Halftime: Browns 17, Jaguars 7

The Browns built a nice first-half lead as the offense continues to click and the defense makes some key stops. Here is the second-quarter live blog...

FIRST DRIVE (Jaguars): The nice first quarter situation deteroirates on the first play of the second quarter, as Garrard turns a third and ten into a 24 yard first down scramble. Garrard made a number of Browns players miss on that run, and the Jags have a first down at the Browns 39.

After an incomplete p-ass to Jones-Drew, the Jaguars go to the ground again for four yards. Then Garrard gets in rhythm through the air with a 14 yard pass to Matt Jones at the 21. Another short pass, this times to Jones-Drew, gets four, as does a Taylor run and a subsequent short pass to Jones-Drew. That puts the Jags at the Browns 13.

It takes the Jags two more plays to punch the ball in the end zone. Garrard hits Northcutt for eight, and then finds Reggie Williams in the end zone for the first time all year. Williams celebrates by doing something typically ridiculous in the end zone.


SECOND DRIVE (Browns): Josh Cribbs, responding to my first-quarter taunting, rips off a very nice kickoff return, battling K Josh Scobee, who eventually manages to harrass Cribbs out at the 38. Nice start.

First down, Anderson isn't able to hit Steve Heiden, and then Jamal Lewis' five yard run is replaced by a penalty on the Jags (five yards for offsides). Lewis and Wright run twice for four, and it's fourth and very short.

On fourth down, the Browns go for broke.

Against a tightly bunched defense on fourth and short, Anderson hits Steve Heiden on a little dump that catches the Jaguars with their pants completely down.

Heiden lumbers 51 yard, looking desperately over his shoulder for a block that never really comes, and he's hauled down on the Jaguars two yard line.

Two plays later, Jamal Lewis pushes the pile backwards and gets across the goal line. TOUCHDOWN BROWNS!!


THIRD DRIVE (Jaguars): Nice kick coverage as the Browns stop Witherspoon inside the 20 at the 18.

The Jags start nibbling again. Short pass left for five, Jones-Drew up the middle for three, Jones-Drew again left side for five and a first down.

Garrard then drops and hits Matt Drew long for 24 yards on the left sideline, which puts the Jags again into Browns territory at the 46.

With the first down, Garrard rolls, and offers up a pump fake that takes Corey Williams into the air, pulls down the ball and runs for eight yards. Jones then drops again and is blitzed by Eric Wright, with Alex Hall following quickly behind. Garrard somehow escapes the rush and throws the ball away. Jones-Drew goes up the middle for one, bringing up a fourth-and-short.

Jack Del Rio goes for it on fourth down, but the Browns clog up the middle thanks to Rogers and Leonard and the Browns take over on downs!

FOURTH DRIVE (Browns): It's a Good DA Game! Officially!

On first down, DA hits Edwards left side for 43 yards, and is finally run out of bounds at the Jaguars 20 yard line.

This is followed up by a one yard run by Lewis and an incomplete pass thrown too high and behind Braylon Edwards, and that creates a third-and-nine. A short pass to Stallworth gets only half of what the Browns need, so Phil Dawson comes in with 2:14 left in the quarter to try a 32-yard field goal.

The Jags have no sense of humor about the Browns trying to bleed the clock at this point, so they take a time out.

That doesn't throw Dawson off at all, and he nails the kick.


FIFTH DRIVE (Jaguars): Witherspoon is quick, but not quick enough. He blasts up the middle for 30 yards to the 32 yard line where Josh Cribbs gets him.

On first down, the Jags offense looks Browns-esque as Jones-Drew is wide open in the flat, gets the ball in the hands, and forgets to catch it before running upfield.

With that embarrassing moment captured for fans to watch over and over, the Jones-Drew slinks off the field to enjoy a brief two-minute warning break.

It doesn't get better for the Jags after the break. Jones-Drew burns time trying to run up the middle and eventually bouncing out for three, but then Shaun Rogers blasts into the backfield and drops David Garrard as he tries to pass.

The Browns think that this situation might have some potential, so they take a time out with 1:15 left.

SIXTH DRIVE (Browns): Jax wimps out (or, alternatively, is smart) and kicks high and short to force Cribbs to fair catch at the 34.

Nice call on first down for the Browns, as the Browns go to a screen, which works brilliantly, allowing Jason Wright to scamper 17 yards to the Jags 49.

An incomplete follows at the clock ticks down to 39 seconds. It's followed by another incomplete to Steptoe, and the Browns find themselves in a third and ten at mid-field.

DA then bounces one off of the umpire and it's fourth down, and Zastudil has to punt. He manages to bounce it out of bounds at the Jax 1. Nice.

SEVENTH DRIVE (Jaguars): Backed up against their end zone, the Jags try a little QB sneak since they can't kneel down.

There's some booing as the Jags leave the field.


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