Thanks to Dropcutt, the Jags get a first down at their 25. A David Garrard scramble sandwiched between two Jones-Drew runs helps to create another Jacksonville first down at the 36.

Garrard and Northcutt then hook up again for 11 yards, creating a third Jacksonville first down at the 47.

The Browns then get a break. Pashos is called for holding on a first down pass (aimed at Northcutt, again), and Fred Taylor follows that up with a two yard run. The Jags get a piece of that back with a seven-yard toss to Jones-Drew.

On third-and-eleven, the Browns throw a number of defensive backs at their problem, and Garrard is unable to find an open receiver despite having enough time to plant a nice vegetable garden. He throws it away.

After a false start call on Jax, Adam Podlesh kicks the ball out of the end zone. The Browns start their second drive on the 20.

THIRD DRIVE (Browns): The DA-Vickers relationship takes a turn for the better with a 13 yard completion to the 33 on first down.

Jamal Lewis then finds a nice hole and barrels 19 yards to the Jacksonville 48, off a very nice block by Steve Heiden.

Then, the Browns gobble up another ten yard chunk of turf as Lawrence Vickers pounds it through a hole in the middle for another ten yards.

Is this the Giants-game version of the Browns today? Wow.

DA drops on the first play of the first set of downs, and hits a wide-open Braylon Edwards in the middle of field for another 21 yards. Whoa! The Browns have quickly moved to the Jaguars 17.

Chud then goes to the ground for two on first down, but then Anderson fires a quick hitter to Steve Heiden at the five, for another five yards and another first down.

First and Goal (5): DA rolls out and has the field open, but decides to pull up and fire to the end zone. He throws it too high and hard, and the ball flies over Edwards head.

Second and Goal (5): Lewis gets it up the middle, and gains two.

Second and Goal (3): Anderson drops and finds Donte Stallworth wide open on the end zone in the right-middle of the field. TOUCHDOWN!


FOURTH DRIVE (Jaguars): Dawson kicks off to the three yard line, and Witherspoon takes it back to the 26.

The Jaguars again drive their offense off the run. Taylor for four, a short pass for five, and Garrard running up the middle gets a first down.

The quarter ends on two incomplete passes by Garrard. It will be third and ten as the second quarter begins…



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