End of Three: Browns 17, Jaguars 14

The Jaguars get some third-quarter momentum, but the Browns hold on to a narrow lead...

FIRST DRIVE (Jaguars): After a kickoff return to the 28, David Garrard goes downfield, and hits Reggie Williams 32 yards downfield at the Browns 40.

After opening things up a little, the Jags get five from Fred Taylor running left to the Browns 35. Then Garrard his Lewis for 14 despite his being held by Brodney Pool to the 19.

Again, the Jags nibble away. Short pass to Jones for six, Jones Drew run for three, and Jone-Drew runs around left end on a fourth down… he didn't look like he was going to make it, but accelerates through a tackle and just gets the first down.

With that confidence-booster, Garrard again hits Matt Jones for eight yards and a touchdown. Scobee adds the extra point and it's…


SECOND DRIVE (Browns): Cleveland starts at the 20 after Scobee kicks the ball five yards deep in the end zone.

It's the Jamal Lewis show! He catches a short pass to the left side for seven and then just barrels upfield through a nice hole on second-and-three for 12 yards to the 39.

Then it's Lewis again… four yards to the 43 before he heads off-field and Jerome Harrison comes in.

An incomplete pass to Braylon Edwards deep downfield creates a third-and-six, as Edwards was well-covered.

Heiden then comes through again, as he gets another 12 yards throwing to Steve Heiden. That gets the Browns into Jax territory at the 45 and a fresh set of downs.

Then the Browns falter. A short pass to Dinkins gets five, but Jerome Harrison loses one on a run, and Jason Wright is nailed at the line of scrimmage after getting a short flare from Anderson.

Zastudil's punt is awful, and goes only to the 25 of Jacksonville. Fifteen yards. There is 5:37 left in the third, and the Browns need a stop, as Jacksonville is gathering momentum.

THIRD DRIVE (Jaguars): Garrard takes a short drop and hits FB Greg Jones on the sideline, and he rambles for 11 to the Jaguars 36.

D'Qwell Jackson drops Garrard three yards behind the line of scrimmage, but that's sandwiched between two short seven-yard passes, and a first down.

It's the Jones-Drew show again, as they Jags run him for three, and hits him with a five yard pass up the middle. That makes it a third-and-two, and Garrard hits another short pass to Matt Jones for six. That's a first down, and the Jags have it at the Browns 36, as they chew up the clock once more. There is only a minute left in the third.

A short run up the middle by Taylor nets two, and Garrard then drops and finds no one open. He takes off yet again, and again makes nice yardage… he gets ten before he's dropped by Andra Davis and has a first down at the Browns 27.

Chunk, chunk, chunk, the Jags methodically crunch down the field.

At the end of three, it's BROWNS 17, JAGUARS 14

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