What We've Been Told

Browns owner Randy Lerner has been quiet to date, but sources within the organization have told the OBR's Lane Adkins a bit about what he thinks about the season to date. Tons of scoop in the article on Lerner, injury status, Joe J's real situation and more....

According to sources close to and within the Cleveland Browns football organization...

- A shoulder injury has slowed starting DE Corey Williams throughout the season. Williams first suffered the shoulder injury during training camp and the affected area has not been 100-percent this season. This shoulder condition robs the lineman of strength and range of motion, which has contributed to his ordinary play this season. As of this writing, Williams is expected to play Sunday against division rival Baltimore.

- The quad injury (re-injury) suffered by WR Donte Stallworth is not as significant than the one suffered which sidelined the player early in the season. Stallworth felt a twinge in the quad during the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday. The WR is limited in practice sessions this week and is expected to play Sunday.

- Starting S Sean Jones' surgically repaired knee swelled during the Browns 23-17 victory in Jacksonville. Jones was a presence in the game, playing and making many stops in run support as the Browns rush defense was solid against the usually rush-strong Jaguars. The DB will attempt to practice late in the week, which will ultimately determine whether he can and will play on Sunday. At the time of this writing, Jones' status is very questionable.

- Starting DE Shaun Smith has been limited in practice sessions. Coming off surgery on his hand, Smith has been sidelined for the past few weeks, as the hand heals Smith expects to play on Sunday barring any setbacks.

- Backup S Mike Adams' hamstring is improving, though he has not given it a full-go in practice. The Browns are being cautious with Adams; a setback at this time would created a significant shortage of quality and depth if he were unable to suit-up on Sunday -- mainly due to the questionable status of Sean Jones.

- A story circulated on Wednesday that WR Joe Jurevicius had been placed on the I.R. list. Currently on P.U.P., Jurevicius is not expected to play this season due to multiple procedures conducted on his knee. As speculation mounts that the WR will retire, Jurevicius has not decided on retirement and continues to rehab with hopes of playing again. The WR is under contract through the 2009 season and the team welcomes his healthy return.

- Over the past week, the owner of the Cleveland Browns, Randy Lerner did make his feelings known to general manager Phil Savage about the state of affairs regarding the treatment and suspension of TE Kellen Winslow, the performance of head coach Romeo Crennel and the ongoing issue at the QB position. Lerner has expressed his disappointment in the handling of the Winslow situation by the organization; while not on the verge of firing head coach Romeo Crennel, the owner does question the inconsistency and apparent lack of focus and execution; and, has not told the GM or head coach who to play at QB, but rather asked about the why's and when's of a change being made if the status of the position and offense did not show the necessary improvement.

- With the Baltimore Ravens coming to town, the Browns defense believes they have a score to settle. Against the Ravens in Baltimore earlier in the season, the Cleveland defense did not play poorly, but felt they let rookie QB Joe Flacco gain confidence as the game went on. The Browns defense rarely pressured the rookie QB and fell victim to complacency -- as well as a bit of underestimating the Baltimore offense. On Sunday, the Browns are going to blitz the young signal caller, as well as press the point of attack in an attempt to slow the Ravens rushing game.

- In the first meeting against the Ravens, the Browns coaching staff felt the offense did not play well and left far too many opportunities on the field. Indecision, poor decision-making and a lack of focus and discipline all were aspects which prohibited the Browns from tasting success and enabled the Ravens to seize control of the ballgame.

- Against the Ravens defense. the Browns need to get off to a solid start offensively and not feed the emotion this Baltimore defense thrives on. The concern within the Browns staff is whether QB Derek Anderson will have time to stand in the pocket and make good decisions. Throughout the 2008 season, Anderson has struggled when pressured, which has led to interceptions or poorly-thrown passes. The key to this game will be the play of the Browns offensive line and Anderson. If the QB is provided time to access the options, this staff believes Anderson will play well. If they don't provide him adequate time, it could be a long day. However, the Ravens will see a few new wrinkles from the Cleveland offense.

- Weekly, the watch has been out for whichAnderson shows up on game day. With the Browns organization looking at this contest against the Ravens as a must-win, the pressure on the team and specifically Anderson and the offense is going to be enormous. If Anderson fails early and the offense shows no spark, the fans packing Cleveland Browns Stadium will be heard. The Browns do not head into this game anticipating any other than Anderson under center, but, don't expect Anderson to perform like he did against the Washington Redskins and remain on the playing field unless the Browns are winning or the game is tight.

- As is the belief week-in and week-out, the Browns must execute, execute, execute. If the team can execute the game plan on game day and minimize mistakes and mental errors, the feeling in Browns camp is they match-up well with the Ravens should win this ballgame if they perform to their capabilities. One area which creates some buzz is the Cleveland receivers versus the Baltimore defensive backs; outside of S Ed Reed, the Cleveland staff anticipates advantage Browns.

- Due to the aggressiveness of the Ravens front seven and especially the LB's, the Browns staff sees opportunities in the running game. The key to success is the Cleveland offensive line playing as a unit with minimal breakdowns and the RB's getting to the holes; quick hitters and the cutback are there, executing will be the key.

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